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    Platform ballerina shoes?

    Does anyone have any pics of a woman/feet in this type of shoes? Doesnt have to be this exact type, but im looking for platform ballerina shoes in this style, thank you :)
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    Top 10 Celebrity Feet (Women)

    The Huffington Post posted an article Aug. 2009 listing the top 10 celebrity feet with pictures. Some I agree with, others I don't. What do you think? Who do you think should have been included and which, if any, of their 10 should be removed? I think Katy Perry should have made the list...
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    Two girls tickling a man

    Two girls tickling a man Alexis Grace and Elizabeth gets their revange big time when they tie me up to the bed and tickle torture me for one whole hour! one woman is enough to drive a man insane, but two women with nails and toys are lethal! They tease, tickle and torture me with pleasure...
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    Two female footslaves worship one gorgeous girl

    New pictures on http://www.extremefootdom.com Gorgeous Cece LaRue is having her shoes and feet worshiped by two female slaves, Sybil and Tracy.... What do you think
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    Clip 048 at Max SGPIN : Flor facesitted by Susi

    Take a look and see Flor dominated by Susi. www.clips4sale.com/store/15599 048 SUSI HUMILIATES FLOR BY LONG SGPIN FACESIT 6 MINUTES FINALLY THE SUSI'S TRIUMPH IS UP! FLOR (55 Y OLD) IS COMPLETELY PINNED AND DOMINATED BY THE HUGE FEMALE Straddling, bellysitting, domination and sgpin for...