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Jul 17, 2018
I'm a complete novice to story making but I've taken a stab at it and decided to share. I hope you appreciate
Darren woke up with a jolt. With his head throbbing he assumed it must have been quite a heavy night of drinking though he can't recall any of it. He opens his eyes looking upward to an unfamiliar ceiling. He wasn't in a bed so he assumed he hadn't "pulled" and wasn't at a girls house. "Was I that drunk? I must have crashed at a friends house or something, well at least this sofa is pretty comfy" he thought to himself.

Too hungover to move he decided to try to go back to sleep. He closed his eyes and tried to clear his head but the headache he had wasn't helping at all. He drifted into and out of sleep. Every now and then he could hear a bell go off. Perhaps an alarm? As well as distant voices but couldn't make out what was being said or by who. He assumed perhaps that they were his friends housemates or something.

He figured his friend would wake up soon and will likely be making his way into the room to wake Darren up. "There's no point in getting up myself, I might as well stay asleep until he wakes me". Darren drifted back off to sleep still occasionally hearing the bell and voices but no one came to wake him. "Huh, it must be earlier than I had thought. Maybe his housemates are just morning people".

The bell rang once more and he could hear voices again. He still couldn't work out what was being said but this time they were getting louder. And he could definitely make out the voices of who women. Whoever it was sounded like they were just in the next room.
"Not a problem Miss. I think we've got just the sofa you're looking for over here, please try it out for yourself" said one of the women from the other room. "Oh no, definitely not. It's comfy I'll give you that but this simply won't match my living room at all."

Wait a minute! Sofas? What is this, a furniture shop? He thought to himself. How the hell did this happen. His mind was blank so he assumed what he thought was the worst. "I must have gotten so drunk that I broken in here to find somewhere to sleep! What do I do? I can't just get up and leave, there are people in the other room. They'll see me! I need to hide or something! Perhaps I could hide somewhere until everyone's gone." It was at that moment that he tried to move and realised that he couldn't. It was as though his entire body was paralyzed. How did he not notice before now? He tried as hard as he could to move but the best he could manage was to wiggle his toes...not that he could see them.

At this point trying to hide was out of the question. His only option was to call for help but it seemed that this also wasn't possible, he tried to get the attention of the two women from the other room but whatever had happened to him was also stopping him from talking too.

"Do you have anything sofas in the same style as this in a different colour? Perhaps a red one?" Said the buyer in an almost European accent. "Umm, actually yes I think we do. I believe one arrived just last night. If you follow me into the other room. I'll see if I can find it for you."

The two women walked into the room Darren was in. He couldn't tell but the buyer was quite tall, blonde and she was wearing a red dress that looked as though it was about to burst at the seems. He was relieved. They will soon see him and this will all get sorted. Sure he will have some explaining to do but that didn't bother him as long as they could call an ambulance or something for him.

"How does this one look?"

"Huh?" he thought to himself. "Can't they see me?" It sounds like they're standing right beside me.

"It's definitely the right colour, mind if I try it out?"

Of course, please feel free. Like I said, it only arrived last night so we haven't tested it or moved it to the showroom yet but if you want it you're more than welcome to take it.
Maybe I'm lying on a sofa behind the one they're talking about or something, surely they should be able to see me though.

They buyer walked over and sat down right on the center of the sofa. That is when he found out that it wasn't a sofa next to him they were discussing. It was the sofa he was on. The woman was sitting right on Darren's stomach as if he wasn't even there. The act winded Darren quite severely but the two women continued talking as if nothing was out of the ordinary. She rests one hand down on his crotch and the other on his face.

Get off of me you wierdo! I'm not a fucking sofa he thought.

Hmm, I'm not sure. The other one was definitely more comfy than this one. She grinds her ass into his stomach trying to get comfortable but is unsuccessful. Is this the only one you have in this colour? She asks while tapping her fingers on Darren's face. I'm afraid so Miss. Sorry about that. Not a problem. I'll just have to look elsewhere. She hops off of the Sofa with a jolt giving Darren so time to recover and the two leave the room.
What the hell is going on? Why didn't they acknowledge me? She was sitting right on me she must have seen me.

Some time pasted, maybe ten minutes or so when footsteps of someone in heels could be heard. It was the seller. She wandered into the room texting on her phone. "Finally I can take a break" she mumbled to her self as she walked over to Darren. Still texting away she turned herself around on the spot and sat herself down right on Darren's face.
May 18, 2018
I would like to find how exactly he is currently held (bound on the sofa, inside the sofa, he is the sofa...), as well as how much the salesgirl knows about this practice, and why she continues it.


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Apr 25, 2007
Yes, there are alot of stories with expected updates and they were never posted. It's like writing half a book. I'm getting pretty tired of it and I'm not much of a writer but If I do, u can bet your ass it will be a full story complete with ending, or open ending. But an ending it will have for sure. This story is great, but let's see how long it will take to be continued and if it is still interesting then. time diminishes fun so time²/fun(*x42) = way too long.