Amelia, the Queen Bitch of Oxford University

Apr 23, 2009
I hope this might become a longer series- if people enjoy it. Please let me know.


Amelia was such a perfect young woman that everybody- man and woman, boy and girl- instantly wanted to do anything they could to please her.

Her perfection was never disputed or ignored. It was not a circumstance of her being the daughter of an extremely wealthy and aristocratic family. It was something within her. When she was a little girl, she was the very prettiest and cleverest little girl, and she was always the leader in her gang of friends. When she was at school she was consistently the top of every class, she was captain of every sports team, she was the most popular girl at school and by far the most beautiful. The other girls had, without a word on the matter ever being spoken, accepted her as the best. They had clustered around her like courtiers around a queen. Amelia would choose the prettiest and most devoted girls for her inner circle, and such a privilege was enough to drive the others mad with envy. Most girls could hope only to admire her and, maybe, to furtively smell her luscious hair. But Amelia would even smile at her “ladies in waiting” and, it was rumoured, sometimes she would allow one of them to sniff her used knickers. Nobody knew whether it was true; everybody hoped it was.

Naturally, as such an intelligent, aristocratic and charismatic young lady, Amelia was enthusiastically accepted by her first choice of university. She went to Oxford to read history of art. Her father- who would give her everything- was influential enough to ensure that his favourite daughter received scandalously preferential treatment from her college. While most first year students could be expected to be housed in a small room in a vast modern block with shared bathrooms and kitchens that were rare enough to count at myth, Amelia was moved into spacious and comfortable accommodation that was really intended for Fellows who were married. She had several fine views of the college’s ancient cloisters, she had an airy sitting room that was tastefully furnished, she had a smart little kitchen of her own, she had a spotless bathroom with both a shower and a deep bath, and she had a lovely bedroom with a large and soft double bed. As the most beautiful girl in her year or any year, Amelia soon shared her bed with her pick of handsome, athletic and attentive young men.

At the age of 19, Amelia was breathtaking to behold. Her figure could have been cut for the catwalk, then trimmed for the tennis court. At 5’ 9”, she towered over most women and intimidated most men. Her eyes blazed almost amber-brown, while her lips were full. Her neck was tall and slender, and her hair was long and shining and the colour of chocolate flecked with gold. Her legs were long, toned and athletic; her bottom was pert and firm; her hips were rounded and her breasts were big, bouncing and magnificent. Most girls at Oxford, away from home for the first time, take a teddy bear for comfort. As in all things, Amelia was able to do better. One of her old school friends, from the inner most of her inner circle, was bright enough to accompany her Queen to university.

(I) How Amelia Took Control of Emma

Emma was sweet and kind and pretty, and she had loved Amelia for her whole life. When they played together as little children, Amelia always got to be the princess, but Emma was happy just to plait her hair and help her dress up. When they were teenagers, Emma began to like Amelia more and more. She liked to carry her books and her gym bag. She liked to brush Amelia’s long hair, do her makeup and paint her nails. But best of all, Emma loved to go shopping with Amelia. It was lovely to help her pick out pretty things to make her look even prettier, and it was even better to wait patiently for her while she tried them on, and tell her how beautiful she looked when she emerged in a new dress or skirt. At those moments Emma felt warm and prickly, as if Amelia’s beauty was hot sunlight on her skin; beautiful sunlight that Emma could bathe in. The problem was she was scared she might get burnt. She had been unable to speak, and almost fainted, when Amelia called her into a changing room, and stood proudly before Emma in just a half-cup bra and the skimpiest thong. Emma would always remember her gasping breath and the hammering in her temples as she tried to give words to how delicious her friend looked. Ameila had just laughed, but after that Emma’s devotion to her queen ran deeper and deeper. Brushing Amelia’s hair turned into shaving Amelia’s legs and, deliciously, waxing her bikini line. Painting Amelia’s toenails led to massaging her feet, which, eventually, led to sucking her toes. Carrying Amelia’s gym bag turned into laundering her sports kit, which became hand washing all of her delicate underwear.

Not a night went by without Emma remembering, with a blush on her cheeks and heat between her legs, one very special time when Amelia and her ladies in waiting had just finished a hard game of netball on a hot and sticky summer’s day. Amelia swept into the changing rooms and flung off her shirt straight away.

“I am absolutely wet with sweat” she fumed. Then, a little smile formed on her beautiful lips, as she thought of something naughty.

