Allie Part 4 - Room 7A

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Mar 16, 2010
This story is brutal, where a woman kills a man. If this is a problem for you, please do not read further. Thanks.
Allie Part 4 - Room 7A

For the last 4 days, Allie had been in a great mood. Her last execution, when she had smothered Cindy's face into the carpeted floor by sitting on the back of her head, seemed a turning point in her job working as a staff member at the Facility. She finally was getting the hang of it. She had continued to eat a lot, since killing Cindy, wanting to get up to 135 pounds and stop there. Yesterday when she hopped onto the bathroom scale, she had shouted with glee when the red numbers flashed the number 135 back at her.

She had put thought into her next method of execution yet again, making use of the time between her Facility execution dates. She had been in such a good emotional state lately, especially compared with her last break between killings, that she had tentatively planned how to finish off her next patient. She thought she could handle it now. It also didn't hurt that she was ... curious ... what it would be like. It was the next step in her evolution as a staff member, bettering her for the long haul.

Already dressed, she had decided to wear a skirt again for the execution. It was knee-length, a black piece that was soft and slinky, and it molded itself to her ass and hips well, with some give. She had chosen to wear a black athletic bra to go with it. The ensemble was a little odd, but it was hot already for being so early in the day, and it would be hotter still in the execution room. Grabbing her purse and keys, she headed out the door.

Arriving at the Facility, Allie was all excitement today. Maybe a little nervousness, but it was the good kind. She walked straight to Karla's desk and got in line behind a couple of young women that looked her age. After they both had been helped and walked off, Allie flashed Karla a smile and asked about today's execution details. Karla told her today she would be executing a 27 year old man by the name of Steve. And he wanted a naked execution. Almost sighing with regret over the nice skirt she had worn, that was now pointless, she ambled off to search out room 7A. She only had a few minutes until she could begin killing him.

After a minute or so of walking tiled hallways, Allie found the room she was looking for. Opening up the door with "7A" painted on it, she took a step into the small execution room and her breath caught in her throat. Steve was a ... midget? She thought that was the proper terminology. She knew dwarves were short as well, but they supposedly had unproportional bodies. This man was a little thing, probably no more than 3 and a half feet tall. And he seemed to be proportional. He had small everything, small arms and legs, a small midsection, even a small head. With what she had planned, maybe a naked execution could be interesting. Very interesting. She no longer cared about the skirt. Her mind was too busy with her plan, thinking of modifications to the plan, and still gazing wonderingly at the little man lying on the floor before her.

She went through the ritual of taking her shoes and socks off, laying them down on the floor inside the door. She could hardly take her eyes off Steve. After her shoes and socks were taken care of, she stripped all of her clothes off, almost impatient to get started. Then she walked over to him and stood next to his head.

"How will you do it," the midget asked her. Popular question Allie thought. He seemed more resigned than afraid.

Allie simply replied with a quick, "you'll see." And quickly brought her right foot up and stepped right on his mouth. At this, his eyes widened in what she supposed was shock. She shifted all of her weight to the foot covering his mouth and brought her other foot up to land across his eyes. Her relatively small feet more than covered the width of his face and she quickly evened out the weight between her two feet. Wiggling her burgundy-painted toes, Allie smiled down at him as he started to shake his head, trying to throw her off. She easily balanced on him, her feet riding his face without the aid of any support until he stopped the useless shaking a few seconds later. She was standing on this little man's face!

Still standing there as he remained still, Allie could feel that her left heel was putting pressure on his eye. She decided to see if he would squirm if she put more pressure on it. Shifting her left foot on his face, she centered not quite the end of her heel over that eye. And then put as much weight on her left foot as she could and kind of leaned back on it. The reaction came right away. Steve's body started jerking frantically in the leather straps and she heard what might have been a groan come from beneath her right foot. It was hard to tell, her foot seemed to make a very good seal across his mouth.

Allie held the leaned back position on her left foot for a slow count of 5, then leaned forward and resumed her original position on his face. The whispers of groans ceased and his jerks quit. Allie couldn't see what what wrong with a little curiosity and she had no problem at all in softening up a patient before killing them, for obvious reasons. But she wasn't a torturer.

She kept standing on the midget's little face, one foot covering his mouth, the other covering both eyes. And then some. For both. Intending this face standing to be a way to soften Steve up, she decided on a slow count to 20 before she would get off. He could breathe just fine through his nose, but Allie knew she had to be very heavy on him. Her new weight of 135 pounds was coming into play already.

