All men are doomed now ...

Feb 21, 2017
Here’s a short story, written to illustrate the fate every man will eventually suffer in Smother Rampage – the dystopian/horror series I’ve published on Amazon and Smashwords. The books chronicle the adventures of Nathan Blake, as he struggles to survive in a world of feral women whose sole objective is to sit on – and smother – every man on the planet. This one-off story charts the misadventures of a man whose misfortune it is to encounter two of the first women to turn feral. I hope you enjoy it.



Stanton Lynch was not a particularly nice man. He owned several properties in the poorer part of town - flats which he let for rents his tenants could barely afford.

It didn't do to fall behind with your payments. Stanton knew people who could inflict pain at very competitive rates and was always happy to employ them. As for his tenants, if – despite a little suffering – they still found themselves unable to meet their commitments, Stanton lost no time in throwing them onto the streets and replacing them with others more financially sound.

It was, perhaps, appropriate, that on the day Women all over the world turned feral and embarked on their smothering rampage, Stanton chose to call on the Hampton sisters, Sophie and Adele, to point out to them the drawbacks of being a week behind with their rent. He waited till half past two to ring their bell, having sent in one of his ‘enforcement’ team, Jake Cragley, some thirty minutes earlier, to teach the sisters the error of their ways.

When he arrived, he found the door to their flat open, and smiled. Jake took his work seriously, as befitted a homicidal psychopath, and it occurred to Stanton that he might still be teaching the sisters a lesson. He pushed the door wide and entered the hallway …

The first thing he saw, as he walked into the front room, was Jake’s long, wiry body, squirming on the carpet. Sophie Hampton – the larger of two large sisters – was sitting naked on Jake’s face, holding his hands at arms’ length so he couldn’t possibly shift her. Though her big breasts wobbled freely, it was the plump pillows of her bare bottom that mesmerised him. Jake’s head was well and truly lodged in Sophie’s crack and it occurred to Stanton that, almost certainly, the poor man’s nose was flattened against her anus.

‘What the fuck!’ cried Stanton, halting in his tracks. He took a step forward then stopped again, transfixed by the sight of Sophie wriggling happily on Jake’s head. He should have rushed forward to help the poor man, but he’d never seen a woman sitting on a man’s head before. It couldn’t be nice, he thought, to have your face up a girl’s arse. He didn’t much approve of a woman’s private parts – not near his face, at any rate. It was unnatural.

Sophie gazed back at him and grinned inanely. ‘Your friend’s up my bottom!’ she trilled. ‘He can’t get out!’ She giggled loudly. ‘I’m going to smother him,’ she said happily. ‘I’m going to finish him off with my little hole!’

‘You’re fucking crazy!’ yelled Stanton, and would have rushed forward – admittedly with some reluctance – if, at that moment, a pair of podgy arms hadn’t encircled his waist. He felt bare flesh against his back, and warm, perfumed breath against his cheek. Stanton wasn’t a big man and the woman behind had no trouble restraining him.

He tried to twist round, but she clung on tight and, to his horror, lifted him off his feet.

‘We’ve got another one, Sophie!’ he heard her cry, and realised at once that it was the fat girl’s sister, Adele. ‘We’ve got another man to sit on!’

‘Hold him down!’ said Sophie, still wriggling happily. ‘Make him watch what I’m doing!’

Before Stanton had a chance to react, Adele pushed him forward. He lost his balance and, with the fat girl ploughing into him, he tumbled onto his belly. A moment later, he felt her huge weight pin him down and screamed as a hand closed around his throat and forced his head back.

‘Show him your little hole!’ yelled a voice in his ear. ‘So he knows what’s coming to him!’

The words were barely out of Adele’s mouth when Sophie lifted her arse from Jake’s head, clawed her buttocks apart and exposed the chocolate-brown whorl of her anus.

The moment she was clear of his face, Jake released a loud, guttural roar and threw back his head. With his own head tilted upwards, Stanton found himself staring straight into the other man’s eyes. The moment Jake saw his employer, he opened his mouth, squealing hoarsely.

‘Help me!’ he wept miserably, tears running down his cheeks. ‘Help me, please! She wants to smother me with her bottom!’

Stanton couldn’t respond. With Adele’s hand around his throat, he could barely speak above a whisper. His gaze was locked on Sophie’s anus, hovering like a bird of prey over Jake’s head. When she flexed her sphincter and the hole opened and closed several times in quick succession, he wanted to scream. Jake saw his eyes widen, glanced up at Sophie’s anus and screamed on his behalf.

A moment later, Sophie brought her bottom down again, taking Jake so far into her crack that his head all but disappeared between her buttocks.

Jake’s hands came up at once, clawing at her hips. Sophie grabbed hold of his wrists and forced his arms back. She clearly enjoyed the struggle, every bit as much as Jake clearly hated it. Turning her attention to Stanton, she bared her teeth and sighed.

‘He’s inside my bottom!’ she informed him unnecessarily. ‘Your friend is inside my bottom and he can’t breathe!’

Stanton wanted to tell her that Jake was no friend of his; that they hadn’t even met before. That wouldn’t have been true, of course, but he could see now that the women were totally bonkers. If they were happy to sit on Jake, then they’d be happy to sit on him … and having them sit on him was the last thing in the world he wanted.

What the hell was going on? None of this made sense! Jake must have crossed the line big-time for this crazy fat bitch to want to smother him with her arse. Surely she was only going to frighten him? That must be it! It was a sick game she was playing. Humiliating him with her arsehole because he’d threatened her.

Jake’s body gave a huge jerk and he arched his back dramatically. His fingers twisted like talons as they clawed the empty air and he shook from side to side. A mournful wail broke from inside Sophie’s bottom as Jake released the last of his breath, juddered, and finally fell still.

There was a cold, terrifying silence that lasted for several seconds before Adele said, in a flat, matter-of-fact voice: ‘Is that it? Have you finished him off with your bottom?’

Sophie bobbed her head triumphantly.

‘Was it good?’ asked Adele, still holding on tight to Stanton.

Sophie bobbed her head a second time. She gestured towards Stanton. ‘You’ll really enjoy it when you do it to him. It’s a brilliant feeling when you get his nose in your hole. If you press down hard enough, it goes right up inside!’

And at that point, in spite of the fact that his airwaves had all but closed, poor Stanton managed a long, gurgling shriek of despair.

This wasn’t going to end well, he told himself. This wasn’t going to end well at all …


Sep 21, 2011
Bay Area CA
How crazy it be to be in town and staying with a childhood friend that you've known since you were toddlers. What a fate to die in your BFF's little hole while on vacation from college.