Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 33


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Jan 28, 2003
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Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 33

This might be my last story posting. I have more but without the stories archive that new readers can use to go back & find the beginning. I don't like picking up a story I'd might like without getting it from the start. Please restore & update the stories archive.
I welcome any comments, good or bad from my friends here.

A Busy Ladies Room

Vickie saw the sign with the arrow pointing to the pool one way and the Ladies room the other. The chatter from the Ladies Room could be heard from the hallway outside and when Vickie and the others reached the entrance they saw several girls struggling while the biggest Black woman they had ever seen was walking out laughing.

The skirmish ended when one of the girls made it inside a stall. They all returned to the bench that ran the length of the Ladies Room and that was when Vickie, Joan, Jade & Ginger saw the boys faces sticking up thru the padded seat of the long bench. Jade walked up for a closer look. The poor boy was locked in similiar to the barstools they had just used at the Juice Bar only the red padding of the seat was so tight the poor boys couldn't move their faces at all. The chairmen at the juice bar had a little play. Jade could feel it as she rock N' rolled on her seat face.

Jade's three friends had already settled onto a face and were giggling about how a girl couldn't sit in this spa without sitting on a cute little boy face.

Jade was so wet around her pussy & ass she actually told her faceseat to be a good boy and lick her clean or she'd give him her farts to eat.

The poor boy was wide eyed as Jade settled back on the boys face.

'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' Jade said to her friends. He listens well. They all laughed and when it was their turn they went into a stall. Jade noticed that some of the toilet slaves cried and whimpered and she could understand why. She just couldn't imagine a life as a toilet slave. Then she smiled remembering that that was what she had planned for, her own slave at home.

But this was a different experience for Jade. Where her slave Travis reacted as she would expect anyone in his position to react, with crying and begging for mercy, this boys soft tender kisses on her sweaty asscheeks were showing another possibility.

Jade found the small mirror and sat back opening her thighs as wide as she could to observe.

The young boy was licking and kissing her asscheeks like she was his Queen and when she began to pee the boys mouth was under her. The boy moaned and sighed as he drank her salty piss and it was quite clear to Jade that this boy wasn't anything like her Slave Travis. He was enjoying being her toilet and this was making Jade hot as hell. As much as she got a kick out of hearing Travis voice, in all his misery, this was something even hotter.

Jade watched the boy swallow the last of her piss and then gently lick her pussy like he was trying to find any stray drops. When the boys seemed to be stretching his head back to get to her Rose Jade slid back on the soft seat until she heard the boys sighs as his tongue began licking her sweaty asshole. His licks and kisses were making Jade crazy and as she began to go there were no screams and begging for her not to do this but just the opposite.

Jade felt the boys tongue tip lick at the dark brown log moving out of her and when he raised his mouth to capture it before it broke free she came without even touching herself. Jade was breathing hard as she watched the boy eat from her like he was enjoying his favorite meal.

Her friends were calling to her but she didn't hear them until Ginger tapped on her stall door asking if she was ok in there.

Jade came out of her dreamlike state and mumbled to Ginger that she was fine. She knew she would come again when the boy finished and began to lick her Rose like he was cleaning his plate.

Jade would be demanding some changes when she got back home with Travis. Travis could be replaced she would tell him. Even worse, she could give him to the Spa as a toilet slave. Maybe even trade him for the boy in stall 9.

Jade would remember his name and number.

Jade left stall 9 memorizing the boys name. Luis - Stall 9. Jade wouldn't forget.


Island Girl's & Their Mom's

Marcy Owens, Linda Morris & Peggy Marsh were all down on the beach with their young Daughter's enjoying the Sunday Morning sun & surf.

The Ladies had set up their umbrellas so all three overlapped just enough to give them all a nice area of shade. Around the back they had set up the long windbreaker that Marcy had brought down to keep the wind from blowing sand back at them from the high dunes.

Their boys shared an area right against the windbreaker. They weren't buried in the sand but their hands were cuffed to the stakes sunk very deep into the beach sand. The boys had worked up quite a sweat hammering those long stakes so deep and to make sure they didn't get any ideas like trying to use those hammers to make a get-away they all had their balls tightly wrapped and leashed in the hands of the Mother's until they were staked down onto the warm sand. Once cuffed the hand loops of the leashes were threaded with the umbrella poles making it very painful if they tried to wiggle themselves free.

