3rd Degree Black Belt Kimber Woods Crushing Scissorholds!


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Jan 16, 2017

"Kimber Woods Destroys Weak Male Opponent With Legs & Thighs" was just released on ALLABOUTTHEBOOTY.COM featuring: scissorholds, mixed wrestling, ass smothering, powerful woman, & overall female domination!

Video Description:​
This foolish male doesn't have the slightest clue what he's gotten himself into. Most people know Kimber Woods as the gorgeous Porn Star & Hustler cover model, but what they don't know is she also is a vicious 3rd degree black belt. This idiot thought he stood a chance, but quickly learns his lesson as Kimber slides her legs around his neck and cranks them together displaying all of her strength, turning her weak male opponents face red and purple. She shows no signs of letting up as she slithers into a figure 4, tossing him around back and forth but still constricting his neck and never letting go of her hold. This silly male turns into Kimber's rag doll as she moves him back and forth between the hard wood floors and the couch, frontal and reverse scissorholds that leave him breathless bringing her a wicked smile of entertainment. Kimber doesn't even break a sweat as her thick thighs press tightly together around his neck, threatening to snap it like a tooth pick with ease. She even throws in a bit of ass smothering here and there with her perfect, round, powerful cheeks to demonstrate that he is completely at her mercy and she can use whatever methods she desires to take his breath away.