A fantasy made reality- Pt 4

May 21, 2007
A fantasy made reality Pt 4.

She got off abruptly. I was shocked back into the loud sounds in the room. She turned around to look at me with a curious smile on her face.

“I think you’re having it too easy with the tights. Plus its hurting my butt! I wanna wear jeans. I’m gonna do it” she said and walked away without even waiting for my response. I lay there breathing in copious amounts of air, my lungs inflating fully for the first time in an hour. Its hard to be witty when you're so out of breath.

When I fully came to my senses I realized what was in store for me. I could hear her rummaging in her closet for the best jeans to smother me with. I heard her close the door and realized that she had picked out the jeans she was about to wear.

I looked straight up as I waited with anticipation for her to return. Within a couple minutes she was back. I wasn’t ready. I wanted to ideally walk it off a little bit. But it was obvious that she was not going to wait.

She and her butt came into view. I was mesmerized once again. Sure jeans hurt like hell, but her butt just looked so amazing in her tight dark-blue jeans. She straddled me wordlessly. A good thing too. I couldn’t wait to have that tasty ass on my face.

She carefully aimed her butt so that she would get the most comfort. “Here we go again!” she trilled and sat down completely. I got one last glimpse of that epic butt before she made contact with my eyes. I closed them quickly and felt the pressure all over my face in an instant. This bone crunching level of pain.

It was so completely different when she had worn tights. That was more like a hug compared to this. This was like someone was stomping his face into the pavement.

Also it quickly became apparent that I couldn’t breathe the way she was sitting. She had completely pinched off my mouth with the weight and friction. My nose was of course flattened to a pulp now so that was of no use.

“Hey don’t just lie there. Be useful!” she exclaimed and jerked her butt to get my attention. I really wished she wouldn’t do that. It hurt like a bitch every single time. Especially with her jeans. I moaned to let her know that she had my attention.

“So you agree. Good. Mmm let’s see what can you do… Ah! Ive got just the thing. Give me a foot massage! Your hands are at the perfect position for it. And give me a good one too. Show me how grateful you are…” she trailed off in a whispering voice. She was trying to be sexy, I realized. However I heard her stifle a giggle from above me, so it had a mixed effect. I moaned again and flexed my fingers to let her know Im ready.

But I still couldn’t breathe. I was sure I could, soon enough. Jeans were not good for smothering someone. Thankfully she did lift up both her feet and place them on my lap. She carefully avoided my penis. I got a few good long breaths when she lifted her legs up. But she proceeded to move her legs outwards a little more and I once again couldn’t breathe.

“Mm. Do massage!” she said from above me, jerking her butt on my face as usual and tapping her feet on my thighs. I dutifully took her left foot in my hands and started to massage it the best way I could. I could have done a better job if she would just let me breathe.

She had both her legs outwards. If only she would keep the other leg higher up on my stomach or chest, I could breathe and give her a massage at the same time! The stakes were unnecessarily high in this game. I had to massage her foot good enough that she might let me breathe.

I kept on massaging while I steadily ran out of breath. She could feel that in the massage I suppose, because she suddenly drew back her unattended foot up to my chest. I hissed in and out as much air as I could. She laughed lightly to herself and lazily slid her legs back down.

It was obvious that she was smothering me on purpose now. She wanted me to massage her while being smothered. “Ah.. why don’t you try some areas other than just my ankle and toes? There’s a whole mid region there you know?” she jerked her foot off from my hands. I instinctively tried to grab a hold of her other foot and massage that so that she would let me breathe again. I was like a blind man who had lost his stick, fumbling around where I thought her right foot was.

But before I could find it, I heard a sudden slapping sound followed by a sharp pain in my genitals. She had kicked me in the groin! I was caught off guard. I let out a muffled howl of pain, partially rolling around cupping my balls. I heard her laugh from on top of me. She kept sitting, not letting me even have the dignity of properly crying in a corner.

But soon she realized that my howls of pain weren’t stopping. Like I said, I really wasn’t expecting that and she got me good. “Ermm are you ok down there?” she asked in a casual voice masking her concern. I moaned shortly twice to let her know that I was not alright. “Oh.. I got you good huh?” she once again broke out into giggles.

I had stopped yelping but I was still in a lot of pain. Suddenly everything became a lot louder and brighter as she quickly jumped off from my face and sat backwards so that my head was between her legs. She cupped her mouth and chuckled again when she saw my deformed face. I lay there pitifully, still protecting my groin.

She took my head gently in her hands and started stroking the bruised areas. It felt so nice. Her hands were so smooth and gentle I could feel the pain leaving me wherever she touched me. She truly was my Goddess. “What’s the matter? Why are being such a pussy?” she asked, still caressing my hurt face.

