Alison's Next Step


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Mar 17, 2010
This is my favorite scat story of all time. It is not written by me, but I noticed it has not been posted on this site from what I see, and it definitely deserves to be here. Anybody agree?

Allison's next step

Last June I thought that I had slid right into hell. The

recession had really taken its toll and I had not earned a

dime in over a year. I was already spending my 401Ks to

say nothing of my kid's college funds. So, with my career

on hold I had somehow found myself taking a position as a

temporary house cleaner. A maid, lets face it.

One sunny Monday I went to my assignment in Redwood Hills,

the most expensive neighborhood in the city. The house was

an absolute mansion. Cleaning it was going to be a chore

but hopefully the people would tip well. I sure needed the


I rang the bell and was blown away by the sight of the

woman who answered the door. She appeared to be in her

late 30's but was still perfect. She had luxurious blonde

hair, tight flawless skin, perfect features including

radiant blue eyes and the sleek toned athletic body of a

woman whose work is limited to hours of Pilates or yoga or

aerobics every day. She was born beautiful and apparently

had the time and money to make the most out of her natural

gifts. She smiled lightly but confidently as she spoke.

"Hello, I assume that you are Greg the cleaning worker?"

she asked. Her voice was rich, confident with a no

nonsense tone. This was a woman who knew her place in life

and was proud of it. I noticed her choice of words,

instantly classifying me as a "cleaning worker". Most of

my "clients" avoided the type of language in favor of more

respectful terms but this woman apparently had no problem

addressing me as a lowly "cleaning worker".

"Let me show you what you will be cleaning for us today"

she said, bypassing the small talk that usually occurs.

She strode through the house with me following behind. She

was wearing very stylish thin white jeans and her toned

butt was a true sight to behold. Somehow I think she

already knew that. She showed me the kitchen (where she

reminded me that I would be scrubbing the floors), the

living room, and the incredible master bedroom suite (which

was bigger in itself than any home I had ever lived in).

All through the house were pictures of herself and a good

looking guy I assumed to be her husband. There were also

pictures of a beautiful young girl, obviously her daughter.

I quickly realized that her condescending tone was quite

real and not imagined on my part. She pointedly informed

me that I would be hand scrubbing "her toilet" and that she

wanted it to be really clean. I couldn't ignore the clear

arrogance in her tone. It was another humiliating turn,

the fact that this rich beautiful trophy wife could treat

me like that because I needed the money. But I did.

"Come along" was her crisp order as she led me down a long

beautiful hallway to another large bedroom, this one her

daughter's. The room was also incredible with a huge bed,

tons of books, a violin was set up on a beautiful music

stand by the window. There were also trophies and ribbons

all over the place. Some were for tennis, one was for

running, and I saw another that I believed was for soccer.

There were also ribbons for equestrian competitions. On

the walls were several framed diplomas and merit awards

from school. Many of the books were in foreign languages

and even the ones in English had titles that I couldn't

understand. It seemed that the girl was a jock and also a

very good student. And judging by her pictures (and by her

mom) she was also great looking. I was hoping that she was

home and that I would get a chance to see her.

"Allison is just back from her first semester at Harvard"

the mother explained with obvious pride. As you can see

she is a very special young woman so you need to make an

exceptional effort to make sure that her room is taken care

of in a suitable manner. Her bathroom as well, of course.

She is practicing the piano for an upcoming recital right

now in the music room and later on she will be working out

in the gym. You will be meeting her later" she added


I must admit that I was interested in seeing this young

superwoman. I followed the mom back to the kitchen where

my cleaning chores were to begin. She stayed close by and

made me a bit nervous by constantly observing and

commenting on my work. She seemed to just enjoy watching

me clean her kitchen. When it came time for me to clean

the floor I definitely got the impression that it was some

type of power trip for her to stand over a man who was on

his knees cleaning all the dirty spots that she pointed

out. I must admit that it was strangely exciting for me as

well, to have this blonde suburban goddess above me

directing my menial work. I didn't know why it was

exciting but it was, perhaps it was some psychological

attempt to make the best of a bad situation.

She left me alone to do the bedroom suite and I was

finishing the bathroom when she returned to check on my

work. Her tone worsened to one of mild disgust, claiming

that I had not done a good enough job cleaning the floor,

particularly around "her toilet". I wound up on my knees

cleaning her toilet while she barked increasingly rude

orders at me. Her attitude was really starting to cross

the line from demanding customer to mean bitch and it was

starting to get to me but I kept reminding myself how badly

I needed the money. Besides, she was incredibly hot and

her agitated state was a real turn on despite it all.

Finally, after about 10 minutes of abuse she decided that

her throne was suitably clean and informed me that we would

be moving on to new rooms.

