1. Furetto

    Four Shades of Trampling (Barefeet, Slippers, Socks and Heavy Boots Trampling)

    Video available at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession Trampling has many shades. How many body parts can be trampled with greater enjoyment and pain? Several ones! Are trampling games necessarily connected to notions of submission/domination roles? Not in all cases...
  2. D

    Getting so much fatter-Photo update

    I have posted a new photo update at www.DestinyBBW.com You can also find new clips at www.DestinyBBWClips.com www.DesiresDirtyDeeds.com www.FattyInc.net www.FattyMansion.com www.AddictedToCurves.com www.PrincessDestiny.net If you have any requests, please send them to me :eat1:
  3. K

    How about a little chest sitting?

    So you think you can handle me sitting on you with all my weight, eh? Maybe even more than my full weight, you think? Well, we will see how long before you are begging me to get off you! Lie on the bench and try to relax. Okay! Now I’m just gonna straddle your body with my back to you first...
  4. R

    Ass slapper payback

    Sunday was beautiful here, the first real break from the winter blues. The park was full and I slowly walked Benard, my Belgian Tervuren, who was receiving lots of compliments and gratuitous pets. I met up with some friends, who went off with Benard for awhile, and I continued my walk. Out of...