“It’s just- just you got me off guard… I really wasn’t expecting that… I thought we were maxed out! With all the jeans and smothering and massaging!” I whimpered and looked up at her eyes for any signs of mercy. She was unreadable, and with a kind expression on her face, playfully slapped my cheek.

“Toughen up” she said with a gentle but firm voice. Before I could respond, she got up and repositioned herself. Within moments she was once again back on my face, her full weight crushing me down into her sofa. “Mm.” she said once again and presented her right foot to me.

I hurriedly took it into my hands and started massaging. I used her pointers and gave what I thought was a good massage. I put real effort into that. It also helped that she was letting me breathe this time. I heard her hmm with contentment. She once again shook away her foot from my hands, gently this time. She quickly replaced it with her left foot again. But unfortunately, she didn’t sit in a way I could breathe anymore.

I still managed to give a good massage with her letting me breathe at intervals. Finally, she was satisfied. She took both her legs and drew them up to near the sofa as if she was about to get up. I felt some of the weight leaving my face. However, she had a sudden change of heart and sat back down completely.

She sighed and said, “You know what, this is boring. I mean how long can I just keep sitting. There’s nothing to do! I cant talk to you, I feel like Im just talking to myself. Let’s see... Ooh lets play some games!” She clapped her hands in glee.

“Ok so, I’m gonna see how long you can go without breathing. I’ll do a timer on my phone and everything. Let’s see how good you are…” she trailed off and got up abruptly. “Floor” she said and pointed to the floor. I was surprised at how well she was learning to order me around. Soon she’d be pointing at the floor and snapping her fingers. But I loved it.

“The- the floor?” I spluttered and looked at her in disbelief. Jeans and the floor together? Hey have you ever seen a video of a watermelon being burst by a hydraulic press? That’s how this was going to be. I didn’t wanna do it. There was going to be no pleasure component. It would just be pain. And she was going to smother me on top of all this!

“Yes the floor! And no I don’t negotiate with seat people” she said and pushed her chin up. She was so cute. I wanted to her have what she wanted. I reluctantly slid down on to the floor in front of the sofa so that she could lean back.

She straddled me quickly, placing her feet on either side of my face. I had a sudden urge to turn sideways and protect myself. And maybe lick her foot in the process. But I didn’t have time to do anything before she started lowering herself. I saw her jeans stretching and stretching and stretching until they could stretch no more. There was a solid rock bottom heading surely for my face. I braced for impact. Sure enough my nose got bent sideways first thing. And then her entire weight was on me once again. The angle was different. The pain was different.

I felt a spot on the back of my head that made contact with the ground suddenly explode with pressure as her full weight suddenly descended on my face. She moved her feet down near my legs to make sure I couldn’t breathe, and started the timer.

“How’re you feeling?” she asked and laughed from above me. She didn’t have to ask. She knew this was killing me. However I was also getting incredibly turned on by this. And this didn’t escape her notice.

This was supposed to be about me holding my breath, but it was impossible with all the other things I had to do. Like not buck her off, keep my head steady and balanced, resist tapping out… She sat for about a minute before lifting up an inch or so.

The sudden movement once again sent familiar and unfamiliar waves through my body. It was like I was sweating and shivering at the same time. “So that was just under a minute. Not nearly long enough. I think you can do more. You can right?” she asked, waiting for my response. Her butt still hung threateningly over my face. I felt like her butt was talking to me. “Y-yes I can” I muttered.

“Good” she said smugly and sat back down once again. I held my breath in advance and tried to endure it. I was doing a good job too I felt. But suddenly she did that jerking motion she does to get my attention. On the floor, with jeans, that was just too much. I yelped out loud, losing some of my precious air.

She either didn’t notice or ignored me. “You’re once again pitching a tent here, man. You seriously have no shame do you” she mused and I felt a gentle touch on my most vulnerable area. She was going straight for the balls. She drew tiny circles on it with her toe, giggling lightly to herself. I felt even more aroused and terrified at the same time.

I was quickly running out of breath. But she showed no signs of relenting. She just kept sitting like a rock. I wondered if she ever planned to get up at some point. I wanted to shake her off. No that’s not true I wanted her to keep sitting. But I needed her to get up now.

So I did the one thing I always thought I’d never do. I opened my mouth. Whenever I had seen this in porn I would immediately get angry. Why cant the guy just fucking take it? I would kill to be where he was and he wasn’t grateful enough. I would never move. But yeah I moved. I opened my mouth and tried to breathe in large volumes of air.

I wasn’t too successful, since she had pretty much covered my face completely. But I was able to breathe still. My teeth hurt insanely bad as they suddenly took the brunt of her jean clad weight. Better than wearing braces eh? She obviously noticed. “Hey what the hell!” she said from above me.