One boy wasn't staked with the others. In fact he was lying comfortably under the Umbrella's in the shade.

Bob belonged to Peggy & Patsy Marsh. One of the two boys Peg & Pat had found on the beach the day the black cloud changed the Island making it a paradise for Women.

Bob loved eating pussy and eating ass, something Peg had never experienced from her Bastard husband who had left them a week before the change happened. Sure Peg's runaway husband had licked her now & them but only just before climbing on like the pig he was. It had only left Peg wanting more and now she was getting all she wanted and so was her Daughter Patsy.

For young 18 year old Patsy, both experiences were new and Peg loved watching Patsy's face while Bob ate her out.

Terry on the other hand was just the flip side of the coin. But that was fun too. Both Peg & Patsy enjoyed tormenting the poor boy and when the girl's learned about the joy having a Toilet Slave poor Terry's world of submission took on a whole new meaning.

Peg & Patsy soon learned that Bob was troubled about a little pee in his mouth as he had gone down on both Peg & Patsy right after using Terry without wiping. Peg had even squirted a little one morning while Bob was sucking her right after she woke up. Peg had made it to the bathroom and the toilet slave but she knew that Bob had gotten a taste.

Patsy told her Mom a similar story while they were having a mid-day jog on the beach. When they got back to their Beach House they found Bob on his knees in the living room ready to lick & suck them both clean after their sweaty run in the hot Sun.

Peggy & Patsy kicked off their shoes and socks and not wanting to waste time having Bob take their shorts or panties down they both stripped down to their tops. Peggy stood over Bob's upturned face and sighed when she felt his tongue and then the wet slurping sounds as he sucked the sweat from her bush and then her engorged pussy.

Peg had to pee and as she sighed hearing him swallow her juices mixed with her crotch sweat & her dark yellow warm pee filling his mouth. Bob didn't try to pull away and only seemed to be sucking harder as he sealed his mouth around her pussy. Peg's sight of pleasure filled the room as she filled his mouth again & again with each deep sigh.

Bob drank it down. Peg grabbed Bob by his hair as she stepped back off his face. Peg looked into the boys eyes and asked him right out if he liked what he just tasted. Bob blinked and just opened his mouth tilting his head back.

Peg mounted Bob's face once more & finished into his mouth. Patsy watched it all and from the hiss and swallowing sounds she knew Bob was drinking her Mother's piss.

Peg came at least twice as far as Patsy could tell before moving off Bob's wet face. Patsy straddled his mouth and began pissing. She could feel Bob's mouth around her and she could hear him swallowing. Patsy looked at her mother who was smiling and nodding at her. Patsy marveled at Bob's ability to swallow without moving his mouth off her and making a mess and even after he had swallowed the last of her pee he kept his mouth on her licking & sucking her to orgasm.

So you can see why Bob wasn't with the other boys. Bob relaxed in the shade and welcomed the Mother's & Daughter's when they wrapped their thighs around his face to be licked & sucked. Several times one of the Girl's gave him some warm pee to drink but he also got drinks from the collar too. Something the other boy's never got.

The girl's had also brought baskets with food, some of which Bob got to enjoy with them. Not so the other boys. Their drinks were warm and salty and before the day at the shore was over they all had more than one hot meal too. You see Girl's walking by on the beach were welcome to use the boys who gobbled up soft ropes of Poo & washing it all down with hot salty piss.

The offshore wind carried their moans and terrible cries & screams out to sea. Where they joined the cries of the other slaves on the beach, mixing with the cry of gulls & the salty spray as waves rippled to shore.


Mary Parsons

Mary hung up her phone after talking to her younger brother Andrew. Mary had found his message, but had waited before calling him back. A desperate call from her Brother Andrew two nights ago from the mainland. Mary wanted nothing to do with her brother, he was nothing but trouble.

Drew, as everyone used to call him, had gotten into a bit of trouble and was hiding from the mainland police. It seemed Drew had stole close to 25,000 dollars from the bank he worked at as an assistant manager, meaning to pay it back but he was about to be found out by an auditor from the main branch. Drew had lost most of the money gambling. The Mainland police were looking for him & he was desperate. Mary smiled to herself after hearing Drew's sad story as he begged her to hide him on the Island. It was time she taught her lazy brother a life lesson.