After she reached the count of 20, Allie decided to throw in just a little bit extra, since he was taking it so well. She wanted to soften Steve up, make it easier for him in the end, not merely tickle him. Before she finally stepped off of his face, she bounced a few times, making him shake his head again and thrash a little in the straps. It would do.

Stepping off of his face, it was time for her to move onto the next stage in the execution. She had been waiting for this, ever since she laid eyes on this tiny man. Hurriedly straddling his little body with her naked one, she wanted to do this before he started talking. She quickly positioned her feet on either side of his stomach, bent down into a squat with her naked ass hovering over his face, and put both hands on the carpet behind her for balance. Resting for a moment there, Allie brought her hands up and pulled both of her now fleshier asscheeks apart. As far as she possibly could. And then dropped from this position, her hands still almost painfully pulling her asscheeks to either side, by bringing her feet up off the floor as fast as she could. It worked.

For a split second, as she was pulling her buttcheeks apart and violently throwing her feet and legs into the air, Allie of course didn't feel anything. Then she felt her naked ass make contact with Steve's little face, make contact hard. She felt his face plunge all the way into her asscrack, and then felt what only had to be the sides of his head, INSIDE her asscrack! That feeling of amazement only lasted another split second however, because the next thing she felt was her buttcheeks hitting the foam blocks! She could probably fit even more of his head up into her ass, but the blocks were in the way!

Cursing, Allie reluctantly pulled her bottom from where it was surrounding the midget's face and a good portion of his head, and stood up to do something about the blocks. Since Steve was so small, she didn't think there would be a problem leaving the blocks out of it. She assumed she was heavy enough to keep his little head secure without them. Allie made a quick job of removing the blocks from their tracks in the floor and set them down out of the way. Turning around to go back to Steve, she saw that his face was red and he was breathing deeply in and out of his mouth. But the man hadn't even opened his eyes yet! He seemed unaware that Allie had even removed the blocks.

Seeing this, she moved like a viper over to him and got back in position to sit on his face. Making her now practiced quick check back to see that she was in the right spot, she decided not to drop onto his face this time. Then, hovering there over him, she suddenly got another idea. An idea that made her blush with embarassment. She couldn't think of another way.

While Allie's whole concept of trying to shove any patient's face as far into her ass as possible was primarily for seal reasons so they couldn't breathe, making the execution as quick as possible -- this midget presented an almost once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see how far she could take it. She mentally leaned on the seal reason as an excuse.

Turning back around to straddle Steve facing his head, she saw his eyes were still closed, so she just began. As soon as the glob of spit landed on his cheek, his eyes shot open.

"What in the hell are you doing?" the midget shouted at her.

"Just be quiet, this is for your own good," Allie replied curtly. "Hold still please."

"The hell if I will! You spit on me!"

Allie blushed again at his words. But her idea had grasped her by the throat and she WOULD carry it out. So she started spitting repeatedly, white and clear foamy gobs of saliva starting to cover his face, most of them running in various patterns on his face. After the first few spits, she had to hold his face up, due to him turning his head. She leaned down and started to aim for specific spots, first dropping little loogies of spit in both of his eyes. Hopefully he would stop staring at her madly after that. Indeed, he kept his eyes closed as she continued to hold his head in place and spit as much as she could all over his face, trying to hit patches of dry skin. After a couple minutes of spitting on his face, sometimes taking breaks to work up more saliva, she felt she had done as well as her spit and time allowed. His face was a spitty mess. Hopefully it would act as good lubrication. It was all she had to work with.

Just as she was about to turn back around to face his feet, Allie noticed that Steve had managed to open his eyes again, and was looking at her with hate. It didn't serve any purpose, but Allie worked up some more saliva, mostly from her throat, leaned close, and spit the slightly yellow phlegm into one of his eyes. It promptly closed. She did the same with the other eye and laughed.

Grinning now, she stood up and got back into position, straddling his body and hovering over his face. Once she had stopped spitting on him and let go of his head, Steve had moved his face back to the straight up position. Allie didn't know why he now displayed this unwittingly cooperative action, but then again he didn't know for sure what was coming next and he had to know anything he did was pointless anyway. Putting the why out of her mind, she bent down and placed her knees and ass so she was crouching over his face. She lowered herself the rest of the way, grabbed his head, and started to rub her pale fleshy bottom up and down across his face. She wanted to smear the saliva into a somewhat even coating, covering both his face AND her ass before she would do the deed.

