An interesting proposition

Jun 25, 2009
An interesting proposition.

I am a building engineer have been for the last 13 years I work in a high rise my duties exclude AC/heat maintenance , lighting plumbing the normal stuff. I'm no Brad Pit but I've always done ok with the ladies. I have spent many of hours on a cubical desk surrounded by women working on a light. I can honestly say I know how women feel when they mention feeing like a piece of meat. It's not so much they are looking at me. More so I'm a guy they are board at work, not much else to look at. Some may be unhappy at home, tired of the same ole crap I represent something different its unnerving all eyes on me looking at me like I'm a candy bar and they want to chew me up. To say it will make a guy feel uncomfortable is an understatement.

I'm the youngest engineer of a crew of 4 we all have ten floors but I also seem to float around all floors. I am very mechanical and well to be honest I fix what the other guys can't.

5300 people in our building about 60% are women I see them all at one point or another. They all call me to make it warmer colder. Change a light this or that. They all know me by name and most smile and flirt. Again just having fun and who knows maybe some guy somewhere gets lucky they get all hot and bothered go home and rock their Mans world.

So one day I'm doing my thing and I get a text report to the management office. Oh crap that's never good wonder what the hell they want now. So I make my way up and the property manager greets me and we enter her office. An older lady well older than me at 50 she is about five Foot elev and around 170 if I had to guess. She was actually pretty hot long brown hair and green eyes. Ok stop looking at her ass I'm thinking to my self ok stop looking at her feet ,stop it stop it. She wore peep toe pumps with soft pink nails. Is there something on the floor ? She pipes up. Um no I was just thinking as our eyes met she had a smirk on her face. I'm sure, she said in a business no non since tone.

She closed the door to the office then I took a seat in front of her desk and she hers. I understand you have been here over 12 years now. Yes ma'am and so far I have never had any complaints from tenants everyone is happy. Some of our female tenants have been asking about a service that seems to be the new trend in higher end office buildings. Oh what's that ma'am? Well seems other buildings offer rental of a sub servent guy to entertain and break up the work day. Management sent out a questioner to see how much interest and who of the engineering staff they would want to utilize. As it turns out interest is high and you are the one they want. You know we are in negotiations with a large tenant that would take four floors. They are high profile but also very needy. They also wanted to make sure we can discreetly accommodate their femail employees they were very warm to your picture. You have that real man look that most office guys sadly just don't have. Well thank you I think. Oh Don't thank me yet. CBR is ready to offer you a substantial perk off the books for your participation. But be aware the ladies are quite demanding. It appears these higher end tenants require a man for there female tenants to tread upon and treat in a manner of a rug. It releases stress and makes them more productive and they are high maintenance well to do ladies. They prefer their " rug " be able to endure heal trample. But I told them that is out of the question. It's one thing if they flatten and squish you. But you have to be able to still preform your normal duties.

If you are interested we have to find your limits. I have been instructed by corporate to ustilize the girls here in the office and find out what you can take. Since we can't have you gone all day we will not rent/loan you to individuals. Only groups of six or more ladies. The more weight/ladies you can endure the more you and CBR will make so what do you think? Something you might be willing to try? I'm sure the money would help you out. We umm CBR might be able to forgive your 401 k loan as a token of our appreciation. Any questions?

As I sat there in shock and curious. So ma'am your telling me CBR is willing to pay me to lay down and let office ladies walk on me? And they cant wear heals. Well something like that yes. They may go barefoot,socks , flips any soft flat soled shoe. Yes. How many do I have to let walk on me. Well they would walk, stand, bounce, even light jumping. And as many as you can handle. Sooo um I might get flattened by 20 at one time. Good heavens no you would be crushed. I need you to preform your normal duties. But you would still have to hold up under six as a minimum But more is always a plus. But keep in mind it's not as easy as it sounds. The pressure exerted upon your body would be quite enormous over six hundred pounds. It won't be easy to take that's why we will compensate you well for going above and beyond for CBR. And if you would just sign this limited liability form we will get started testing you.

Ma'am may I ask what does testing exclude? Well I have spoken to the girls here in the office they are a range of sizes to truly get an idea what your limits are. We will first form a line and make a few passes over you length wise then slowly add employes till you are forced to tap out. Please understand we take no pleasure in this. It's just business. She said with an evil almost excited grin on her face. We will be gentle at first and work up to more forceful.