She led me down yet another long elaborate hallway. I

could hear classical music being played on the piano. We

entered a large airy room with windows opening onto the

rear garden. In the center of the room, playing the piano

(I had assumed that it was a recording because it was so

good) was the daughter. She stopped playing and turned to

greet us as we approached. She was even better looking in

real life than in her pictures. She was a cross between

Britney Spears and Anna Kournikova, but classier and with

better facial features than either. Her face was

absolutely captivating and her athletic body was sexual

perfection. She had the beautiful blonde hair, brilliant

eyes and great features from her mom, but I immediately

noticed that her smile was different. It was genuine,

warm, accepting and she seemed truly happy to meet me.

"Nice to meet you, Greg" she beamed as she extended her

hand. "Thank you for helping out today". I was taken

aback because I could never imagine the words "thank you"

coming out of her mother's mouth. She got off the piano

bench, stood up and I couldn't help but be blown away. She

was a concert pianist who looked like she could win

Wimbledon and Miss USA on the way home. She was wearing a

simple T shirt (which probably cost $100), and white

shorts. Beautiful breasts, an absolutely flat stomach and

toned legs that were amazing. I couldn't find an

imperfection anywhere. She must be driving the guys ar

Harvard wild with desire, I thought.

"I trust that my Mozart wasn't too distracting to you" she

added with an elegant smile before her mother cut in.

"I'm sure that it wasn't, Allison" her mother cut in.

"Its time to begin our workout now, dear. He will be

cleaning the music room." She then turned to me. "Try to

do a better job in here and then come down to the gym to

clean up after our workout."

I think I heard Allison wince a bit after witnessing the

degrading attitude of her mother towards me but she said

nothing and the two of them went to their workout room,

leaving me to clean the music room by myself. I didn't

think that I would miss the mother's supervision of my work

but I was looking forward to seeing Allison again. Her

music was still playing in my head.

The music room was already pretty clean so I finished it

quickly and followed the mother's instructions to move on

to the workout room. The two of them were in the middle of

the room doing some stretching. Again, the room was

awesome. It was large and well lit, there were two

stairmasters and a stationary bike in one corner and a set

of free weights in another. But most of the room was open

with mats on the floor. I noticed a punching bag and a

heavy bag mounted in one corner. As with most of the house

there were pictures of the family members performing

various sports pasted all over the walls above the mirrors.

There was an entire wall devoted to martial arts with

pictures of all three family members competing in

tournaments and breaking boards. There were multiple sets

of framed black belts above the pictures, a total of ten in

all. Four of the belts were above Allison's picture and

three were over each of her parent's images. I felt a

momentary unease when I realized that the mother, my

tormentor, was a triple black belt. But I also found it

pretty exciting for some reason to realize that sweet

Allison, the beautiful Harvard educated pianist, was also a

major butt kicker on the side.

The mom saw me looking at the belts but continued

stretching. I set my cleaning materials down and looked

around the room to figure out how I could clean it without

getting further berated by the mom, especially in front of

Allison. As it turned out, I never did get to clean the

room that day.

"I see that you've noticed our martial arts wall, Gregory."

It was the first time that she addressed me by name and it

made me nervous for some reason. "The fighting arts are

very important to all of us" she continued. Allison, John

and I have all studied Wah Lum Kung Fu, Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu

and Aikido. Alison continued on to study Combat San-Jitsu

so she has a total of four black belts. She currently

studies Hapkido and is already a brown belt after 8 months

which is remarkable."

"Oh mom, I'm sure that Gregory isn't interested in all of

these boring details" Allison was nice enough to interject.

Actually I was interested in knowing why all of this

martial arts stuff was the first thing that the mom had

seen fit to talk to me about. Was she trying to intimidate

me or something?

"Have you trained in any martial arts, Greg?" Allison

asked, trying to draw me into the conversation.

"Well, I boxed a bit in college but don't really have any

formal training" I answered, trying to maintain my best

manly pose.

"I'm sure that you are a very good boxer, Greg. I bet you

won a lot of matches" Allison said while I continued to be

amazed at her kindness which was the exact opposite of her

mother's bitchiness. Speaking of which, Mom was about to

stir things up a bit.

"While Gregory is here helping us perhaps you should engage

him as a sparring partner, Allison." The suggestion came

as a complete surprise to the two of us.

Allison tried to tell her mother that I wouldn't be

interested and that it wouldn't work anyway because I

hadn't trained in the martial arts. She was trying to be

nice but her mother would have none of it.

"It would be good practice for you, Allison. If you are

attacked in the street it will more likely be by someone

like Gregory than it will be by one of your black belt

friends. He won't do what you expect him to do. He's here

to work for us today, I think it is a good idea and you

should do it, Allison."

Her words seemed to be making sense to Allison, or perhaps

she was just brought up to do whatever her mother asked. I

noticed that no one was asking me if I thought it was okay.