He didn't try to move his head away as she rubbed her now slick and slightly sticky ass all over his face. Not surprising considering that she wasn't hurting him at all. He did give a little grunt of surprise though. Allie made sure to get the insides of her asscrack plenty wet.

Taking advantage of her ass already practically on his face already, and not intending to drop onto his face since it would be nearly impossible to do it 100% effectively without the blocks, Allie decided to just sit on his face from here. She spread her wet and sticky buttcheeks as far apart as she could and moved them down the last couple inches to his face. Quickly moving without thought, she then struggled to get her legs out beneath her and finally got them stretched out along his legs. She noted that her feet ended about where his own feet ended. Once her full weight was sitting on his face, she giggled as she realized just how much of his face and head she felt in the insides of her naked asscrack. Not wanting to spoil anything by risking a look before she was as far down as possible, Allie started to squirm on and AROUND the midget's little face and head.

She continued to shift and squirm her 135 pound ass on his face, pulling her asscheeks as wide as they would go every so often. She knew his nose hadn't penetrated into her asshole, but she could feel it mashed flat against it. After this she started pulling on her buttcheeks while doing little bounces on his face. She made sure to do several of these. Squirming her slick ass around Steve's head just a little bit more and giving one last great pull on her buttcheeks while bouncing down, Allie determined that she was ready to see exactly how much of his head her ass had engulfed.

Craning her neck to check a side of his head, she gasped both in amazement and absolute shock. The bottom of her buttcheek almost touched the floor! She checked with her fingers and saw that maybe half an inch remained between her pale cheek and the carpet. Frowning, she knew the carpeted green floor had no give beyond the very little in the carpet itself. She quickly checked the other side. The same thing. She started giggling uncontrollably then. Giggling because she realized her ass was eating his head. No, her ass had SWALLOWED his head! His head was... inside ...her ass. She could feel it in there now, could feel the insides of her buttcheeks gripping almost the full height of his head on both sides. Holy shit!

She was still giggling in disbelief as she felt Steve trying to shake his head to the sides inside of her, either from her weight bearing down on his face or from realizing his head was inside her ass, and he wanted it out. He was trying, but doing next to nothing. First of all, she was way too heavy for him to shift, being as small as he was. Her ass was driving his head down hard into the carpet and allowing his tiny head very little opportunity to move. Secondly, the little movements he did manage to make from side to side were a futile effort. Since basically his entire head was inside her ass, all he was doing was pushing at the insides of her buttcheeks and there was nowhere to go. If anything, he was only helping his head lodge itself in further. The only thing that would have possibly been better was if her buttcheeks had come to rest on the carpeted floor around his head. But with half an inch between her cheeks and the carpet, it wall in all reality the same thing.

For a little while now, Steve had been trying to scream into her ass. She could hear what she thought were extremely muffled attempts at screams within her. Only faint sounds reached her ears. It was hard to tell what they were supposed to be, they could have been anything. He also had been jerking violently at the straps. Now he started drumming his heels on the carpet, drumming them over and over hard in a steady rhythm, almost certainly because he couldn't breathe. Allie suddenly wondered if Steve could smell her asshole through his nose smashed up against it. Maybe.

"Oh my God!!!" Allie heard a man yell loudly from the direction of the door. She whipped her head around at the voice and was shocked to see a man, almost certainly a new patient, with a security guard trying to prod him past the open doorway. He was gaping at her with eyes as wide as they would go, watching in horror at Allie's naked butt swallowing the head of the man lying underneath her. Another moment passed with her staring at the man gaping at her, and then he was hustled out of sight. Allie had apparently forgotten to close the door! She was so caught up in the midget that she had forgotten to close it and hadn't noticed it since.

Well, she wasn't getting up now. She tried to ignore the open doorway and focused on the man's head inside her ass. He was still drumming his heels, a little slower now. He no longer seemed to be making those sounds into her ass, but he was still jerking at the straps enough. This was kind of hot. She couldn't get over the fact that almost his entire head was lodged inside her buttcheeks. What would it feel like to have your head up inside someone's butt like this? What was Steve experiencing right now, his head along with all 5 of his senses wedged deeply into her ass? She shivered. It would be hot and dark, at the very least. In addition to the little fact that she was sitting on his face too, crushing it down into the carpet with 135 pounds. Oh, and the little bit about him currently suffocating. She started to move and massage the inside of her ass on and around Steve's head, rocking gently back and forth on top of him. Still drumming, still jerking. From the way he was doing it, Allie knew for sure that he was still conscious. Still conscious, buried deep inside her hot sticky butt. So hot. She moaned, rocking on his head. Rocking in bliss as her ass crushed his face. Rocking in bliss as he smothered inside her ass.

