A Friggin' Great Story


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Nov 1, 2002

by Throne

Larry had been a cuckold for just over a year. It was bad enough having his wife Tessa hit the sheets several times a week with her Black lover Jim, but both of them took special pleasure in coming up with added torments to subject him to. Sometimes it seemed like they were competing to see who could be the most inventive. Last week she had led him into a long conversation after he'd watched the two of them screw like they were on some impossibly strong aphrodesiac. She'd made him say that he was thrilled to have her satisfied by a real man, to apologize for his shortcomings in penis dimensions and stamina, and even to say that he never wanted her to be frustrated again by having his puny dick inside of her. Then she told him that for being so 'honest' she wouldn't require him to slurp Jim's cum out of her pussy. Unless, of course, he wanted to. As often as he had been made to perform that repugnant act in the last 12 monthes, Larry still hated it every time. In fact, it bothered him now more than when he had started. But he also knew she was playing a mind game with him and that if he agreed that he didn't want to do it, she would make him suffer. So he had to insist that it was exactly what he desired. She kept putting him off and he had to make his case more strongly each time, eventually cajoing her and begging to be allowed. "Wellllll," she had finally said with a sigh of surrender, "all right. But only because you want to so much."

Then, as he forced his tongue in as deeply as he could, lapped and swallowed, Jim fondled her breasts and kissed her passionatly. Between kisses she told her Black stud how much she craved his prolonged lovemaking. She didn't spare the details about what she liked, either. Early this week it had been Jim's turn to get creative. He announced that Larry should have more say in what went on in their threesomes. Tessa was immediatly interested.

She asked, "How do you mean?"

"You know," the tall muscular Bull said. "He should make suggestions about what he wants to do. I'm sure they'd be ideas that would entertain you alot. Otherwise," he added as he looked threateningly at Larry, "you'd be unhappy and then WE'D have to think up something more interesting than what he suggested."

Larry understood at once. He had to brainstorm new degradations and humiliations for himself. And if they weren't extreme enough, Jim would hurt him. The powerful Black man had never hit him, but frequently put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed until Larry whimpered, or pinched one of his unimpressive biceps until tears appeared in Larry's eyes. The hapless husband would do anything to avoid angering his wife's lover. Anything.

"I guess..." Larry began hesitantly, trying to find a balance between satisfying them and not making his plight worse then he had to. "I guess you could take pictures of me. You know, and start a photo album." He regretted the thought as soon as he voiced it. In his fear he had done exactly what Jim anticipated. Larry had struck at one of his own secret vulnerabilities. "That's a good start," Jim told him. "But what kind of pictures do you think Tessa would like?"

Feeling sick to his stomach, Larry heard himself say, "Maybe me playing with my..." He remembered the rule Tessa had made previously about how he should refer to his penis. He had to use at least three adjectives to demean his own manhood. "You could take pictures of me playing with my shrimpy... laughable... immature... little dick. And I could be licking Tessa's feet while I touched my... my undersized... skinny... peanut-headed.. poor excuse for a penis."

Jim considered that. "You wouldn't be suggesting that just becuse you've gotten so fond of your hot wife's toes and soles, now would you?" Larry cringed inwardly Another of their games, started three monthes previously, was to try to turn him into a foot fetishist -- and they were succeeding. Being denied his own satisfaction and constantly aroused by his wife had made him susceptible to their efforts. "N... nuh... no, Sir." The stammer Larry had acquired was coming back as Jim tried to trap him with words. Being given an unwanted fetish and having his power of speech impaired made Larry feel a terrible loss of control over his own life. Yet, without being told to, he knelt down in front of Tessa and pressed his lips to her toes.

"P... puh... please, Dearest, let me kiss your feet." "Oh, go ahead," she said with feigned exasperation. "It's so selfish of you to make me cater to your twisted needs. I suppose next you'll want to have me get them all sweaty and stinking for you so you can develop a taste for that, too."

Larry knew better than to deny it, even though it was something he would have been disgusted by in the past. Now the proposition appealed to him at the same time it repulsed him. They were tangling his mind into knots of yearning and rejection, often for the same thing, and if it went on for much longer those knots might never be untied. As he lavished his oral attentions on her feet, Jim said, "I want you to think up one more really good idea for pictures we can take of you for that album you're so eager for us to start."

Larry thought desperatly as he sucked his wife's toes, lapped her salty soles, and then spontaneously tongued between her digits, avidly tasting the strongest deposits of sweat. The thought they had put into his mind only minutes ago was already taking hold.

And then it was time for him to deliver his other idea for pictures they might take. Still on his knees, he looked up at the two of them sitting close together on the couch. "W... wuh... what I could do would b... be to have my body hair removed... p... p... permanently, and get some sort of tattoo that says what I really am. I could have a tattoo across my chest... my narrow... scrawny... unmanly chest..." He had unconciously expanded their rule to include other parts of his body. "And the tattoo could say... WIMP. Or PUSSY BOY. Or SISSY. An.. and there could be another on my ass that says SPANK ME."

"Hmmm." Jim rubbed his strong chin while his other hand slid up and down Tessa's bare thigh. "Permanent hair removal and tattoos are pretty expensive. But your birthday's coming up in two weeks and we did want to get you something you really wanted. Are you sure you'd like both those things?"

"Oh, y... yes, Sir," Larry lied to protect himself from Jim's ire. "I'd LOVE those to be my gifts." "Then we'll do it. You can spend the next two weeks thinking about what tattoos we'll choose. That way part of your gift will be a surprise. I'm sure you'll have fun wondering what we'll decide every day until then."

Larry couldn't surpress a shudder. "Yes, Sir. I'll be thinking about it constantly."

"One more thing," his wife said. "We already got you one gift, and since you'll have those others coming later, I think it would be okay to give you this one early." She reached for her purse and pulled out a small item of plastic and metal that he couldn't identify. Tessa smiled maliciously. "It's a chastity device. I had to order it special to get one small enough for your mini-dick. It will prevent you from ever getting a proper erection and it will assure that you can never cum unless we take pity on you, which is highly unlikely. But it has one feature that other devices like it don't have, which you'll really like. This one leaves the head of your itty bitty love toy uncovered. So that most sensative part WILL be able to be stimulated and to get firm. That way I'll be able to tease you and tease you and tease you, until you get so horny you won't be able to think straight And that will get you ready for even wilder games we'll come up with, and that YOU'LL dream up for us. "It's only been a little more than a year since all this started, and look what a mess we've made of you already. Just imagine what you'll be like by this time two years from now. We are going to have SO much fun, the three of us. Now let's get that cock cage over your teeny weenie and we'll all go to the bedroom for some wet messy sex, with you to get me ready by licking my pussy and then cleaning me up the same way after we're done. I am hornier than I've ever been from thinking about all the fun we're going to have with you, day after day after day."