1. iranlover

    My Wife's Sexy Feet,Legs,Toes And Soles

    She is 38, skinny and pretty.
  2. M

    Looking for story called "Lifetime slavery in China(Chengdu)

    I read a story long time ago about a guy who becomes servant of her own immediate family and then goes to place called Chengdu in China where he becomes human horse who only eats the shit of their master. I tried searching a lot but didn't get on the internet.
  3. baz180

    On Holiday with my wife

    The Holiday My wife and Mistress booked the holiday for 2 weeks. To be continued https://femdomstoriesandcaption.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. T

    Farting Turn-on

    Does anyone find farting a turn-on? Not by smell but by listening to the sound. There have been times when my wife and I are having sex and I would introduce dirty talking during our love making. Saying things, like: “Have you heard your mother fart?” or How about hearing your sister fart?”...
  5. L

    Housewife fart compilation featuring Mary

    Mary is renowned to have stinky farts; she has already fessed up about stinking up a classroom as a sub teacher and clearing 3 aisles at Wallmart. In this 6 minutes video this middle aged blond is farting on the toilet, on 3 cakes, in the air (contributing Methane CH4 to global warming) and...
  6. JulieSimone

    Waking Up Bound in Chastity C4S 9861

    “Waking Up Bound in Chastity” - Julie Simone ties Her husband up while he's sleeping. First She slides on arm binders, then She uses rope on his ankles, knees and thighs. Next She locks a chastity device on him. She puts a gag in his mouth, then kisses him goodbye to wake him up. She then...
  7. B

    Mistress Dungeon Play

    The Mistress demonstrates how she plays. Her plaything is blindfolded and laid out on a swinging platform as she climbs over him, smothering his face with her ass and tits, and slapping his dick around while his wife looks on with approval, learning the ways of a woman in control...
  8. S

    Her Stinkers 00

    A few samples from my 'Her Stinkers' collection. The slippers have about five years of mileage on them. Yummy! Enjoy! BTW, the rest of the sets can be found on my Imagefap galleries... http://imagefap.com/profile.php?user=CharlieEchoMike
  9. S

    Wife´s feet

    Hello: Here post seven pics of my Wife´s feet, she is a great Mistress. I always give her thanks for let me to be her slave. See you alfombra slave of Mistress Virma