Actually, I had mixed emotions. I knew something about

martial arts training, enough to realize that in a

streetfight Allison would probably kick me in the nuts

incredibly hard and then dial 911 on her cell while I was

rolling on the floor in agony. But she wouldn't do that

here. I figured that she would wind up winning but maybe I

could impress her and shut up her awful mom for a few


"Yes, Mama" Allison said obediently. She flicked her

flowing blonde hair forward, then back and pulled it

through a small band to create a ponytail. It was girlish,

feminine act but it said that the fight was on. She walked

up to me with that great smile radiating full power.

"Well, if you feel like sparring for a few minutes Greg,

perhaps it would be fun. If you don't mind, of course.

You know what they say, you really don't get to know

someone until you fight them" she giggled delightfully.

I knew that I really didn't have much of a choice. I

managed a weak smile and put up my hands in a defensive

stance. Allison bowed quickly and when she came up she

looked completely different. Gone was the sweet smile,

replaced by a look of sheer determination. She was now in

total competitive mode.

I tried circling around, hoping to grab her in some type of

hug, overpower her, laugh the whole thing off and move on.

She didn't make any aggressive moves and I was hoping that

she would let me start things off on my terms. Big

mistake on my part. As I moved towards her she evaded me

by stepping to my left side, quickly tucked my left hand

under her right arm and clamped down really hard. She

used this as leverage to turn me around so that she was

able to put her entire weight on my back and wrap my neck

with her right arm. I fell face forward to the mat. She

kept my left arm pinned down, hooked my right arm with her

right arm, snaked her left arm around my neck and pulled

back. I couldn't move. She said "Oopsie!, you better give

up or things will only get worse from here". I hesitated,

she pulled back further and the pain was so great that I

screamed out my submission to her. It had taken her about

45 seconds to render me helpless. Her movements had been

lightning fast, graceful, skilled, precise, efficient,

intelligent and incredibly strong.

She helped me up and seemed mildly embarrassed at how

easily she had defeated me, saying something about

beginners luck. She probably would have spared me from

further humiliation but, of course, mom was not done.

"Well now that he knows what to expect we should try it

again. That was over much too quick."

Allison turned and obediently squared off, the sweet look

again replaced by the competitive determined one that was

starting to scare me. The next few falls were no different

than the first, with the exception that Allison was so at

ease by this point that she was able to narrate as she

kicked my ass. I learned that the reason I was losing

consciousness during the second fall was that she was

applying a hold against my 'superior carotid triangle'.

After I submitted she let go, stood over me and offered the

information that I would have blacked out in another 5

seconds. Another fall ended as I succumbed to the extreme

pain caused by an elbow pressing against the 'dorsal motor

nucleus of the vagus nerve'. I submitted the final time

when a radial motion was about to shatter "both the radius

and ulna, leaving your forearm hanging like a limp sock."

I was defenseless against her. She seemed to know what I

was going to do before I did it. I could never get enough

leverage to try to defend myself, let alone go on the

offensive. No matter what I tried she would turn it

against me and wind up putting me in a painful hold

effortlessly and at a point where she could seriously

injure me if she wanted to.

After the last fall it was obvious to all, even her mother,

that there was nothing to gain from continuing. Allison

looked at me and smiled, seemingly concerned that my male

ego had been crushed by the knowledge that a young college

girl had just proven that she could kick my ass any number

of ways without even breaking a sweat. But mostly she

seemed pleased with herself.

But mom was still not done. "Allison, we shouldn't be

rude. We should give Gregory a chance to compete at his

sport, boxing. After all, he was kind enough to face you

in a martial arts match, it's the least that you can do."

Her voice was dripping in sarcasm.

Allison tried hard to defer, saying that she had worked out

enough for the day, she wasn't prepared for boxing and that

they had imposed on me enough. I thought that she would

get me off the hook until mom upped the ante.

"Well of course I understand Allison. But I was hoping

that I could offer both of you a reason to try the

exercise. Gregory, you must be looking to earn some extra

money, being a cleaning servant. I am prepared to offer

you $10,000 if you can box with my daughter for 3 minutes."

I really needed the money, I had no doubt that there was

plenty of cash in the house and that she was dead serious.

I was willing to do it, even if Allison was going to smack

me around for three minutes it would be worth it for ten


Allison seemed conflicted. I think that she wanted me to

get the money but didn't want to put me through any further


"And Allison, if you can stop him within three minutes I

will make some calls and get you tickets to the Coldplay


"OHMIGOSH, REALLY???" Allison squealed with excitement,

the reserved Harvard scholar temporarily becoming an

excitable child for a few seconds.

"Well, don't get so excited yet" mom warned her. "I said

'boxing', not 'kickboxing'. You've been trained but you

can't use your legs. This is upper body strength only and

Gregory here says that he is an experienced boxer. So he

may walk away with the money and there will be no Coldplay

for you."

Allison just walked over to the wall and confidently came

back with two sets of boxing gloves and headgear. Gone was

the compassion; she wanted to see Coldplay and I was in the

way, at least for the moment anyway.