After I signed the form I was led to an open area n away from the main portion of the office it was not being used at the time and had a few mats on the floor that it was oblivious they were new. I was very nervous I was shaking when Mrs Travis stopped me are you alright your shaking you know you signed a contract she said in a stern voice. Now lay down face up on the mat next to the half wall. I don't want to fall off and hurt myself. She stood next to my chest as she removed her shoes. The smell was not horrible a mix of sweat and womanly sent if that makes sense. My nerves were really in overtime I was so tense my body was stuff. Mr Jones told me more employees will be in shortly. For now I will get started. I am 173lbs the employees that will be joining us range from 121 to 184lbs. Each was weighed so we could use that data later. The next thing I know she placed a foot on my chest and asked me to steady myself. What ? I'm thinking but that thought was short lived as I felt the pressure increase and the air being pushed out of my lungs. I had my girlfriend walk on my back a few times to crack it. But she is only about 130 lbs. this felt like twice that and on my chest. My chest sank lower and lower till her full weight rested on my chest. Interesting she said coldly this does seem to feel good. Then the started to march in place on my chest her large size 10 feet covered my chest with the toes of her foot brushing my chin. Oh I noticed you did not read the contract you signed. As she stood on one foot really squashing my chest her right Foot found its way to my face. I was in total shock what the hell was she doing. I turned my face left to right to escape her foot to get it off as I reached up and pulled it. Mr Thompson she barked unhand me this instant. If you had bothered to read your contract you would know this is part of what you accepted under part 3 article 7. Also if you refuse you will be terminated and your 401k loan due in full with in 7 days. Not sit back and be still. Then she again placed her foot on my face. Rubbing in back and forth then planted in hard on my face it hurt a little but nothing like what happened next. Her weight increased on that foot more and more till I groaned loudly as all 173 lbs rested on one foot on my face. My legs came up off the ground I was taping the floor. As if pleading for her to make it stop , she just laughed Mr Jones this is not a UFC fight you can't just tap out. She stayed there for what seemed like forever to me. But was only really a min then stepped down. I see we will have to work on that. As my chest compressed, ok I see you can take my weight on your face and chest. Next we will try your groin many of the tenants said that is absolutely a must have.

To be continued.
Jun 25, 2009
Part 4

Laying in bed my phone buzzed the familiar sound of a text message it was Thursday morning it’s been a month since the pounding I took under a beautiful army of lady tramplers. My face looked much better fully recovered I was just enjoying my last day off before having to return to work planning on sleeping in, yeah right who am I kidding I’m up early everyday.

Hearing my phone buzz I grabbed my I phone and saw a Text from CBR

“ Mr. Jones, I hope you are doing well I was told you took quite a beating after I was dismissed. Tomorrow please stop by my office before you’re shift so I can look you over, but also it turns out QSLR the law firm on the 20th and 21st floors has requested you’re service for Friday morning. They have read and agreed to the rules they are aware no heels and that you will be wearing head protection. We can’t have you out of work for a month again that left us very short staffed and coverage of the building suffered.

See You you in the morning Mrs, Wineberg”

Reading this I felt a wave of cold down my spine QSLR is an interesting law firm the firm spared no expense building out those two floors. Large fish tanks, well honestly aquariums one has real sharks only about a foot long but they are still bristling with teeth. And other tanks with real coral and exotic fish.

The ladies at the firm are unbelievably attractive it’s like as if they try to outdo each other between the skirts that to me were over the top for a law firm. Most of the legal secretary’s had on heels so high they would fit in well at any upper level tittybar.

The other engineers and I made jokes about how it must be an unwritten rule you had to be hot to work for the firm. I was nervous at the though of being “ rented” by these ladies. I know them, all of them it’s one of my floors I’m up there a lot for hot, cold calls, leaks under sinks. Some of these ladies I’ve know or well worked with for ten years. They, well most know me by name. I won’t lie have checked out more asses and toes on Those floors than any other.

I spend the day trying to put out of my mind the events that were set in motion for Friday. I didn’t sleep much that night my eyes were a little red and I looked tired when I made my way to Mrs. Wineberg’s office.