“I bet my knickers must smell rather…fragrant”. Amelia looked around the other girls, who were tense with anticipation, until her bright eyes fixed on Emma. Then she reached under her skirt, and slid her white cotton knickers down her smooth tanned thighs.

“D’you think you’d better wash these, Emma?” She asked with a pout, holding out her knickers with one finger, dangling an inch away from Emma’s face.

Everyone stared at Emma. Her temples her thundering and she felt her cheeks flush and her loins squirm. But she could not resist. She reached out, pressed Amelia’s gusset firmly to her nose, and sniffed deeply. A squeal of mixed laughter, screams, cheering and gasps erupted from the room. Emma did not stop sniffing. Her cheeks were bright red, but she was smiling. They smelled rich, and musky, and wonderful. Eventually, Amelia had shared Emma’s smile, and stroked her friend’s hair gently.

“Nobody dare tell anyone about this”, Amelia instructed her ladies in waiting. “It’s private between me and Emma. She is going to be doing this quite a lot, now. It will be our secret”.

Emma was thrilled. She had taken a big chance by effectively giving herself to her queen, but Amelia had accepted her. Now things between them moved quickly. Soon, Amelia began to have Emma sniff her knickers while she was still wearing them. Emma would spend whole afternoons in Amelia’s bedroom, with her pretty nose buried in her queen’s heavenly crotch. Then, Amelia wanted Emma to suck her toes first, then sniff her crotch. But she seemed to get less satisfied. Things took on a new life when Amelia decided that Emma should lie face up on the bed, while she sat on her face. Emma had been equally frightened and enthralled, gasping and panting under the full weight of Amelia’s crotch and bottom. She had never felt so intimate with her beloved friend, and she began to pine for the scent of her sweaty arse and pussy when they were withdrawn. But Amelia soon got bored. Once in a while, she would fart contentedly into Emma’s face, and she laughed in pleasure and delight when Emma mumbled that her farts were delicious perfume, and begged for more. But the two of them seemed to be stuck in a rut. Amelia had a full and satisfying sex life with a number of boyfriends, but she seemed to be in need of something extra from Emma; until Emma plucked up her courage.

She waited until a perfect afternoon. Amelia was in high spirits, as she had won an essay competition and her daddy had bought her a Prada handbag as a reward. He had also given them each a glass of Champagne, which made Emma feel bolder and Amelia seem mellow and happy. It hadn’t taken long for their eyes to meet and for Amelia to announce, with a smug little smile, that they were going up to her room to “do girl things”.

As they were climbing the stairs, Amelia allowed herself a small and ladylike fart. Emma stooped to breathe it in gratefully, much to Amelia’s amusement, and then planted a quick and soft little kiss on her bottom. Amelia looked at her friend steadily, but said nothing as she entered her bedroom. She rolled sleepily onto her bed, and opened her legs expectantly, waiting for Emma to press her little nose into her moistening pussy. She closed her beautiful eyes, and smiled. After a while, one eye opened.

“Is there a problem, Emma? I think you know what I want you to do.” Amelia’s voice was stern, but patient. She hitched up her denim skirt, and smoothed her pink knickers against her crotch, to make her needs more obvious. Emma’s sex was damp, but her mouth was dry. Amelia looked perfect from her shining hair to her pretty toes, but she didn’t know how to ask for what she wanted. Sharply, her queen sat upright.

“Emma, you should think very carefully before you decide that you don’t need to give me what I want. Lucy, Kate, Stephanie and Tamsin all saw you sniff my knickers, and they all know what you’ve been doing. One little word from me, and they will tell everyone. Then it will be Lucy’s pretty face under my crotch instead of yours, and I will never let you near me again. Do you understand? Now, are you ready for me to sit on your face?” Emma’s knees trembled. Her heart was beating and she felt worried and hurt. But she bit her lip, and tried to speak steadily.

“I-if that’s wh-what you want…B-but…please c-could you, I mean if it would be okay…p-please…could we do it with y-your…your knickers off?” Once she had said it, Sarah found herself trying to gulp the words back in. The ringing in her ears was so loud that she thought she would faint. Amelia was looking at her with interest. Her bright eyes flickered over every inch of Emma’s nervous, shuddering body, as if she had never seen her before. She wasn’t smiling, but her frown had cleared.

