worn socks

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    Incredible emo in pink knee socks

    INCREDIBLE DIRTY KNEE SOCK SLUT This is a super cute emo girl I met and we made some insane foot sock and sneaker movies drop by and check out my footzine it is free and check out all the underground sock fetish clips enjoy board THE AMATEUR FOOT BRATS :banana:
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    Dirty socks and cumming

    MY GIRL CAME OVER TONIGHT AFTER DRINKING WITH THE GIRLS She was super sexed up and hot and ready to roll... She was very open to anything..lol... I asked her to sit in front of me and take her sneakers off slow and let me see inside them super worn and hot as hell brown chucks....This got me...
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    Anyone into dirty bottom socks

    Ok guys I have a serious fetish for dirty bottom socks not real DIRT but just that well worn look maybe even a small hole !!!! As soon as I see that I am ready to shoot a load across the room... Trust me I have ..lol... I really dig when a girl takes off her well worn sneakers like chucks slips...