1st time under 2 girls

Jun 25, 2009
Here is a true experience from my past, its funny i dont remember exactly how old i was. I remember i had a car and my drivers licence. I remember the names of the girls that were involved and where this all took place. And i remember the girls were older than i was. Also wanted to note i quit posting for quite a while, many people read the stories but never say anything. Im guilty of that myself read some truly amazing stories i have been working on that. I try to post comments more. Also im sorry if my grammar, and writing skills are somewhat sub par. Im not out to win a contest, merely posting things that come to me or in this case a true life experience. Also note names have been changed.

My first time trampled by two girls.

I was at my friend Randy's house it was summertime and i was always looking for something to do. Randy had two sisters they were older us one was two years older the other 3 years older. Anyway a quick description of the girls i will be honest. They were not raving beauties. Becky was a tall blond shoulder length hair, around six foot tall but thin around 150 lbs with blue eyes. She was normal but i know this sounds bad kind of like nature missed the mark just a little. She was not ugly but something was just off with her. And her older sister Amy, she was about five eight with dark brown hair and eyes. But she was heavier build around 165 to 170. I was not really interested in either of the girls well not dating material anyway. But i knew them somewhat i would hang out with Randy once in a while more so at school than at his house.

I remember this day as it lasted close to 24 hours. Yes i know all days are 24 hours but most people sleep this day we did not. I came over to Randy' about ten am. He lived out on the country and had a moped, it was fun to zip around the yard on that thing. We spend the morning jumping the moped and screwing around doing nothing really. I honestly didn't know his sisters were even home. Randy said lets go watch t.v. so inside we went and he took the big couch and i layed on the floor in front of the tv. Yeah it was like that the thought crossed my mind maybe just maybe one of the sisters would walk through and over.

Well an hour passed i was about to get up and sit on the loveseat when Becky walked in front of me. I was messing with her and tried to trip her on her way to the kitchen. When she came back i honestly didn't see her coming as the kitchen has to entries. Becky walked right up and stepped on my butt then off and looked back with a smile. It was an awesome feeling her weight was heavy but it felt good. I was small when i was younger about 140 all the way till i hit 30 years old even though i have been six foot tall since 10th grade. So her 150 was more weight than i expected. It didn't hurt just surprised me. And i was thinking wow did that really just happen. I wont say i knew of my fetish honestly i didn't just knew i liked when girls walked on me.

My buddy Randy he was nice and well to be honest he reminded me of my rottweiler. He was big, strong and dumb well ok just not real bright. Typical football jock very easy going and really didnt notice much that goes on around him.

Since this was years ago i don't remember every detail but the parts i remember clearly. Are the getting walked on parts. They are like it just happened and burned into my brain.

As i remember it Becky came back through a few more times. She never even paused just stepped on to my butt and over. And each time she would look back and grin. I do remember thinking Randy was going to notice if i stay on the floor too much longer getting stepped on by Becky. About that time Becky came back through and stepped on my butt again. But she stopped and pounced a few times then stepped off. Before i realized what was happening Amy stepped on, her weight was quite heavy. Honestly the heaviest i had ever felt. She said crunch, i will never forget that. Then she stepped off, they both went into the kitchen. Randy asked didn't that hurt? I told him honestly no. He said wow. And went back to his show he was watching. Well the girls came back through and yeah both used me as their rug on the way back. Its funny looking back i didn't roll over and try my luck. But at that time i was like superman in the early years. He didn't know he could fly. I didn't know rolling over wouldn't kill me haha.

So anyway i don't know the min by min details of the rest of the day. Just that i bugged his sisters a lot. Their parents were gone i don't remember why. But i crashed over at there house. It was late i want to say 2 or 3 am we were all messing around. I think i dared Randy to lay under the mattress in his room and let both his sisters walk over it.

He said no at first then Becky and Amy said one of the guest rooms had two mattresses on the floor. We could each lay under one. So Randy agreed if i would do it. I remember he got under one face down and both girls stepped on as i was getting under the other mattress. He was groaning said they were heavy. Even though back then he had to be 180-190. Becky was on his back and Amy was on his legs best i could tell. I hurried to get under the other mattress.

I laid face down and as soon as the mattress was on me one of the girls stepped on. She walked from my feet to the upper part of my back. I was worried she would step on my head but she walked back down. I found out a min later it was Becky as she told Amy to take a turn frustrated that i was not groaning liked her brother did.

About that time Amy stepped onto my feet walked up my legs onto my butt. She hopped a little to try and make me give i guess. Since that didn't work Becky joined her on top of the mattress. I remember it feeling heavy but wonderful. I didn't want it to end and it lasted for a while. Randy not feeling it got up and went back in the living room. I don't know how long they walked, hopped and jumped all over me. But i was sore when they got off. I can't remember why Randy and i quit hanging out. That was the first and last time i got trampled by his sisters.

I wish i could say i turned over and they crushed the front side of me. But i was young and new to the whole trample fetish idea. I didn't know back then i could do that and not me seriously hurt.

Anyway thanks for reading.



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May 1, 2006
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Nice story...I like when the stories here are real...I like the fantasy too, just that the real usually seem more vivid in detail.
I hope you will continue with other stories, be they true or fiction.


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Jul 8, 2002
No I take it you disapprove of my writing? I know I’m not great but hey I’m trying. I took a long break because of comments like this. I’m not sure how to go forward with the story it’s hard to please everyone.
Don't try and please everyone, my friend. Please yourself with the story and attract those that like what you do. :) Keep it up!
May 18, 2018
I think in the fetish community it is impossible to please everyone: There is a reason there are so many specific fetishes after all. Some people like shoes, others like bare feet. Some people like real stories, others fantasies. And that it totally okay.
One good thing about this discussion: It brought the story back to a place where I sould notice it, which makes me very happy.


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Aug 19, 2002
OH MY - the opportunities missed when we were young and clueless! I too have some instances where I should have "turned over"! If I had I can only fantasize about what would have happened. Hang in there and NEVER let the detractors get to you, they are probably just jealous.
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