“Sit here”, she commanded softly, pointing at the floor beside the bed. Meekly, Emma obeyed, and knelt in front of her queen. Amelia stood slowly. Her bronzed thighs were almost touching Emma’s face, and Emma gazed up Amelia’s skirt in silent awe. “If I let you do this, then you belong to me. Forever. You will have to always obey me, and expect nothing in return. I know that you love me, Emma. And I know how much you want to do it. So, are you ready to worship me properly? Do you love me enough to live to serve and pamper me? Are you willing to put my happiness, and my pleasure, above everything else in your life?” Emma could smell Amelia’s sweet sex. She stared up at the large shelf of her bust, then into those beautiful blazing eyes. She didn’t doubt for a moment.

“Yes. Yes, Amelia. You’re my Goddess. That’s all I want. I want to do this forever”. Tears ran down Emma’s cheeks. Amelia gently kissed her salty skin, and Emma’s body was on fire. Amelia slowly reached under her short skirt, then slid her skimpy pink knickers down her long, smooth legs. She stepped out of them, and sat back on the bed. She pulled up her knees, and spread her thighs wide. She was ready, and waiting.

“Show we how much you love me”. She breathed.

Emma had gazed longingly at Amelia’s pretty pussy lots of times when she waxed her queen’s bush. But she had never seen it so exposed, so slick, and so hungrily presented to her. She took a deep breath, and then licked the length of Amelia’s wet pussy with a hurried, desperate, passionate speed. She was delicious- everything she had imagined, but stronger and more real.

“Slower, Emma.” Sighed Amelia, coolly. “We have plenty of time together. And you will be doing this for me a lot, from now on”.

And she had. Amelia’s boyfriends came and went, but Emma found herself on her knees between Amelia’s thighs almost everyday. She still brushed Amelia’s hair, washed her underwear, painted her toenails, sucked her toes, and waxed her legs these days; but eating Amelia’s pussy was a whole new, delicious dimension and Emma had never been happier. Naturally, Amelia had been keen to experiment, and refine things. Though she never reciprocated Emma’s oral attentions, Amelia began to insist that Emma should be naked while she was performing them. Then Amelia began to sit fully nude on Emma’s face. Emma loved that- the weight, the heat and the scent of her queen seemed so intense that she thought they might melt together. Under Amelia’s bottom, Emma felt loved and contended and safe. Soon after, Amelia insisted that a nervous Emma should worship her arse more fully. The sensation of Emma’s loving wet tongue on her tingling anus drove Amelia to ecstasy, and she refused to let Emma leave that evening, insisting that she stay over the whole night to lick her arsehole while she played with her dripping pussy.

As Amelia permitted Emma to taste more and more of her perfect body, she began to be stricter and more domineering with her friend. Amelia didn’t want all of the long, intimate hours that Emma had been privileged to spend with her to go to Emma’s head. She certainly liked having her hair brushed, her toes sucked and her pussy licked, but she didn’t want Emma to think that performing these duties made her Amelia’s “girlfriend”. So Amelia began to make an effort to find fault with Emma whenever she could. One day her knickers would be slightly less clean than usual, and Amelia would enjoy watching her friend tremble as she shouted at her. Another day Amelia would accuse Emma of pulling her hair while brushing it, and Emma was made to mumble a long and grovelling apology. Amelia experimented with sending Emma home- usually in tears- when she came to call, just to ensure that she renewed her devotion and returned simpering and obedient when she was allowed back into the paradise of Amelia’s bedroom. But Amelia missed having a pretty face to smother under her pussy. Finally, she settled upon a more direct approach.

Amelia waited for a hot, sunny Saturday, when her parents were away and she had the house to herself all day and all night. She had refused to see Emma for a whole week, ostensibly because she nicked Amelia’s skin while shaving her legs, but in reality because she wanted Emma to be keen, eager and desperate to please today. Sure enough, Emma was breathlessly excited to be invited over, and arrived within minutes of Amelia’s call, wearing a pretty white cotton dress, with her glossy brown hair tied back, and wearing more than a little lipstick and eyeliner. She had even brought Emma a little plant to apologise for hurting her. Amelia could only smile at her naivety. She looked cute, but today Amelia would find fault with her no matter how hard she tried to please. Amelia, nude underneath her short dressing gown, had planned everything. She greeted the grinning, nervous, humble Emma with the lightest kiss on her lips and then took her sweating hand and led her straight to the bedroom. On her bed, Amelia had her phone, her TV remote, and a pile of her magazines; this was going to take some while.