"Go to sleep my baby," she purred, his heels still drumming and sliding on the tufts of carpet, nearly his whole head lodged inside her butt. "Go to sleep in my ass. My ass is eating your head. No air for you." She giggled.

With his body still jerking, Allie found a hard edge to her voice. A cruel edge. "Suffocate in my ass bitch! Suffocate with your head in my ass! Now! Get in there! I want you up in there! I want your fucking face lodged inside my ass! Deeper! Get ... in ... my ... butt!" Bouncing on his little head, she started growling and moaning, her bouncing finding a rhythm with his heels drumming on the floor.

Drumming frantically and his body twisting violently as only a man dying of suffocation can do, Steve started vibrating the insides of her ass with frantic muted grunts. Stopping her little bounces, Allie settled her naked ass onto his face with another quick pull at her asscheeks. It made no difference, his head was up inside her bottom as far as it would go already, nose still crushed against her asshole. He began rapidly twitching his legs and arms in their restraints, apparently trying to make some weird-looking snow angel in the carpet. Allie could still feel his little head putting pressure on one of the insides of a buttcheek and then the other, could feel it as he desperately tried to turn his head lodged almost completely inside her ass. She giggled at that, because it tickled the insides of her asscheeks and also because of the amusement of feeling nearly his entire head inside her butt. It was like she was sitting on an oversized softball. Except it was Steve's head.

With one final jerking kick of his leg, Steve stopped moving at last. Allie remained sitting on him, moaning and growling while rocking on his still form. A few minutes later, she was spent. She had no idea if she had cum on his face, but it was very likely. Resting her hands on her thighs and sitting on the big softball that was in reality a man's head, she trembled. She trembled for another 5 minutes, continuing to crush and smother his face to make sure of his death. Then she struggled to get her sore muscles moving and shakily brought her feet down to rest them on the floor, so she could stand up.

After a few moments resting there, she finally mustered the willpower to plant her feet and tried to lift her ass from Steve's head. Confused, Allie didn't seem to have the strength to rise. She knew she was weak and sore, but she should have more than enough strength to simply stand up. So she gathered all her strength and pushed upwards hard with her feet. And gasped yet again, in surprise and incredulity, when she discovered that she had brought the man's HEAD up along with her, still buried deep in her ass. Apparently his head had been buried deep enough, and a combination of that along with the shape of his head and the insides of her buttcheeks, and possibly even the sticky spit, had literally made her ass eat his head enough so that its weight alone was not enough to free it. Her sticky buttcheeks had actually gripped the back portion of the sides of his head in a way so that it was held IN, rather than trying to slide out. Allie giggled as she looked over her shoulder at the corpse dangling out from her ass, connected to the head still inside her butt.

Reaching behind her, she firmly grasped the back of the head by its hair, and pulled on it while wiggling her asscheeks back and forth to help loosen the head inside her. Slowly, what had been Steve's head finally popped out with a slick squelch and almost a popping sound. Allie let the head in her hands drop to the ground and turned around to look at its face.

"Jesus," she whispered. His face looked beyond horrible, even discounting that it was dead. His face was almost entirely purple, his nose was nearly mashed all the way down, even now. And he had a slime of what was Allie's saliva mixed in with what was probably ass sweat, covering every inch of his face. He looked like a drowned rat that had been beaten severely on the face. Like it had been punched over and over. Or crushed and bounced on by my ass, she thought wryly. She could remember sitting there on his face, bouncing her weight up and down, each time she came down she had felt his face ram hard into her asshole and inner buttcheeks. The simple fact that she had sat fullweight on his face at all for the length of time she did would very nearly explain his face.

She hadn't particularly enjoyed causing him pain, but she had enjoyed sitting on his face with his head in her ass. That she had enjoyed very much. He had died in a very unique fashion. And a very erotic and personal fashion with herself, she thought. His last conscious moment had been with his head lodged and crushed up inside her butt, smothering and suffocating inside the hot, dark and sticky confines of her ass as she sat on his face. He had actually died the same way. He had literally been smothered to death with his entire head INSIDE her ass. If he wouldn't have been smothered, he would have been suffocated, his head had certainly been far enough up inside her saliva-covered asscheeks for that. She had simply swallowed his head with her butt, that was all there was to it.