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  1. highboots

    Leather Boot Service

    Sweet Katherine plays with her phone in the balcony. When she comes inside where a slave is cleaning the floor she steps on his hand to kiss her boot. Then she orders him to clean her boots, so he starts to lick them. He also makes a stool for her when she needs something above. Later Katherine...
  2. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Worship My Ass Now Slave Boy! Plus 4 bbw Gals Feet in flip flops

    see sample on my Fetish COD Store or On My Clips4 Sale Store Word search Ass. Also up for those with foot fetish check out Me and My Girlfriends plump Lush feet in Flip flop Sandals some with fancy painted toe nails some with out! see photos from the clip below in Fetish Cod Store and...