So Saturday night she had agreed to meet him at a empty store he had broken into to hide about a mile inland from the drawbridge. Mary drove across the bridge without incident just after midnight. Mary found the empty store and parked out back. Minutes later Mary saw the door open and there was Drew looking haggard as he got into her Jeep. The canvas soft top was up so no one could really see inside but Drew ducked anyway as Mary drove the short distance to the drawbridge.

Drew had a money belt around his waste. His clothes were quite ragged and he appeared not to have bathed of shaved for days.
As Mary drove across the bridge to the constant repeated thank you from her degenerate sibling, she had to smile. About half way across Drew noticed the small tupperware container and tore off the loose lid thinking their was something to eat inside. Mary laughed to herself when she saw how desperate her Brother was.

Mary suspected he hadn't eaten in days. He admitted stealing the cell phone from someone at the bank. It was a miracle that it still worked Drew told her from his prone position while trying to keep out of sight.

Mary slowed as she crossed onto Shore Road. She knew it wouldn't take very long. Drew was still holding the tupperware lid when it began.

Drew began to complain as the tingling feeling over his whole body grew stronger since crossing over. Mary slowed, finally pulling off to the side of the road to watch her Brother shrink. Drew stared at Mary. The scared look on his face was precious as Mary watched him become smaller & smaller.

When Drew finally disappeared into his filthy clothes Mary pulled into the Mall parking lot. Fishing thru the pile of soiled cloths she found her little naked brother and pulled him free. Mary was about to place the 4 inch body into the tupperware bowl but dangling him from her fingers she had a better idea. Laying his tiny body on the seat she raised up the short summer dress she was wearing & pulled her panties away from her warm skin.

Opening the gusset pocket in her light blue panties with two fingers she carefully picked up her little brother. 'Hi Drew she told him as he was waking up. She could see the fear & panic in his tiny face. Mary felt her pussy growing warm & wet as she lowered her little brother into to wet gusset. She snapped the panty back.

Mary grabbed the steering wheel with both hands as she felt her brother regaining some of the use of his arms & legs. 'OH GOD' she sighed feeling him kicking & grabbing. Mary reached down under her short dress & with two fingers she rubbed. She could feel him against her fingers as she pressed him in tight against her pussy & clit. Mary knew her own pussy juices would act like glue keeping him from being sucked in but he didn't know that. He would kick & grab at her even harder but with his back stuck to her soaked panties he was unlikely to be sucked in but she was willing to take that chance. She would cum & cum as he struggled all the way back to her cottage.


Rolling back the soft canvas top Mary gathered up the pile of dirty clothes and tossed them into the dumpster at the back of the parking lot and then with a satisfied smile she headed home. It was just after one AM, Sunday morning would soon be dawning and Mary was having some evil but titillating thoughts about what to do with her Criminal Brother.


When Jade returned to her cottage she looked in on Travis. On the floor of his small bathroom she saw her soiled panties all around him. She leaned against the entrance watching him licking the gusset of her canary yellow pair. The gusset was deeply soiled as she remembered using them to wipe has ass after a crying Travis assured her he had licked her clean.

'You're gonna be licking & sucking these clean if your lying to me' she had told him. She remembered squatting & wiping with them all the time watching his tear filled face then holding them up before him. The long deep brown smear had earned him a whipping.. The red welts on his back, thighs & ass still blood red.

Travis turned & seeing her he crawled to her grabbing her ankles & kissing her feet. 'So pathetic' she thought kicking him away. She thought about the boy in stall #9 & went to get her whip.

Soaked from head to toe after whipping Travis who was screaming & crying curled up in a ball on the living room floor. Jade, her green emerald eyes boring into him as her rage subsided. She kicked Travis until he was lying face up on the hardwood floor. Sitting heavily on his chest after removing her shorts & panties which she dangled before his nose before laying them down over her shorts.

'I was at the Spa this morning & I met a young man in one of the Ladies Bathrooms' she began telling him. 'I'm thinking about making a trade, a trade up for me. I gonna ask if I can do an even swap, Him for you'

It took a few seconds for this to seep in. Travis's eyes opened wide & that was when the begging began again. 'Hundreds of ladies use the Toilet Slaves in those bathrooms everyday Travis. Seven days a week. You won't last a week then you'll be leaving in a body bag' she added.

