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  1. B

    The Interrogation Continues (Cock Gagging, CBT & more)

    Clips: http://clips4sale.com/14487 Members Area: http://bizarre-cinema.com NEW CLIP JUST ADDED: The Interrogation Continues Description: The interrogation continues, when Mistress Xena and Mara Mayhem. When they continue to subject their captive to more unspeakable tortures, such as...
  2. B

    New Movie Out - The Confessions of Sister Dahlia

    NEW MOVIE OUT Title: "The Confessions of Sister Dahlia" This 32 minute film may be found on : http://bizarre-cinema.com DESCRIPTION: part 1 Sister dahlia is kneeling; saying her prayers for the day. Sister Xena shames Sister dahlia, by caning her. "Do not tell the priest what...
  3. M

    Burning your Nailed balls til I Cum

    I'm going to sit right here on your face and I want you to lick and tongue fuck my pussy til I cum without being distracted by the extreme pain I inflict upon your nailed balls. Slaves begins screaming as the nails in his balls begin to gt hot along with the hot wax dripping down on to his...
  4. Y

    Harmonize My 12-incher!

    Enjoy watching Me shove a 12 inch dildo up My slave's raw ass and after I am done fucking him - wax his asshole completely! "Harmonize My 12-incher!" featuring STRAP-ON PLAY, 12 INCH DILDO, WAX PLAY, FEMDOM is available at www.eroticasalon.com/gallery
  5. Y

    The Dance Theacher

    The Dance Teacher - free sample! This is a roleplay of a man pretending to be a dance teacher and advertising his services in a local newspaper so that he could meet women. Well, this dance lesson would be a very special one. Once I find out who he really is, I torture him as I please. I step...
  6. MistressRouge

    Birthday Extreme - Part One - Needle Nipple Candles.

    Added to My ClipStore & Members Site :) An early birthday treat for Me, Me dressed head to toe in lucious rubber, and I have My masochist rubber hooded, and rubber dressed. I have a very cruel idea involving 10 small birthday candles, 10 needles and two fleshy nipples. Watch how I light My...
  7. Y

    Mummified, Teased, and Denied

    What do I do with a young slave? With his beautiful, fit, sensitive body, and high testosterone bursting through his penis? I put him in the chastity for 5 days. In the morning of the day 6, I tell him to come see Me. I take the chastity off, wrap him up in saran wrap, immobilizing his body...