Ten grand was more money than I had seen in a long time. I

put on the gloves and headgear that Allison brought and

prepared my strategy. I assumed that Allison had been

trained in fisticuffs by at least one of her martial arts

masters and I already knew that she was fast, smart and

strong. But the rules that her mother laid out only stated

that I had to last 3 minutes, which I was determined to do.

I really needed that money.

Allison was doing some light jumping and shadow boxing to

loosen up. She really looked like she knew what she was

doing. I tried to do the same but I got the feeling that I

was not intimidating her.

"We'll go by the clock on the wall" mom announced. "Lets

go, you've had enough time to warm up already".

Allison came to face me in the middle of the room. There

was no bowing this time but her face looked more determined

than ever. I sensed that she was not quite as confident in

her boxing skills as she was in her martial arts grappling,

which was a good thing for me.

"Ding!" Mom announced. "Lets go!"

Allison staked out the middle of the room first and I was

slowly circling around her. I knew that I had to protect

my face and felt no need to throw the first blow. I didn't

have to wait long for Allison to act. She began by

pummeling my sides with really sharp, biting blows. I

realized with a sinking feeling that she was able to use

her knowledge of the body's weak spots, even in boxing. I

didn't see her punches as much as I heard them whoosh. She

zeroed in with three consecutive rights to the side of my

stomach that were so painful that I needed to lower my

guard to stop her. I knew that this made me vulnerable so

I figured that I would try to hit her with a left to keep

her away long enough for me to recover.

In doing so I left my face totally open for a split second,

which was more than enough time for her. She hit me in the

chin, which made my teeth rattle even through the mouth

guard. I stepped back, temporarily dazed but she came

after me with two more shots to the side of the head and I

thought that I was going down already. For some reason,

she stopped the assault and backed away.

"Oh, let me see..." I heard her thinking out loud. "Whats

the best way for me to do this..."

She obviously felt that the Coldplay tickets were already

hers, and all that was left was for her to devise a way to

mercifully deprive me of the $10,000 without hurting me too

badly. Not surprisingly, she came up with a good strategy

that I could not counter, a flurry of super hard, super

fast punches to my mid section followed by shots to my head

that seemed to come out of nowhere. Blocking her was

impossible. She kept this up for a few seconds and I got

so groggy from the assault that I went down on my back. I

heard her mother begin to count me out but I knew that I

had to get back up and last long enough to get the money.

I desperately needed it. I forced myself to my feet and

stood there, dazed but looking eye to eye with Allison


She had a strange look in her face now. For the first time

she seemed almost angry. I realized that she felt that she

had made a real effort to knock me down without really

hurting me and she was actually pissed at me for getting

up. But I really needed the money a lot more than she

needed Coldplay.

She came at me again with a incredible flurry of punches to

the mid section and I tried to protect myself and hold on

as best I could but she seemed to be more determined than

ever. When I let my guard down for a split second she came

at my head with a combo of punches that were much harder

than anything she had hit me with before. She was using

everything she knew about body leverage. They felt like

Mike Tyson blows; snapping my head way back and I don't

even remember hitting the floor. But I do remember lying

there and hearing Allison say "Lets see you get up now".

For once she sounded a lot like her mother. Then she

pulled her hair out of the ponytail and once again it

flowed around her shoulders. She knew that she was done

fighting for the day.

I vaguely remember her mother counting and then announcing

with pride that I had lasted only 1 minute and 45 seconds

against her daughter. It had seemed like hours to me.

Allison was jumping up and down, overjoyed with her winning

of the tickets. At one point she put her foot on my chest

and held her hands over her head and started yelling "Yes,

I am the champ and I am going to see Coldplay". Then she

looked down at me and changed her tone to briefly


"Oh, I'm sorry. That was really rude of me. I'm sorry you

lost out but thanks for the fight!". Then she started

jumping around in joy again, the brief moment of compassion

for her defeated foe forgotten.

I lay there on the ground, trying to recover. I saw the

mom giving Allison a congratulatory hug.

"See what you can do, Allison? That is a grown man and he

never had the slightest chance against you. He was at your

mercy from the start. Also, I could tell that you were

taking it easy on him."

"Well, maybe just a little bit" agreed my beautiful young

conqueror with a sheepish grin.

Then the mother began a new aspect of what she obviously

regarded as an important lesson for her daughter.

"And you, Gregory. Tell us a bit about what it is like to

have to face off against my daughter in direct


I struggled to my feet, tried my best to regain a shred of

dignity and made an effort to be magnanimous to the girl

who had just kicked my ass and cost me ten grand so that

she could go to a rock concert.

"She won fair and square" I admitted. "She is very

skilled, I'm sure glad that it's over with now."

"That is inadequate, you fool!" The mother moved towards

me quickly and I thought that she was going to slap me. I

raised my arm slightly. But instead of slapping me she

quickly raised her leg and kicked me in the gut with her

shin in a vicious swiping motion. I went down in a heap,

gasping for air.