“I am still very cross about what you did, Emma,” Amelia said with a pout. “I can’t believe you would be so careless with my perfect skin. But I think it is time I allowed you to make it up to me. But you had better do it well. If you don’t make me feel wonderful, then I will be even angrier with you.” Emma bit her lip to prevent the butterflies in her stomach from getting free. Amelia was giving her a long, unsmiling look that she couldn’t read. She was terrified that she would be sent away again. “Take your clothes off and lie on the bed”, Amelia commanded, flatly. Emma rushed to obey, pulling her dress quickly over her head, kicking off her sandals, wrestling with her bra and wrenching her knickers down her slender thighs. She quickly lay on Amelia’s large bed, with her face turned upwards in expectation, and her hands by her sides in stillness and submission. Amelia calmly untied her dressing gown, and opened its halves so that they fell behind her body, fully exposing her large breasts, her rounded hips and the dark strip of her bush. She gracefully climbed on to her bed, and crawled like a sleepy cat along Emma’s naked body. She settled herself on Emma’s chest, and Emma sensed a thrill grip her loins at the feeling of Amelia’s warm, hairy pussy squashing down on her breasts. Amelia paused for a few moments to hold and weigh each of her bouncing tits in her hands. She was showing off, Emma realised. But she had a right to. Finally, Amelia shifted forwards, resting her knees either side of Emma’s head.

Emma bathed her eyes in the exquisite vista of Amelia’s body. Amelia’s strong, bronzed thighs framed her view; but just inches from her nose were the slick pink folds of her cunt and her dark, trimmed bush; beyond that was her flat, toned stomach; and then Amelia wonderful, beautiful, magnificent big breasts. Emma turned her gaze to her friend’s flaming brown eyes, and tried to pour all of her love through the channel of their sight. But Amelia did not return her eager smile.

“If you stop licking, kissing or sucking my pussy or anus for even a moment before I tell you to rest, then it will all be over between us, Emma. D’you understand?” Amelia’s voice was deadly soft. Emma felt tears pricking her eyes, and nodded. Then her face was pressed wetly into the hot, tangy, slick flesh of Amelia’s cunt. Emma felt a surge of bliss rush from her heart to her crotch and, staring all the while through Amelia’s deep cleavage into her beautiful face, she began to lick her friend’s hot and hungry sex.

Emma licked Amelia’s pussy while she sat staring down at her. She licked Amelia’s pussy when she leant back on her elbows, forcing Emma’s tongue deeper within her. Emma chewed on Amelia’s clit when she leant forward and wrapped one athletic leg around Emma’s neck, pushing Emma’s nose into her prickly dark bush. Emma rained kisses on Amelia’s sopping cunt when she moved into a splits position over her face, and pushed her tired tongue back inside at Amelia’s command. Once she had enjoyed a shuddering orgasm, Amelia turned around and pushed her perfect arse into Emma’s glistening face. Emma did not hesitate to run and flick her tongue over her friend’s puckered anus, nor did she fail to tell Amelia how delicious her arse tasted. She had been licking Amelia’s arsehole for some time when her queen sat further back, wedging Emma’s nose in the crack of her arse, covering her mouth in dominant cunt, and hiding her eyes in her firm buttocks. Emma silently went back to eating pussy, while sniffing Amelia’s behind. But her jaw was beginning to hurt badly. Emma had just savoured the second of Amelia’s sweet, feminine farts; when she realised that her queen was on the phone. She hesitated for a split second, before she remembered Amelia’s stern warning, and went back to her task with renewed vigour. After she had come again, Amelia wriggled her crotch on Emma’s face, made herself comfortable and began to read a magazine. Emma was sweating freely now. She was gasping for breath and her tongue and jaw were on fire. Amelia pressed her crotch hard into Emma’s nose and mouth. Emma writhed and panicked as the oxygen died in her lungs. She gulped at the air once Amelia moved her bottom an inch, but Amelia was ready. She farted proudly, and quickly sat back down. Emma choked quietly on the rich scent, but somehow managed to keep her exhausted tongue rubbing against her friend’s musky sex. Amelia soon came again with a cheer of triumph, and Emma convinced herself for a moment that it must all be over, but then her heart sunk as faintly heard the murmur of the TV.

“Push your tongue right inside”, Amelia ordered cheerfully. Emma struggled to obey. The tip of her tongue stabbed at Amelia’s canal, but it felt like something inside her tongue had broken, and it wouldn’t move.

