After Gym Snack Ft. Raquel Roper & Kim Chi


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Jan 16, 2017

"After Gym Snack" ft. Kim Chi is available on http://www.MISSROPER.COM.

This clip features: POV & 3rd Person Shots, Giantess Vore, Shrinking, Digestion Talk & Sound Effects, Saliva, Uvula/Mouth Shots, Swallowing.

After a long, sweaty work out, I decide to invite my gym partner Kim Chi over to my place for a light lunch. You are making a helpless attempt at hiding behind a bottle of orange juice, stored within the fridge and listening in on our booming voices from the other side of the door. Your fragile frame trembles in fear as I open it and peer inside, making direct eye contact with you in an instant. I scoop you up into my palms and tease you with the sight of my large, wet, twirling tongue. My watering mouth hangs wide open as I dangle you from up above, showing the path you'll take down my throat to my gurgling belly. How rude of me though, completely forgetting about my guest Kim Chi. Knowing I've stored another away as left overs, I allow Kim Chi to decide the honors of how you'll be devoured. Will we warm you up in the oven, zap you in the microwave? Perhaps she'll add some flavors, spices to you before swallowing you down? Starving and desiring raw, she pops you into her mouth towards your new home before I find myself empty and on the prowl for my own after gym snack that's hidden away within the cupboards. I wonder how he meets his end...?


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