"Mom!" Allison protested. "Why did you do that? Muay

Thai? He is already defeated, you didn't have to do that!"

Allison didn't wait for an answer but instead knelt over


"Are you okay? I'm sorry about that. But you better do

whatever you can to not piss her off. She is an extremely

skilled fighter. I can't beat her. And I was taking it

easy on you but she won't. She'll hurt you. Just do

whatever she says, okay?"

"Allison, come here" her mother used the tone that seemed

to compel Allison to comply and she did.

"I did it because I can, okay? I did it because I have my

position in life and he has his. And you need to learn

about your position in life which is miles above ordinary

riff raff like him. They won't tell you this at Harvard so

I am telling you."

She then turned her attention to me as I lay on the floor

still trying to recover from the kick.

"You're not getting up until you crawl over here, kiss Allison's

feet and properly acknowledge her place as your superior.

Or do you need a little more convincing?"

I was terrified that she would kick me again and almost as

scared that she would instruct Allison to continue beating

me. I remembered Allison's words about not pissing off her

mom so I began obediently crawling over to Allison who was

standing mute with a perplexed look on her face. She

apparently didn't know what to do either.

Nobody said a word as I continued with my humiliating

crawl. When I got there I gently kissed the top of each

one of Allison's K-Swiss workout shoes. Mom took a step

closer and I knew that I had to make my speech convincing

or else.

"I am here... I acknowledge you as my ...superior, Allison.

The beatings that you administered to me made it totally

obvious." I looked up at her, her eyes were now wide with

wonderment at what was happening and the pleased smile was

returning. "You are beautiful, highly intelligent,

talented and you can defeat me in every way possible. You

are my superior and I hope that you accept my submission to

your superiority."

She hesitated only briefly. "Thank you Gregory, that was

very sweet. Yes, I do accept you." Allison then shot a

furtive glance at her mom.

"You accept him as what?" Mom was still drilling her


Allison turned down to look at my pleading face. "I accept

you as inferior, my subordinate. I am your

superior to you in every way and it was totally appropriate

of you to crawl to me and kiss my feet." She seemed to be

getting into it just a bit and becoming more comfortable.

"Well, that was better. At least you didn't thank him

again for doing what he should have been doing in the first

place. You shouldn't even have had to expend the energy

needed to beat him up although with a stupid male like him

there is nothing like a good physical beating to

demonstrate superiority. How do you feel now, Allison?"

"I feel pretty well. I guess you are right mom, as always.

I am what I am, he is what he is and I am comfortable with

that. Why should I hide my gifts after working so hard to

develop them."

"Well, that's much better. Congratulations sweetheart" mom

said as she exchanged an affectionate hug with Allison. I

remained on my knees, hoping that my ordeal was finally

coming to an end.

"There is just one more exercise today Allison, but it is a

big one and it may seem a bit bizarre but it will truly

cement today's lesson in your mind. His, too, although I

don't really care about that. What I want to is reinforce

your position in your mind in a way that will help you


I felt my body tense up once again. What could possibly be

more bizarre than what had happened already?

"Allison, its been awhile since you had breakfast. You are

now going to take a shit, and you will do it in Greg's mouth,

he will be your afternoon toilet."

I could not believe what I had just heard. Allison tried

to take charge of the situation but I was terrified that

her mother would prevail once again.

"Mama, that is really bizarre, I can't believe that you

even suggested that. Really, perhaps this is going

overboard. We've made our point already. He has kissed my

feet and acknowledged me as his superior..."

"All just words, Allison" mom cut in. "Just words and all

too easy to forget. After you take a shit in his mouth you

will have learned something about yourself that will stay

with you forever. It will make you even more stable and

balanced in everything else you do, in all of your

interactions with the public."

"But Mama, why are we doing this to him?"

"Him? Him? That's what I mean, you still don't get it and

you won't until you do what I ask of you. You are going to

do this to him because you can, because it is the natural

order of things for a woman like you. Ask yourself, why do

you have power to do so much and he doesn't have even the

power to stop you from using him as a toilet? What is he

going to do? Try to run away? He knows that isn't going

to work. Or maybe he'll report us to the 'authorities'

afterward. That would be a great hoot for everyone. Can

you imagine how hard the police would laugh when he tells

them that two women beat him up and used his mouth as a

toilet? He'd wind up a public laughing stock unable even

to get a cleaning job in the future."

"Or maybe he'll just refuse to accept his role." Mom

stopped her diatribe to look down at me menacingly. "Well,

let me just say that I would become really angry at him if

he refused this kind offer. So, Greg, just so you know,

you can't refuse. Because if you do I am going to beat you

senseless. You can tell whatever story you like when you

wake up in the hospital but no one will believe you. My

friends at the District Attorney's office will already have

been told that you tried to attack my daughter and that we

used our training to defend ourselves and you got hurt in

the process, like anyone will care. I'll have my lawyers

take whatever pitiful assets you have and make sure that

you can't work anywhere with your new criminal record."