“Emma!” Shouted Amelia as she began to rub her crotch harshly against her acolyte’s nose and lips, “I told you to get your fucking tongue back in my cunt! You know what will happen if you disobey me!”

Tears were running down Emma’s cheeks. Her tongue was shaking as she tried to lap softly at Amelia’s aggressively displayed pussy. She tried to nod her head instead of using the useless muscle of her tongue, but then Amelia sat hard on her face, and she was trapped. Once again, Emma felt her lungs bursting. She couldn’t move her mouth at all. She began to wriggle in terror. She sobbed loudly into Amelia’s victorious crotch, and began to cry in humiliation. Suddenly, she felt a sharp smack on her vagina. She gasped in shock, as Amelia rolled off her. Scowling into her face, Amelia slapped her hard on the pussy again.

“There! Perhaps that is all that a stupid little bitch like you understands!” Amelia screamed. Through the mist of her tears, Emma could tell that her queen was dangerously angry, and she felt herself snuffle and shudder in fear.

“You seem to be able to think only with your pussy, and you spend all of your time thinking about my pussy like some demented little lesbian pervert, so perhaps a good thrashing on the pussy might stop you being so fucking selfish and make you realise the importance of pleasing me!” Amelia pushed Emma’s thighs apart and slapped her crotch again. Emma curled her naked body into a protective ball, and began to cry in a steady, hysteric rhythm. Amelia’s slaps hurt her pussy badly, but her angry, aristocratic voice was much worse.

“Were you even, trying, Emma? Or just trying to piss me off? You lazy, selfish little bitch! Get out of my house right fucking now!” Amelia stamped her foot. Standing tall, proud and naked, with her teeth bared and her eyes blazing, she was a terrifying sight. Emma whimpered pitifully, and threw herself at Amelia’s perfect feet.

“P-please…D-d-don’t send me away! …I l-l-love you! I-I-I’ll do….anything f-for you!... I’m sorry! G-give me an-n-nother…ch-chance!” Emma made Amelia’s toes wet with her tears, and tried to kiss and lick them dry. Amelia waited in silence, with her hands on her hips, watching the pitiful display.

“Hmm. You really are quite pathetic, aren’t you, Emma? It’s certainly pathetic how much you are in love with me, you silly little lesbian bitch.” Amelia was smiling now, but Emma’s face was buried in her toes, so she could not tell. “Give me one reason why I should ever let you see me again, let alone get your snivelling face anywhere near my lovely pussy. You know how many girls would kill to take your place.”

“I-I will do anything for you. A-anything. I just w-w-want to be y-yours. I-I-I’ll b-be your…y-your slave. I-I’ll be h-ha-happy.” Emma was out of tears, and simply lay on the floor, with her soft cheek pressed to Amelia’s foot. Amelia paused for a long time. She would never admit it, but she was feeling deeply aroused and excited by Emma’s humble submission- and by what she was about to do.

“Alright, Emma: one last chance. And this time you will do absolutely everything I tell you to, exactly when I want, and exactly how I want. You will need to make a lot more effort. And you had better reflect on how lucky you are. But you are not forgiven. You have disappointed me. You’re stupid tongue just isn’t up to satisfying my needs. You will have a lot more practice, but first I think you had better be punished for being so selfish and pathetic. What do you think, Emma?” Amelia’s words were smooth and icy.

“Yes. Oh, yes please! Please punish me. I am so sorry I let you down by being so pathetic. But please punish me so that I can learn my lesson.” Emma began to kiss Amelia’s toes again, and Amelia wondered whether she wasn’t a little too keen. Nevertheless, the plan was in motion and all had gone smoothly. Amelia sat back on her bed, with her smooth tanned thighs held together. She stroked them affectionately. She was very proud of her legs.

“Good. Then bend over my lap, and keep your bottom up in the air.” Emma hurried to obey Amelia’s silky command. “As you have probably guessed, you are going to be spanked. Hard. I am still cross with you, so this isn’t going to be playful, or fun for you. You can rest assured that I will be enjoying it a lot, though. You deserve this, and it is going to hurt. But that doesn’t mean you get to clench your bottom or tuck it in. You will keep it relaxed, and stuck out ready for my hand. Okay? Good girl. Now then, how many smacks do you think you deserve?”

“Um. Will six be okay?” Emma looked over her shoulder to appeal to Amelia, who was now gently stroking her bare buttocks. It felt delicious, but Emma was too scared to melt at her soft touch.

