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    Toe Sucking and Foot shows (HOT!!)

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    Sophia Knight and Foot Slave - LIVE

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    7 Dommes, 3 Days Webcam!

    The GlamWorship Dommes are heading to a luxury villa in Marbella, Spain... From Friday 30th September to Monday 3rd October, Miss Allegra, Miss Holly McGuire, Miss Ruby, Mistress Lucy, Princess Lolly, Princess Portia and Sophia Knight will be living the high life, humiliating house...
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    WebCam Chats - Zoe & Friends on The FSC

    Zoe Daniels did her first one on one WebCam Chat recently and from what we are told, it went very well! She sat on her FSC for an hour and chatted online with someone as he requested some butt drops and such. Zoe is thrilled to have some direction in use and abuse of her property. She had...