"Oh wait.." mom continued, mockingly stroking her chin.

"Maybe he's thinking that he can grab some type of

impromptu weapon and effect his getaway. Well let me be a

good host and see if I can help him out." She walked over

to a large closet, rummaged for a second and came out with

a huge baseball bat. She looked at the label as she

continued towards me with the bat.

"Matt Williams model. Autographed and everything. We got

it when we stayed with the Diamondback's owners on our last

Arizona trip. Here, Gregory, get up and take it. Maybe it

will help you out."

I got up as she said but I wouldn't take the bat. I

figured that it wasn't in the closet to be used for the

family softball game. It was probably there so the family

could practice taking it away from an assailant and then

most likely use it against him. If I tried to use it she

would probably take it away from me in an instant and then

I would be in even more trouble. To say nothing of the

fact that Allison would come up behind me and choke me into


"No thanks..." I muttered despondently as I looked down.

"Oh, but I insist!" she said as she thrust the handle

towards me. I reluctantly took it but held it loosely.

She stood there with her hands up. "Go ahead, Gregory.

Take your best shot. You won't get a better opportunity

than this. I'm about to make you eat my daughter's shit.

You have the bat, go ahead, get even with me. Go ahead,

you're a man with a bat and I'm a woman. Whats the matter,

are you still scared? Even now you won't try to do

something to avoid becoming my daughter's toilet?"

I knew better and just stood there motionless. She held

out her hand and I handed her the bat with relief.

"Now, I'm getting tired of all this talk. Prepare for

Allison's afternoon defecation. Take your clothes off so

that you are naked before us."

An hour ago her request would have seemed absurd but at

this point it was just another unbelievable event. Without

saying a word I began to remove my clothes. Before long I

was standing naked before my tormentor and her beautiful

genius daughter. I heard Allison giggle nervously.

"Well, there's a clue for you Allison. If he had any

genetics worth passing on he wouldn't have been given such

a tiny penis."

Allison began laughing uncontrollably while I stood there

naked. She would occasionally try to slip in an "I'm

sorry, .....I'm sorry." Finally she composed herself and

mom continued.

"Okay, do you feel better now? Are you ready to go? I'll

get the camping toilet from the closet, he can just stick

his head underneath it. I have an old shower curtain for

him to lie on. The good thing is that after he becomes

your toilet he goes back to being the cleaning servant so

he can clean up any mess. A perfect arrangement."

"But Mama, really, is this good for him?"

"Please, Allison, with your diet I'm sure that there is

more nutrition in your shit than in anything that he might

happen to eat by chance. If anything you'll be giving him

his vitamins for the day." Mom was heading for the closet

now for the camping toilet and shower curtain.

"It looks like this is going to happen, Greg" Allison said

to me quietly. "I'm sorry."

I tried to mumble to her that it was okay. After all, what

choice did I have. I also genuinely liked her despite the

fact that she had beaten the crap out of me and cost me ten

grand. If I wasn't so scared I would probably have a

raging hard on just from being naked in front of her.

Mom came back with the camping toilet which was a toilet

seat mounted on a piece of strong Plexiglas. Four other

solid Plexiglas panels were designed to slide into slots

under the toilet seat to form a bottomless box. Mom slid

in three of the panels but left the front open, apparently

to leave space for my head. She spread the shower curtain

out and placed the three sided toilet on top of it. She

tested it for stability and announced that it was perfect.

Allison was still not convinced.

"But mom, why?"

"You shouldn't even be asking, Allison. It should be

obvious to you. You are miles above him and have nothing

to be ashamed about. You are bred from better genetics

that have given you superior intelligence, discipline and

incredible physical ability. Men can't take their eyes off

of you AND you have an IQ that they can't even fathom. You

shouldn't even be asking why Allison. You are a top

student at Harvard, you speak four languages fluently, you

get offered summer internships for more money than he makes

in five years. I won't even get into your physical

superiority over him; you saw what happened when you faced

him mano a mano in boxing. You destroyed him with ease.

You need to shit in a man's mouth to reinforce your

position and capabilities in your own mind. Are you ready

to 'go' now?"

"Yes, Mama" Allison said in her obedient tone and I knew

that my fate was sealed.

Mom ordered me into the toilet seat, picking up the

baseball bat for emphasis. I had no intention of

disobeying her. I resigned myself to the fact that the way

out of this mess was through that toilet and this bizarre


I lay there on my back looking up at the ceiling. The two

of them came over to look down at me and I got a toilet eye

view of the two of them. Allison was trying to hide her

smile but mom was not.

"Okay, this is it, lets go" mom said.

