3rd trample CRUSH experience

Oct 4, 2018
It was in my mid twenties when i met girl at sams club. She was a cashier and stockwoman. Everytime i went in there, if she was working she would always seem to spot me. We first met when she was my cashier and i had a cart full. She noticed my bug spray and asked if i hand bugs in the house. I told her i had an ant issue in the kitchen. She told me how much she hated bugs and how she step on them if she saw them in her house. I was hooked. I said nice to meet you laughing. Whats your name? She told me her name was jen, in a laughing way and said this is a funny way to introduce myself to somebody. I laughed and said i never had a chance to introduce myself. Ever sense we met she was on me. She was in her mid twenties, had white skin red hair 5,4 130lbs and really talkative. One day i was shopping and there she was. She was in the sweets isle putting up items and i caught her eating a brownie out of a box. She saw me and freaked. She finished her bite and run upto me. Your not going to tell anybody are you? She asked. Those will make you fat i told her. She laughed and said i know im getting huge. I said your no where near huge you couldnt squash a bug. She giggled saying is that our thing talking about bugs but thank you for trying to tell me im not fat. I took a chance and asked her if she had anything going on saturday and i could easily take her walking on me unlike a scrummy bug. She said so you think you can hold all my weight standing on you, your crazy. I like that lol. Meet me around 9 pm when i get off. I me her in the parking lot and she was on her phone when i went to her car. She told me to wait she was calling a friend. After a few minutes past by she yelled at me sitting by on her hood. Could you follow me she said. I said sure but she had a weird grin on her face. As i did we went far ino the country. We were on a field road between two corn fields. I got out and her and i had a cigarette. She was reminding me of what i told her about her not being heavy enough to squash a bug. Then i saw headlights. A jeep pulled up it was her freind who was also in her mid twenties about 5'7 150lbs and the back door opened it was her mother! She was shorter about 5'2 but 180lbs both were tan and looked like they were out having fun. Her mom was drnking a beer. I introduced myself and they all talked just ignoring me like i wasnt nothing. I asked her what we were doing and she said were going to wait for a freind to get to the party. The party was me!!!! She threw me a shovel out of the back of her freinds jeep and said dig your hole or its going to hurt. I freaked i knew she liked me but dig a hole so she could run over me, i knew she was crazy but she was beuatiful so i started digging. Right before i was done more headlights showed up. A big girl stepped out. She was big but pretty about 5'9 190lbs. She seemed to move vey quickly. They all gathered together and jen told me to lay in my hole i dug. After that they all gathered in her friends jeep. I lay stairing at the stars till i saw the headlights turn on. The jeep drove around and got close to me. I was right in front of a jeep with four beautful women. Jen asked if i was ready to feel like a bug. I said yes i am. But i wasnt ready for what happened. She drove right over me a little above idle. She was laughing and i heard everyone else like what??!! but laughing too. After she drove off of me she stopped and got out. They were all having fun talking and drinking inside. She said so i cant squash a bug huh. She knew i liked her and i knew i did too. I told her she was crazy in a good way. She said that she will change my mind about liking her. No way i said. She got back in and began running over me. Back and forth. All i could hear was laughing music and my insides squishing around. I could take it though. A jeep with 4 women in it i was proud of myself. But then her freind hung out the window and spit on my face. On their way back i heard her mother say ill get him ont he way back. She spit on my face. It was all over. I couldnt hold my eyes open cuz of all the spit. They made a game of it. The mother was very dominant. She orderd jen to stop on the bug so they could stamp on it. Jen stopped the jeep on my stomach and the all got out and trampled the living crap out of me. Drunk and dangerous i was being crushed by 4 woman with a jeep on my stomach. Jen saw my pain in my face and said im gonna change your mind about your little fetish and took her shoes off and planted bothe feet on my face. I was crushed. Jens freinds mom was yelling crush him!! As she was stmping i slowly began to pass out under jens feet. I couldnt smell or enjoy i was just part of the ground. I past out and it was just jen and i. She told me what happened and that her freinds mother wanted me as a slave. For a while all i had to do was call her and i could be trampled. They knew my limits. Jen eventually got a boyfriend and went on.


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Mar 20, 2007
Nice story! Like how Jen obviously loved to tease and play with him, and that she called more women to team up against him to show him how they could crush him like a bug. Also love the carcrush action. A pity you didn't receive comments so far. Nevertheless I hope you will continue! And a little advise: Would be easier to read if you divide the flowing text into paragraphs.



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Feb 17, 2010
Good story!
I like be run over by a car full of women too,especially mature fat women .
I want mom in the car, sit on rear left seat,I want lay under the car before rear left tyre.My rib should break under mom's weight ,My head should be squashed under mom's ass,I want be crush to death under mom's feet.