“Six!” Amelia peeled with sweet laughter. “Oh, Emma, you are a silly little tart. No. This is a punishment, not a game. You are my bitch. We are going to start by giving you twenty-four hard smacks on each cheek”. Emma gulped.

The first slap made Emma scream. It was a stinging, burning pain far more intense than she had expected. She considered begging Amelia to stop right then, or be more gentle, but she knew that it would only get her into more trouble. She bit her lip and, hesitantly, thrust out her bottom to receive her next smack.

The second slap was far worse. Amelia had a wicked aim, and managed to snap her wrist into the stroke. Emma’s bottom burned. With her eyes clenched shut, she pushed out her bottom again.

“Ow!” cried Emma. The third landed precisely on the hottest, most stinging flesh. She took a deep breath, and raised her bottom again for Amelia.

The forth, fifth and sixth spanks each grew sharper, until Emma’s buttock throbbed. Her face was flushed and she was straining not to cry again. She hoped that Amelia would take pity and at least move on to the other cheek. But, with a sharp snap, Amelia whipped her hand cruelly, and slapped just the same patch of crimson skin. “Ow-ow-ow! Aaah!” shrieked Emma. Her buttocks were now clenching by themselves. With a massive effort, she raised her bottom into the cool air once more. She flinched in anticipation, then pushed out her rear once again, and tried to keep it soft and relaxed, as Amelia had instructed. Emma then felt a string of hard stinging spanks thrown randomly at each of her soft buttocks. She couldn’t prevent her bottom from tucking itself in to avoid the worst of the blows, though she tried. Amelia snaked her free arm around Emma’s slim waist, and held her in position with her bare, burning bottom high in the air. The next burst of sharp spanks brought back Emma’s tears, but she was determined to be brave and quiet and good for Amelia. She bit her lip harder, and sniffed softly as her pretty eyes streamed. She forced herself to push her tender arse out even further, but the next smack brought it flinching back.

“My hand is sore”, Amelia complained. Emma’s hoped raised. “Pass me my hairbrush, Emma”. Emma’s hopes sank. But she obeyed her queen, and her bare bottom was ready and waiting. It hurt even worse with the hairbrush. Emma felt that each whack on her buttocks was tearing her skin. She fell into a kind of daze of pain, crying quietly with her face buried in the bedclothes, but with her searing hot bottom held high and ready for more. It got worse before it got better, and Amelia began to shout abuse at her. Emma could hardly hear, but she realised that Amelia’s hand was now busy between her legs.

Finally, Emma realised it was over. She looked over her shoulder, and blinked nervously at her friend. Her arse was raw with pain. But Amelia looked pleased with her. She stroked Emma’s bare bottom very softly. It was agony, but blissful agony, and Emma thought she would have happily stayed like this for the rest of her life. “Oh!” She breathed quietly, as Amelia ran a finger along her cunt. Emma realised that, sore as she was, she was also very wet.

“D’you have anything to say for yourself?” Amelia asked, as she gently massaged Emma’s sore skin.

“Yes. Thank you, Amelia. Thank you for punishing me. Do you forgive me now?” Emma’s pretty eyes were wide with pleading.

“For now. But, from now on, I expect you to be much more focused on my needs- all of the time. Eating my pussy is a privilege you have to earn, by obedience and fealty to me. And you will be punished for any mistakes, shortcomings or bad attitudes. Is that clear? Good girl. Now, you can rest your tongue while you give me a full massage”. Amelia stretched out on her stomach, with a smug little smile on her lovely lips.

Emma’s bottom was still smarting badly, as she sat astride Amelia’s firm buttocks, and began to soothe her queen’s flesh with her fingers. She was in pain, but she was giving Amelia pleasure, and she lived for that. She felt her moist sex slide against Amelia’s ass. Emma decided that she would be the best behaved, most obedient, most loving, most giving and most devoted slave Amelia could wish for. She loved her queen, and she would try as hard as she possibly could to make her love her back.

She wouldn’t sacrifice this for the world.
Apr 23, 2009
I hope nobody minds me bringing this out of the attic and into the daylight. I enjoyed re-reading it and perhaps some others may too, or there are some new members who might appreciate it.
Mar 12, 2012
This is an excellent story! And one which I'd never read before. Thanks for bringing it up. Did you write any others? Or a continuation of this one anywhere?
Apr 23, 2009
Thanks, Johnny. Yes, I did write others, but so long ago that they don't show up in searches any more. The only other story I could find was the Femsyvania thread.