Passing by the girls in the office I am actually good friends with Lori and Shelby, they were always really nice and treated the Engineers like people not just trash to be used and discarded. Nothing like the Corporate robot girls that just mindlessly followed orders. Corporate was on 16th floor but managements office was on the 15th floor.

Both the girls are attractive Shelby a tall, but a few extra pounds blond with awesome green eyes and truly very nice feet that I sometimes got to check out. Days when the office girls had to dress up. Lori was also cute and really nice she had that soccer mom look.

As I walked up to Shelby’s desk “ Morning Phil,” as she seemed to be studying my face. “ I heard what they did to you” she said with a big smile on her face. “ looks like they didn’t ruin that pretty face of yours”. I was embarrassed and really didn’t know how to even respond to that.

“ Is Mrs. W in?”……

“Yes she is expecting you, go on back…. Oh so when do Lori and I get our turn?” As she lifted her foot then slowly set it down and said “ crunch” with that sexy ass smile. “ we will be gentle, ha, ha” …

Lori said laughing “ speak for yourself” then winked at me.

I was afraid and turned on at the time, things are going to get crazy was all I could think. As I pulled myself together and made my way to Mrs. Wineberg’s office I knocked but stood at the door. I was sure that she not only heard the knock but her eyes lifted from her paper she was reading for a split second. I stood there unsure what to do in a very uncomfortable silence until finally Mrs. W said “ come in don’t just stand there, have a seat” As I sat in front of her desk she slid in closer to her desk allowing her feet to show under the lower part of her desk. Her eyes seemed to dare me to look down, her eyes never left mine as she said.

“ Good morning Mr. Jones, I see you have recovered well, that’s good we need you ready for today. “ With that she while still watching me closely moved her feet a little as if she wanted me to look down and see what shoes she was wearing. It began to feel very awkward to stare my boss lady in the eyes I turned my gaze to the wall. But I could still see out of the corner of my eyes Mrs. W had a slight smirk on her face. She had me in a very uncomfortable position and she knew it, I think in some small way it gave her a sense of power. As if she needed anymore she was already my boss.

Finally she broke the silence “ So you have been requested for today for one hour, Corporate is satisfied with you’re performance at the testing. I have been told at least for the first few rentals Shelby should accompany you. She will be there to insure the renters adhere to the rules, no heels, no more than” she paused… “ Well Corporate said no more than 6 on you at one time. But I have assured them you are more than willing to accept 8 and maybe more going foreword. No need to thank me Mr. jones” with a slightly evil smile and she moved her feet again to see if I would look.

By now curiosity got the better of me, as my eyes scanned down I was surprised to see flats that showed all of Mrs. W’s feet. They were really nice quite large with soft pink polish it was obvious she is well kept.

I didn’t notice that I was looking for honestly about 5 seconds, but then I caught myself and my eyes returned to the wall then back to Mrs. W, it didn’t go unnoticed she had a genuine smile on her face. It was the first time I had ever seen her face soften, she was always all business

“ For today Mr. Jones I will tell Shelby no more than six, after all you did take a beating at the test. But since Shelby will be there to also encourage the ladies to take advantage of you since they did pay money. They might be hesitant at first Shelby can walk over the pad and show them you are fine. But she will need to equant herself with the feeling of walking over you and to help her with balance” With that she said “go see she Shelby she is waiting to take you to the mat room, I told her just to familiarize herself then take you to The 20th floor and help you get set up where they want you.” “Thank you Phil for you’re service to CBR”.

As I approached Shelby’s desk she looked down like she didn’t want to look me in the eyes. “ Hey Shelby Mrs. W said I am to see you?” ….

“ Yes, um… I’m sorry I, are you ready to goto the mat room?”.

“ yes ma’am if you are,” as I looked at her face it was torn as if she was hesitant to do this to me. She really is a sweet girl, well shouldn’t call her a girl she is 32 and has the cutest daughter. I followed Shelby into the elevator and she didn’t say a word on the trip. Not her usual outgoing self. She opened the door and we went in and she closed the door and slowly turned around.” I’m really sorry I tried to get out of having to walk all over you, I know I’m really heavy. I have been trying to lose weight this month since she told me I had to. I really have no choice, I will try to be gentle… “

I told her, “ Shelby you’re very sweet and you’re a beautiful young woman, I will be fine I signed the contract and CBR is paying me pretty good to get flattened. Last thing I want is to get you in trouble. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. “.

