Apr 23, 2018
This is a dream which I had last night, suchw of course woke me up. I jotted down the fair idea and gave it some grammar.

This is my first attempt and post. Please support and help!

I'm tied. Spread eagle. Hands and ankles cuffed and tied and secured at the farthest points of my body. The floor is cold. But I'm sweating. Profusely. Reason? I'm waiting for my death! I'm the price to be paid for a pair of high heels!

Soon enough, my dread turns into a reality! I see her. Wearing six inch stilettos! Jimmy Choo! I have a gut feeling in stomach. Within no time, there she is, standing on my chest. Full weight. The soles stretching my skin and the heels piercing it. She shifts a little, and there are two points of oozing blood already! She watches herself in the mirror in different poses while still standing on my chest! And all of a sudden, she shifts to my stomach. It gives in on the first step! I'm in agony! And she's loving it! Reason? Who doesn't love bouncing up and down on something soft and cushiony??
I'm feeling dizzy! The small subtle bouncing has turned into maniac jumps! High jumps from top of a chair onto my stomach in six inch heels! I'm sure all my organs are punctured! But she's not just satisfied with that! She wants more. She wants to feel the last breath being pulled out of me under her foot. She removes her left heels and inserts the full six inch into my mouth and orders me to hold onto it without letting it fall. And then she starts jumping from the chair, even higher now, or so it seems... And lands on my stomach on a single foot. Or more accurately, single heel! I'm in hell. The heel in my mouth is gagging me. Not letting me breath sufficiently. The weight on my stomach is pushing the last instance of air out of me. My lungs are burning. I need air. It's all around me. But I'm not able to take it in. And so suddenly, so unexpectedly, she slips her foot into the sandal in my mouth and stands on it single foot, full weight, till it crushes my throat and I have nothing but vacuum in my lungs, and once she's done, she walks away, carefully making sure to gouge out one of my eye balls from her other heel, and wiping it away on my body!