Allison backed up to the toilet and I was looking up at the

back of her shorts as she unzipped and pulled them down,

exposing her panties which came off next, sliding down to

her ankles. I couldn't believe the view of her perfect

tight butt that I was getting from the toilet seat. She

was sheer perfection.

Suddenly the two of them burst out laughing and Allison

exclaimed, "Look at that!! Why???" I realized all fear had

left my body and the sight of Allison was giving me a major

erection at the strangest possible time.

Mom stopped laughing long enough to explain. "That's

because it is exciting for him just to be used by a female

like you in any way. He has no complaints about what is

happening, trust me. This is the most exciting thing that

has happened to him in years." She was starting to make

sense, even to me.

Allison lowered herself down slowly. The box darkened but

enough light came through the panels to let me see the

perfect ass now just a few inches from my face.

"Look at that little thing standing straight up" mom

commented. "Finally a show of respect for you" narrated


Allison laughed slightly and the toilet shook.

She leaned forward a bit and I prepared myself. But

suddenly she stood up and began pulling up her panties.

Had she changed her mind?

"I can never do this without having something to read" she

announced. "Let me get something."

She quickly left the room leaving me alone with mom, who

bent over the toilet seat, cleared her throat and spat the

result as a large glob of saliva right onto my face. I

instinctively tried to get my hand into the box to wipe it

off when she put the bat handle down hard on my balls. I


"Don't try to wipe it off. When one of us spits in your

face we're not doing it so that you can wipe it off. You

better not fuck this up for me now. When she comes back I

want to see you be the perfect toilet. As soon as you see

her I want your mouth wide open and waiting, understand?"

She pressed down a bit on the bat for emphasis. "And it

stays wide open the whole time. Whatever she puts in it

stays there. Then I want her to see you chew on it and

swallow and love it. Now spread your legs apart so that

your balls will be a wide open target for me. You won't

know where I will be with this bat and your balls will be

totally vulnerable so I will know that your cooperation

will be assured."

She began tapping on my thighs with the bat and I

obediently spread my legs apart. She was right, I was now

totally vulnerable and I really had no idea what she would

do with the bat if I did anything to piss her off. She

tapped lightly on my exposed balls with the end of the bat.

I got the message.

Allison came back with her book. I noticed that it wasn't

in English and I could make out the name 'Dostoevsky'

written in Cyrillic characters. So the beautiful girl who

kicked my ass was reading a book in Russian, a book that I

could not get through in English. The thought of becoming

her toilet seemed more natural to me with every passing

minute. I followed her mother's instructions and opened

wide when I saw her. At this point it seemed like the

right thing to do.

She looked down on me, smiled, and announced a cheerful "I

got my book! Here goes nothing!"

She turned around and began removing her shorts again,

commenting that this was the point where "his little penis

stood up" last time. Then she sat down and I was alone in

the box just staring up at her bottom.

"This may take a while" she announced to no one in


"Well, he's certainly not going anywhere. I'll do some

stretching." Mom said.

Allison opened her book. I felt strangely peaceful and

resigned lying beneath her about to become her toilet.

There was nothing that I could do about it anyway and she

had proven herself to be such a remarkable girl that I

don't know that I would have left even if I could have. I

felt like I was floating, not too high and not too low.

Lying flat on my back beneath her seemed like the right

place for me to be. I was convinced that she deserved to

use me in this manner.

"Oh...I have to pee first" Allison said.

"Then you are in the right place" mom answered without

stopping her stretching. "Wide, Gregory. Keep it wide


Allison sighed. I felt her lean forward just a bit and a

steady stream of her piss started to cover my face. I did

keep my mouth wide open and a fairly good amount got into

my mouth. I let it build up there but was afraid to let it

overflow. With a huge 'gulp' I swallowed it all down. It

didn't taste as bad as I had anticipated. In fact it was

warm and mildly flavorable. All in all, it wasn't too bad

and it was exciting to think that I was drinking something

that had been inside this superwoman just a few seconds


"He just gulped down a big mouthful of my pee. I heard

it. I think that I can..."

I looked up at her butthole which was now the center of my

universe. Her cheeks were wide opened and her hole was

puckering slightly. Then it relaxed.

"Almost" she remarked with just a bit of frustration in her

voice. "I'm going to meditate. That relaxes me and helps

me go."

She put the book down and sat up straight. A few seconds

later she blew a fart right into my face.

"Oops! Perhaps I should have mentioned that sometimes I

break wind when I meditate."

Mom was laughing. "He doesn't mind. He's just happy that

you aren't beating the shit out of him right now."

There was some truth to that. I was aware and comforted by

the fact that the person pissing and farting and about to

shit on me was truly special. A girl who could best me

mentally and physically by a wide margin.

She leaned forward again and seemed to be straining. I

could see her cheeks open and her butt whole puckering

again. I vaguely heard her mom clear her throat again and

tap lightly on the floor with the baseball bat. She seemed

close by. I kept my mouth wide open.

