1. SubHero

    "Foot/Femdom Scenes on YouTube" V2.0

    FOOT/FEMDOM SCENES ON YOUTUBE V2.0 BFRug Foot Scenes On August 27th, BFRug had discovered that his years-old "YouTube Mega Thread by BFRug" was deleted. This thread offered Forum visitors dozens of pages of female domination and fetish clips discovered on YouTube. BFRug himself addressed...
  2. SubHero

    Link to a YouTube clip by the time marker

    I've just found a link describing how to point to a YouTube video by the actual time marker: I know this is old news, but I actually didn't know it was possible. This may be of use to us when linking to scenes within long...
  3. L

    Karanlik Primrose grev! - YouTube

    . Ücretsiz izleme keyfini çıkarın... Karanlik Primrose grev! ("Dark Primrose strikes !") - Aaliyah Love sahip... gerçek video klip burada: 7QR9HTboSpM . (Ayrıca, benim çeviri pardon - Bu forumda birçok farklı, en azından...
  4. L

    youtube videos

    hi! is anyone able to download youtube vids? mine get downloaded but the video does not show when played.
  5. DommeKyaa

    Video Seriese- Philosophy of a Femme Domme on youtube and twitter for free

    I've got something that I'd like to share with everyone here, a video series I am making called "Philosophy of a Femme Domme." These videos are on a wide range of subjects, and vary a little in style even. From a strict, lecture type style where I go over the basic definitions of words that we...
  6. F

    Deleted Youtube Clip??? (Mil & Raffish)

    There was such a great clip on youtube, for about a week. It was a Dutch TV clip, in which a guy lies facedown on the ground and is trampled on his back by a number of hot women in high heels. IT was outstanding, and I meant to save it but alas, by the time I revisited it, youtube removed it...