Allen Shore is my hero

Jul 11, 2002
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Renny has been Googling, lol.

Rich (nice to address you again), could you describe why this character (or actor) is your hero? I'm aware of the series Boston Legal, but have never seen an episode (too busy watching that smartass House, I guess :D ).
by happy accident, the tourniquet killer was the A&E cold cases ep that night. :)

He has a keen sense of morally decayed & morally good people & institutions in our system of society.

He is truly an arrogant bastard when it comes to the morally decayed. But can be a about as kind & gentle as an angel with the morally good in the world at large.

He is an ego maniac who seems to completely understand who he is. But watch out! He speaks his mind & can be extremely insensitive to people’s feelings.

Some of the cases he argues have huge moral implications. But he knows his way around the fictional court cases he handles, and seems to always speak the truth.

He screams my anger and frustration at people and our social system. Sadly, like I said before, he’s not real. But I’d like to hope we still have some lawyers left in the system like him.