I saw the turd emerge from her butt and I closed my eyes to

help me get through this. Sure enough it landed right in

my mouth, as Allison was precise in all things. It hit my

tongue and the side of my cheek. It was warm and

smelled...well it smelled like shit. I was afraid to move.

Suddenly Allison grunted and another turd fell out, partly

on top of the first one but now sticking out of my mouth

and partly on my nose and upper lip. Now I could really

smell it. As shit went it didn't smell too bad but it

definitely reeked. To top things off she let out with a

final huge fart and I was almost intoxicated by the mixture

of her shit and her intestinal gas.

Allison stood up and turned around to look at me. Her eyes

were wide with amazement when she saw her shit filling and

hanging out of my mouth.

"Is he chewing?" mom asked. She tapped the bat on the

ground. "If he isn't chewing here I can use this 'plunger'

here to get a good flush out of him."

I knew what I had to do. I slowly moved my jaw and felt

Allison's shit begin to squish between my teeth. Pieces

were hitting the back of my throat and I swallowed

involuntarily. I was eating her shit. I opened my eyes

and could see the two of them staring down at me intently

through the toilet seat.

"Mom he is eating my shit. That man is eating my shit.

I can’t believe it."

"Totally believable to me. You earned it, you did it to

him. But he isn't finished yet."

With the end in sight I gulped down as much as I could.

After awhile it didn't get any worse and I got almost all

of it down.

"There is some left on your lip" Allison pointed out.

I swiped the remaining piece into my mouth with my tongue,

much to their delight, and swallowed it.

"You know," Allison observed, "it does have a certain

permanence to it. He ate my shit. He can never forget

that. For the rest of his life when he thinks of me he

will think of the girl who kicked his ass and then took a

shit in his open mouth. Forever."

"Exactly" mom said proudly. "But more importantly, how do

YOU feel?"

Allison thought about it for a second. "Empowered.

Empowered and uplifted and unbeatable. I liked it. Thanks

mom" she said before hugging her. "Um...I have to go get

some toilet paper if you'll excuse me.

"Okay" mom laughed. "He would probably be happy to lick

the rest out of your ass but you are better off just

getting some toilet paper."

While Allison was out mom shocked me by telling me my full

name, address and phone number. She had apparently gone

through my wallet while I was in the toilet box. She

explained that she wanted the full info on me just in case

I left the cleaning company. In the meantime she said that

she would call them if she needed my 'services' again.

Then she told me to get up and clean everything off,

starting with the floor and the toilet box. I was to clean

my face and mouth last.

I had just finished cleaning my face when Allison walked

in. She had changed into dark slacks and a light blue

sweater. She looked great. I was filled with a sense of

admiration and lust for my conqueror.

"Greg, I know that whole thing must have been extreme to

you, but I've been thinking about it and I believe that my

mom was right about the whole thing. You are you and I am

me; we are at two different levels. I don't...I don't

clean other people's houses. I'm getting a degree from

Harvard, I have skills that everyone admires and I have

worked hard to make myself a strong person in all ways. You

haven't, Greg. Which is why what just happened, happened.

Like I said, mom was right... it was right for me to use you as

my toilet. And Greg, I plan on using you again when and if

I need to. And I don't expect to have to physically beat

you beforehand from now on."

There was such confidence in her voice and such beautiful

sincerity in her eyes that I could only nod my head in

agreement. She stood up slowly.

"I have to go now; I volunteer teach at the local after-

school center. But we'll be in touch, okay?"

She didn't offer her hand, she just left the room. I

couldn't help but admire the beautiful butt that had just

delivered my lunch to me.

Mom then came in, pointed out some spots that needed

additional cleaning and told me to get ready to leave. She

also told me that they would contact me through the

cleaning agency and reminded me that she had all of my home


"You don't want me coming to your home and humiliating you

in front of your family" she advised wisely.


Allison did contact me again through the agency and then

started going directly to my cell phone. She would call me

whenever she wanted to be 'enervated'. I came to not only

tolerate the toilet sessions but actually came to enjoy and

look forward to them. They seemed so right. If it was

anyone else other than Allison, even if it was another

beautiful woman, I don't think that I would have felt the

same way. But she was beautiful and nice and so smart and


She would always explain why she was going to shit in my

mouth. One time it was because a Harvard faculty member

was coming to interview her for a special program and she

wanted to be as sharp as possible. Other times she was

preparing for tennis or martial arts tournaments. There

was one bittersweet time when she told me that she was

going out on a date with a congressman's son and thought

that shitting in my mouth would set her at ease first. Her

cell phone rang right in the middle of the session and I

heard her laughing with the guy while she was shitting in

my mouth. I'm sure that the guy had no idea what was

happening or what type of woman he was getting. But he was

one lucky guy.


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Jun 10, 2016
I have read this one before, and while I normally prefer foot fetish / trampling stories...this is indeed a great scat story.