Shelby got a big smile on her face, “ thank you, but I know I’m a little heavy you’re great though and I really don’t want to hurt you. How do you want to do this?”.. ….” I guess I will lay face up on this little pad and have you place the thin pad over me, the just do what you want.”.

Shelby slid off her first heel and stepped down and I could see her sext foot as she slid the other off. Shelby is really tall in heels maybe 6’1 just slightly taller than me. Standing barefoot she was about 5’11 and yes a little heavy but honestly thick not fat and in all the right places. And her feet were sexy add that to those eyes and pretty smile I just melt.

Shelby looked a little embarrassed at me gawking at her toes and I eased her mind a little when I said “ very nice” and laid down on the mat.

“ thanks I think? “ as she laughed a little. “ you may not think so when you are under them, let me know if I’m hurting you” ….

With the pad in place I felt her foot touch down and then the weight guessing here but maybe 190 plus or minus pressed down on my legs and started to walk up my body. It was heavy but felt good even as she quickly stepped onto my groin area her weight pressed down hard but it didn’t hurt. Then my stomach, then chest sank under her weight as she stepped over my face.

“You forgot to put on you’re head protection, I would kill you if I stepped there”. …. “ No you wouldn’t, I left it off on purpose”

“ I can’t if I hurt you I would be in so much trouble”..

“ It’s honestly fine”. I said.

Then she stepped over my face onto my chest and stood in place then walked down and back up. She did this about ten times it really felt good.

“ Are you ready to head to QSKR?,”…… “ yeah I guess so”

“Ok, turn you’re face sideways” and I did as she moved up to my groin and walked in place then she walked up on my chest and just as her foot was getting ready to land I turned my face up. Not sure why and I paid for it as 190 pounds crushed down on my face. Even with the pad it hurt pretty bad and Shelby stepped off.

“ OMG are you ok?? Why? Shit please be ok”

“I’m fine I promise you didn’t kill me” as I laughed.

“ didn’t that hurt?”

“ yeah it really did but that was hot, …. Sorry I shouldn’t of said that”.

Shelby moved the pad and was smiling bigtime as she winked at me, “ that was really hot”.



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Apr 25, 2007
I like the story. Giving it an A.... if it was finished. For not finishing it I downgrade it to a D. If u do something. Finish it. Or not do it at all. I don't want a split story forum between real and fiction. Rather have it between finished and unfinished. So many stories I start reading only to be dissapointed because the writer lost interest. Also don't tell me you didn't get enough feedback to continue. How about I give feedback when it's finished? Sometimes they get enough feedback and they still don't continue. Then why the peep should we put effort in responding when it's not even sure they even gonna read it. This is 1 huge problem on this site.
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Aug 30, 2002
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Ignore him. I love the story, it is great!

I also know how busy people get, and it may take a while to get a story finished.

Doin't worry, we will be waiting PATIENTLY for the next installment, and it will be awesome!

Thanks for writing, we really appreciat it!
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Apr 25, 2007
Also ignore him.

It took 4 years to continue 1 chapter, 4 years! ofcourse he was too busy in 4 years yeah right, and I'm santa clause, what do you want this year?
Didn't say I did not like the story. Ofcourse I want it finished, but not in 2022. Then u can keep the story.


Aug 7, 2002
I'm a story writer myself & i am well aware of how time consuming it is.
I'm also aware of how little thanks you get for your efforts, which is why I don't post them here anymore.
So what if it takes a while (even quite a while) to finish it. Many things get in the way such as life (away from the keyboard), lack of insperation oir even "writers blank" (which some of the gretest ever story writers suffer from occasionally) & that's without negative comments/whinging to dull the enthusiasm.

One thing I have noticed over the years on MDFF's in the stories section is that those that compllain the most are the ones who dont/cannot/will not write.
So, please respect the members that do take the time & trouble to write & post their stories. If you don't like their work then lets see some of your efforts. You are free to ignore & move on from what you don't like.


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Apr 25, 2007
I'm sorry I got used to the writings of mr. Wasabi. He set the bar very high. I'm not a writer. Not my ambition. Doesn't make sense either. Hey mr bakery my bread is crap so now I will bake my own bread. No.. just no.