1. subby

    updates from femdomfotode feetandshoesde and sadoladies clips (040120)

    hi folks, first i want to wish you all a happy new year! may all your dreams come true in this new year and this new decade! we will always continue with providing infos of our productions incl. lots of free images! :) so lets have a look what we have these days for ya! 1.) in our huge...
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    New Foot Fetish Tube!!

    FINAL REMINDER If you wish to continue promoting on here please arrange for a “BANNER” link back to here on all of the C4S/stores/websites you own/run/promote & let me know when it is in effect – as your posts may now be deleted without further warning. For clarification please see the rules...
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    New Foot Fetish Tube!!!

    Hey everyone, I'm super excited to announce that my boyfriend and I created a new foot fetish tube site! It's all free, you can watch hundreds of femdom and foot worship videos, and upload your own. We are still working on the site and adding features, and we're very open to suggestions and...
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    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (010919)

    hi friends, we have a lot of very very good news, new updates and as usual freebies for you! 1.) in our c4s-store we have a new pov whipcracking clip with beautiful miss lina! 2.) new pov-caning clip with gorgeous lady iveta! 3.) new vacuuming clip with hot lady feather! 4.) NEW MISTRESS...
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    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (170819)

    hi friends, here are the infos bout latest updates and news incl. freebies as usual. damn, i posted so many freebies through all the years, some websites even dont have so many images at all...lol :) 1.) in our c4s-store we have a new wonderful shoe/footfetishclip with ultrabeautiful goddess...
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    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (290619)-->

    hi friends, here are latest updates incl. freeimages as usual for you :) 1.) new hot whipcracking clip starring lady iveta in our c4s-store: 2.) very special footomination clip with miss lina wearing shower flats and destroying a huge water toy! 3.) sexy lady sybilla vacuuming 4.) pov...
  7. highboots

    Karen in Black Boots

    Cute Karen comes to the mirror, takes her coat off and relaxes on sofa. Later she rings up a slave and she takes a seat on the high chair. When the slave comes he has to kneel down and clean her black boots. After cleaning she uses him as a footstool http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  8. highboots

    Worship My Feet

    Cameron comes inside, takes a seat and calls at a slave. He crawls on all fours to her to kiss her sneakers. Than she orders him to take her shoes and socks off and he can worship her smooth stinky feet. http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  9. highboots

    Paula's Suede Boots

    Paula works with notebook on the sofa. Than she notices that her black suede boots would need to clean. She calls at a guy and stands on the stool. The guy starts to clean her boots. Later she sits down on the chair and he goes on cleaning. http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  10. highboots

    Under Chair

    Nora uses a slave as a footstool. When Cameron comes she asks her if she can borrow him. Cameron orders him to lie down, puts the chair over him and takes a seat with her feet in boots on his chest. After that she takes off her boots and socks and puts her sweaty feet on his face. She rubs her...
  11. highboots

    Service for Madame Henrietta

    Madame Henrietta gets out of the car and goes to the house. She sits with her feet on the table. Later she goes to the room. When a guy appears she commands him to care for her black boots. So he has to kneel down and worships them. Finally he has to serve as her footrest...
  12. highboots

    Cameron's Leather Boots

    Cameron goes downstairs to meet with Nora. They spot walnuts, so they trample the nuts with their boots. After that they go inside. Nora admires Cameron's new leather boots. Cameron rings up their slave. When he comes he has to kiss their boots. Then he worships Cameron's luxury leather boots...
  13. highboots

    Foot Worship on Sofa

    Cameron and Nora take a seat on the sofa and Nora caress with Cameron's riding boots for a while. Then Nora goes for the slave because Cameron has a work for him. When he goes on all fours Cameron orders him to take her riding boots off and he starts to worship her beautiful sweaty feet...
  14. highboots

    Worship on Table

    Larisa is looking for something in the coffer. She sits down on the table and calls at her slave. As soon as he comes on all fours she commands him to worship her beautiful boots. Later she stands on the table and her slave still worships her boots. Finally she orders him to take her boots off...
  15. highboots

    Care for Shiny Pumps

    Cute Xenia comes to the kitchen where she drinks a tea with her feet in shiny pumps on the table. In a minute she goes to the room where a guy is sleeping. She wakes him up with her foot and he starts to kiss her pump. Then he has to go down on his knees. Xenia takes a seat on the sofa and he...
  16. highboots

    Worship Our Boots

    Cameron and Nora come inside, sit down to the table and allow their slave to care of their boots. Girls talk and play music while their slave worships Cameron's riding boots and Nora's brown boots under the table. He is utterly surrounded by their boots...
  17. highboots

    Clean My Dirty Riding Boots

    Nora relaxes on the sofa with her feet on the slave. Suddenly rings the doorbell. It is Cameron who came from ride, so her Aigle riding boots are dirty. Nora goes to make a coffee for her friend. Cameron takes a seat and orders the slave to clean her riding boots. So he starts to lick them...
  18. highboots

    Evening Cleaning

    Cameron and Nora are walking along rocks. Suddenly they catch sight of a guy sitting under the shelter. Cameron sits down on the table, knocks him down and orders him to clean her riding boots. The guy kneels down and starts to lick her amazing boots. Nora persistently pokes him with her wellies...
  19. highboots

    Boot Worship at Waterhole

    When Xenia comes to a waterhole she sits down and calls at her slave to take care of her Calvin Klein boots. He has to kneel down and starts to kiss and lick her boots. Later she stands up and her slave still worships her stunning boots. Finally she uses him as a step and rinses her boots from...
  20. highboots

    Subject to Her Boots

    Larisa chooses a book a then she takes a seat on the sofa. Her boot licker obediently goes to her on all fours to worship her boots. He kisses and licks them with devoutness. In the end she orders him to take her boots off and he starts to serve as a footrest for her feet...