An interesting proposition Part 3

Jun 25, 2009
Its short but I only have a short lunch today.

The first set of feet landed hard on my face my head was smashed pretty hard into the thin mat I was laying on as the first shot was fired by the trample army about to jump all over me as ordered. I was in shock not expecting the line of ladies to start on my face. And the fact that my nose flattened from the impact of both feet and I would guess 115 pounds before I could fully recover her weight really crushed my face as she sprang up and landed on my chest. All the air in my lungs was pushed out loudly from my mouth as the next girl was kind enough to just step on lost balance even though I had the thin mat covering me. But she did not spare my face as she bent at the knees and pushed hard to get air and land on my chest. A little heavier than the first, my eyes were watering my nose hurt like hell and wam my chest sank and at the same time the first girl landed on my manhood causing a burning sensation. I’m almost in a panic unable to draw a breath as one is stepping on or landing on my face. One is landing on my chest one on my stomach, manhood and now legs. I’m short on breath trying my best to get a little air. My hands started to flail and that was suddenly put down my ladies stepping on and holding my arms down. It felt like eternity I really thought I was going to die I tried to sit up but I could not move I had to much weight on me and women were always jumping or landing. I felt very light headed and I started feeling less and less pain till everything went dark.

Samantha must of noticed I no longer struggled and had the women stop and get off. I had no idea how long I got jumped on after I passed out but when I woke up I was on a couch in the same room and Samantha was standing near by. Ah welcome back Mr. jones it seems that was a little too much for you to take. I do apologize this is my first time at this. We had a nurse check you’re vitals and you’re nose, it’s bruised but not broken unfortunately your bottom lip did need three stitches. I have here a check for today’s testing I’m confident you can with some rules in place hold up very well for our female guests. The amount of the check is a little more than double what you will be compensated for each rental. And we will give you a week off paid of course but we can’t have you accessing tenant space looking like you do.

I sat up and everything hurt I literally felt like a UPS truck ran me over, I made my way to the mirror in the men’s room my vision still blurry and my eyes were very red. I wasn’t prepared for the view I saw in my reflection, oh shit my eyes were red my face swollen more than when I lost a kickboxing match. My face was on fire, I was pretty sure I had a cracked rib and my lip was jacked. One week I thought to myself how the hell can I come back in a week this is going to take three weeks and what the hell am I going to tell my family and friends. I can’t say I got jumped they know I can hold my own.

As I made my way back to the room where I was abused Samantha looked me over oh dear that really was too much, Me Jones you can take four weeks off but just know when you come back we will have several requests for you’re service. Put some ice on you’re face and just know if you tell anyone what happened we will deny and seek to have a mental evaluation and three day involuntarily hold placed on you. We will be in touch Mr. Jones.