And then before I knew it, my world became white with pain as she suddenly brought her foot down hard on the target she had been painting. I jerked violently, throwing her off my face in the process. She had been sitting quite heavily so I felt her hard, abrasive jeans take some of my skin cells with it as it roughly slid off my face.

I howled with pain with new vigor now that my mouth was free. I cupped my balls with one hand and massaged my face with the other, trying to cope with the pain. I rolled sideways as fresh new pains started popping up. My eyes were suddenly burning up, my nose felt permanently damaged. And of course, that pain of being kicked right in the balls. No words to describe that one.

I felt tears flow down my face and looked up at her, my eyes squinting to see clearly. She had a pained expression on her face. She was massaging her butt and looking at me accusingly. She said nothing for a while and just looked at me. I didnt know whether she was disappointed or angry or maybe even a little guilty.

But the moment didn’t last. Just as I was getting used to my face being free of all that weight, she said, “That’s just sad. Why did you open your mouth?” I gulped and replied, “I just couldn’t hold my breath that long. Im sorry…”. She shook her head and said, “Don’t move again and I wont kick you.” It felt faked. I wanted to believe that she felt remorseful about kicking me. And once again she was above me. Her stretched out jeans flattened my face yet again.

“After all that you’re still sporting your erection. Couldn’t you like come prepared or something?” she asked from above. For the record, I had come prepared. Last time was embarrassing. I learned to last longer and masturbated regularly to keep my stamina up. I had even rubbed one out in that KFC’s bathroom before coming over. But still how could I not be excited? This was everything I ever wanted.

“You’ would really really like to masturbate, huh” she teased and once again gently flicked my balls. I cringed, expecting a kick. But she didn’t. “You wish I’d let you just wank off right now huh..” she trailed off, tapping my genitals once again. I wanted to respond. So I used whatever breath I had to ‘mmmm’ loudly. She laughed out loud when she heard it.

She still didn’t get up. “You want to beg me to let you do it? You know a real man wouldn’t take this. Especially with a raging boner like yours. A real man would throw me down, tear my clothes off and you know, ravage me so to speak. Instead, you just want me to let you jack off. So let’s hear it” she finished and lifted herself up about an inch. Once again I only saw her butt. I had to talk to it.

“Go on, this is where you beg” she said encouragingly. I sighed and proceeded to beg. “Please let me masturbate. You’re so sexy. I’ll clean it up myself, I’ll- I’ll do anything! Just please let me do it!” I wheezed. I looked up at her butt to try and predict her response. Butts have feelings too you know.

It was embarrassing to do it. But I was almost maxed out anyway. She saw to that with her monologue earlier. She giggled when she heard it. Why wouldn’t she. It was silly coming out of my mouth. “I think – I think you need to try harder!” she managed to say in between laughs.

She wasn’t gonna let me have any dignity huh. Well so be it. “Please Mistress, please allow me to do it! You own me. I am yours! My life is yours! Please please let me do it! Please!” it should have sounded sillier than last time. But I felt more genuine than ever when I said it. I really needed a release at this point.

She sat back down. She was still laughing and didn’t say anything yet. I held my breath in anticipation. Well I mean I had to hold my breath because she was smothering me but yeah. “Alright fine. Lets see you do it” she muttered from above me. But I heard it.

I pulled my pants down in a frenzy and got right to it. Started wanking like a mad man before she changed her mind. But it didn’t happen that quickly. Maybe the KFC fap wasn’t the best idea. She made observational ‘mmm’s and ‘ohh’s from above me. She let me breathe once to keep me going.

I was almost there. I needed another breath. But she didn’t give it to me. “I’m bored.” She remarked suddenly. “This is not as fun as I thought it’d be to watch. Finish fast” she said with finality. I was visibly struggling for breath now. “You know what, I’ll let you breathe only when you finish. That should give you some incentive.”

I was alarmed. I wouldn’t make it. I need to breathe NOW. But she meant what she said. It was also incredibly hot that she said it. I felt myself teetering on the edge of pleasure and consciousness. I stopped trying to buck her off and put all my effort in finishing.

And suddenly it happened. My world exploded with colors as I orgasmed in ways I never had. This was so new my mind couldn’t accept it. That or the lack of oxygen. My mind formed enough clarity to remind me who was sitting on my face causing all this. The pleasure reached its peak. I was also completely out of breath. And then it was over. A sudden vacuum opened up and sucked everything that was me, into it. And then there was only darkness.

To be continued…………..
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Apr 28, 2018
I'm not sure if it's ok to say this but no writer on this forum triggers my imagination in a way you do..

Thank you for this part.. Was anxiously waiting for it.. Keep writing..
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