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Aug 11, 2002
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Hi Marco,

V_Slayer was talking about Sai-Tai so, I wanted to post some photos
and make a couple of previews with image grabber to post and discuss.
Who was the slave under her? Was this Marco ?

Any chance Sai-Tai would come back to Staria and make more videos
Marco? I would love to see her do more JeansSitting, ButtCrush and
UnderMyAss vids and photos wearing her tight jeans.

V_Slayer was talking about how he really loves the POVs added to your
JeansSitting vids. I like them too. He was saying that the format used
in these two Sai-Tai JeansSitting clips were perfect.

Could I add another request?

When you make the POVs the camera is looking up and is very close
to her butt. I like seeing her face and her eyes looking down at me.

THEN, could you have her scoot or lift and sit on the camera so it almost
blacks out the screen. This makes me feel like I am completely covered by
her butt and getting smothered.

Then she can lift up and look down at the camera then sit again and not get up.
We are left under her in darkness, no escape, no air and the movie ends.

That's my thoughts. Maybe it's okay with you?

I hope others will add their ideas about the POVs and facesitting mix on
this thread also.

thanks Marco & Sai-Tai

waffel :)

Photos from: http://www.JeansSitting.com

2003 Movie Set 1 clip 1 (forward facesitting & POV)

2003 Movie Set 1 clip 2 (reverse facesitting & POV)

Photos from: http://www.JeansSitting.com
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Jul 27, 2002
Hi Waffel,

the slave is Homi - aka - Stefan :)

He was many times a slave in the past - now he has his own mistress :)

Im sure i will make more POV Scenes in future - i became some requests of them too !!!

Have a nice day and thanks Waffel :)