1. A

    Abdominal pain after eating

    Hi, I am kinda new here but have eaten and swallowed several loads mainly from local prostitutes, i am getting really addicted now and cant get enough of it. The problem is that most of the.times i have to throw up the day self and have also heavy diarhea, the pain in the lower and upper...
  2. Furetto

    The Most Disgusting Beverage Ever (Fetish Obsession for Simply Disgusting games)

    Video available at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession In this video, incredible and revolting at the same time, my friend Trashy - an alternative model, who loves pulp and odd stuff - prepares me the most disgusting beverage ever invented. For the preparation of this...
  3. B

    Sayaka's bloody plan

    [Disclaimer: this story is plain fiction. It focuses on belly punching and trampling ending with bloody results. If you do not like that kind of material please do not read it. I am new writer please forgive my poor writing skills.] Part I: Riki is a third year student at East Takano High...
  4. benoittodd

    Has anyone ever wanted to be trampled until throwing up or passing out?

    Out of curiosity, has anyone ever wanted to be trampled until he/she threw up and/or passed out from the trample? Has anyone ever tried it? Thanks.