Jade inched up on his chest. She watched his face as she got closer, his face showing her he could smell her. Sweaty, she rested on his collar bone, her wet sweaty cunni inches from his nose & mouth.

'The boy, your replacement, reached up with his mouth, his tongue licking, mouth sucking & swallowing even before I began filling his mouth. Drinking every drop, hungry for more as his tongue searched for any strap droplets.

Jade watched Travis open his mouth trying to offer it up to her. Tears streamed down his face as she lowered her sweaty cunni to his mouth. Jade heard him gag as he began licking. She sat harder, forcing his mouth open. Travis's cry died as a warm rush of his breath enveloped her cunni. She felt his tongue then his mouth sucking. She smiled seeing her slave trying & failing. The morning will tell the tale of Travis & the boy in stall #9. Her morning toilet.


Mary & Drew

Mary slowly slid her panties down her legs & laying them on the bathroom vanity she looked at her little Brother. Carefully, she removed him from the panty pocket & set him down Mary poked him with a finger until she had him on his back. Mary could see that he was breathing normally. Soaping up a small washcloth Mary slowly cleaned her Brother's little body as best she could before putting some warm water into the bowl to wash him off.

Mary folded the panties around Drew leaving only his tiny head exposed. She smiled when she saw the other pocket. This one in the seat of the panties. Putting him there he would be pressed against her crack. Her cunni was dripping as she pictured it. She would slowly squat & as she rose up her panties would be sucked between her round cheeks, her little brother stuck in the pocket, his face pressed against her Rose, smelling her. 'LICK IT' she would command him. Her fingers were deep in her cunni as she imagined his tiny face, his tongue licking her sweaty hole. Mary came, her cum gushing over her fingers. She looked down at her little brother, his eyes staring back up at her. His mouth was moving but all she heard was little squeaks. Mary pressed her cum soaked fingers over her brothers face & mouth. She felt his tiny tongue.


Mary carried her panties & her little brother into her kitchen & place them on the table. Mary watched her brother begin to regain the full use of his arms & legs. It was important to Mary's naughty idea on how to introduce her brother to his new life of serving her. Drew managed to move the folded panties off his little naked body. He was still looking at Mary, his face wet with her cum.

Mary's pussy was aching for some attention. She picked up her little brother by his feet and held him upside down before her face. Mary sat back in her chair and scooted her ass to the edge while opening her long legs wide.

She slowly lowered her brother down to her hairy bush. She liked the way he struggled as she brought his face in real close to her pussy.

He probably doesn't like the smell she thought to herself as she moved him closer.

Mary dangled the little body above and then lowered him into the wet bush. She did this several times until she couldn't hold off any longer. Mary held on as she dipped him head first against her pussy lips. She could feel him struggling.

Mary pulled him back to her face swiftly and looked at his astonished face and told him to lick her or else......

Mary opened her mouth wide and brought his head to her open mouth and laid him on her tongue. She began licking him and making sounds like she was going to eat him alive.

Drew must of gotten the message cause when she lowered him back to her pussy she could feel the tiny tongue on her pussylips.

Mary sat up and looked down at her pussy. She let go of Drew and watched him start to kick but he was to tiny to get away from his sister's fingers as she forced his legs into her hot cunni. Mary pushed him in to his chest and giggled as she saw him grab onto her thick hairs to keep from being sucked in.

Mary yelled down to him to start licking & sucking. She leaned back once more as she felt her little Brother licking at her clit. She moaned as she thought about how big & fat her clit must seem to one so small. When she felt Drew licking it and then sucking on it she began to cum. It felt wonderful.




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Thanx Bear. Just an FYI if your saving the story. There's a typo in Part 32. At the end I made a typo calling Chelsie, your new Mistress Cassie.


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Thanx Wolf. Good to see you here again. I have updates to post but I'm waiting for John to restore & update the stories forums. I for one wouldn't want to pick up a long story mid way thru. Since most of the many Femina tales I've posted are so looooooong.
Mar 22, 2007
Thanx Wolf. Good to see you here again. I have updates to post but I'm waiting for John to restore & update the stories forums. I for one wouldn't want to pick up a long story mid way thru. Since most of the many Femina tales I've posted are so looooooong.
We understand tekkar, it wouldn't do it justice. Even though your writing is more than good enough to stand on it's own, it does a disservice to the amount of nuance and detail and effort you put into it.