Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 34


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Jan 28, 2003
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Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 34

Freddie Silva looked up at the huge brown cheeks spreading open inches above his face. He gagged at the cloying stink filling the bowl his bald head rested in. Delia, the black Amazon guard spread her thighs letting in a little untainted air as she smiled down at him. He was one of the five Sunday toilet slave's in this Ladies Room here at the Court House. He could hear the others moaning. Some of them looking up into the faces of other guards joining them in their toilet stalls. All six Ladies Rooms in the Court House had 5 boys in service to the Ladies to use prior to & after the Lottery.

'She'll be here this morning Freddie' Delia told him. 'She comes every Sunday you know that. The wet stink filled the bowl, the misty fart running up his nose & mouth as the hot yellow piss began filling his mouth. 'Swallow Freddie' Delia told him as she stopped the flow. 'Get those white boy lips around me now Freddie' she told him. 'You wouldn't want me & the other girl's to tell her you haven't been trying now would you?'

'Who knows, maybe this is the day she'll ask to take you back home with her. You know why she sent you hear don't you Freddie?' she reminded again. Freddie knew not to answer. It was the same every Sunday since Amanda sent him here. Fresh tears filled Freddie's eyes as he remembered the morning she walked him into the Court House & unclipped her leash from his brown collar. How he looked at Amanda, the words stuck in his throat as the guard attached her leash & walked him away. How he called out her name as he watched her leave never turning back to see him as he was led away.

How long ago he couldn't be sure. Everyday he laid in the same stall. During the work week all 20 stalls were filled in all 6 Ladies Rooms thruout the Court House. The girls, young & old coming in during their workday. Hundreds during the long week, even the same girls every day. They smile down at you, they know your name, say Hi before they lower their panties & use you as a toilet, their toilet. Then the guards in the early mornings before the Court House workers came in & then after they left.

Laying in his bed of straw all night until the next morning. Saturday was the only day the slaves had off but the guards picking one of them at random to be taken away & used. Sometimes the screams could be heard bouncing off the metal walls of the huge Quonset Hut that housed them all.


Freddie cupped his mouth around the fat black lips giving a little suck showing Delia he was ready to be a good toilet. Delia sighed relaxing her bladder letting the hot yellow morning piss flow. Delia could hear Freddie drinking. They all learned eventually she thought, her eyes closed, her cunni growing wetter with each swallow she felt & heard from the slave below her. It didn't take long for the slaves to learn to swallow without letting a drop get away. Keeping their throats open, swallowing. Like her, the girl's didn't like having to stop pissing because a slave couldn't keep up. The red welts across their backs & thighs made sure of that.

Freddie's tear filled eyes bulged as he gulped the hot piss. It burned going down to his empty stomach. Soon the cath. in his pee hole would be flowing, making room for more as the morning dragged on. Freddie swallowed the last mouthful. Laying his bald head into the cool water under his head he looked up at the hanging wet lips. The flat of his tongue licked thru the pink inner lips as more piss dribbled into his mouth.

Freddie licked, sucking the fat swollen clit. He wanted the sweet warm cum. He was addicted to it, all the slaves were. He felt his cock stirring in anticipation. Delia was moaning, her cunni juices on his tongue making him cup his mouth around her. Delia sighed with each pulse of her orgasm, each pulse oozing more sweet cum into Freddie's mouth. Freddie licked softly not wanting her to leave until he licked up every drop his tongue could find. Gasping for breathe Freddie laid his head back down.

Freddie opened his eyes to see Delia sliding forward on the large soft toilet seat. Delia looked down at him. 'Freddie' he heard. 'Please no' he begged. 'Lick up & down Freddie. The sweat makes me itch' she told him. Freddie raised his head until his face wedged between the warm brown cheeks & began licking up & down the long deep crack. Freddie sucked the sweat & stink off his tongue, lapping the flat of his tongue up & down the foul smelling crack.

Delia smiled as the wet fart covered his tongue as it licked across her hole. 'Kiss it Freddie' he heard. Her voice, deep & hot as his lips kissed. Delia almost came again. 'Suck on it Freddie' she told him. Freddie opened his mouth around her hole even as the warm turd slid along his tongue. Delia's fingers deep in her soaked cunni, she could feel Freddie's tears, cool between her hot cheeks.

Freddie bit down & gagged. The awful taste exploding as he fought it down. His stomach turning & rising, the bile hot & burning, but the pills they fed him every morning did there job. Delia came onto her fingers hearing Freddie chewing & swallowing as she pushed more into his mouth.

Delia knew slaves like Freddie, having serving for many months now were well trained. She didn't know if Amanda would ever take him back. Girl's on the Island having sent their weak slaves here to learn most times dangled the carrot before them relishing the pain & anguish they caused these boys thou some did take them back. Delia couldn't read Amanda either way.

Delia looked at her watch. Still an hour before the Lottery. Delia enjoyed Freddie's tongue licking her clean. She knew how hard it was to wipe with his tongue. Freddie licked & sucked to Delia's delight. Delia smiled again hearing the sounds from the other four stalls. Two of the boys were fairly new, their screams echoing off the tiled walls as guards taunted them. 'Wait till the ladies come to use you after the Lottery' they told them. The begging, how the girl's loved to hear them beg before they sat over the slave's mouth.

Delia stood & looked down at Freddie as she pulled her panties back up. 'Drink Freddie?' she asked him. Freddie nodded, licking his brown lips as she flushed the toilet. Freddie lay his head back down. The cool water he gulped felt so good. He thought about Amanda, how it all began, meeting her at the Mainland Dinner that morning so long ago.


The new park across from the Court House was filling up. The small pond, the ducks & other birds coming to cool off. Amanda looked at her watch. Still an hour before the Court House opened. She had to pee. Trying to hold it in, saving it for Freddie wasn't going to happen this Morning. There was always the Ladies toilet at the park but Amanda knew the dozen or so park benches around the pond had faces for the Ladies to sit on & using them for toilets, pee only, was permitted.

Amanda smiled at the other Ladies seated as she passed. They all smiled & waved as they sat & talked. Some had their puppy slaves at their feet as they relaxed on the faces wedged into the padded seats on the benches. Amanda looked under them as she passed by. She knew only the faces showed. The slaves bodies somewhere under the brick walkway that circled the park in front of the benches. Then the manicured grass lawn that ran around the pond.

Amanda found an empty bench & smiled down at the two faces sticking up thru the padded seat. 'Which one of you bays in thirsty?' she asked them. The benches were all under tall trees that provided some relief from the hot Sun but these face seat slaves would be enduring the heat until after dark. Amanda knew they were removed & she supposed taken somewhere but they would be back the next morning.

'You look thirsty' she said to the white face as she raised her white tennis skirt & lowered her naked cunni onto the boys face. 'Oooooh.........I almost forgot. Your face is so hot' she said aloud jumping up. Amanda found the bucket of cool pond water by the side of the bench. The long wooden handle with the large yellow sponge was dripping wet when she pulled it out. She laughed when the white boys mouth opened as she held the soaked sponge over his face.

Amanda rubbed the boys face letting him suck some water before she moved it over to the black boy who's face in the bench & wiped him down. 'No' she told him. 'You get your drink after you lick me dry' she told him.

Amanda lowered her naked ass again onto the white face. 'Ooooooooo, that's mush better' she said as she moved her cunni onto the boys mouth. 'Open' she told him. Amanda used two finger & pushed down on the boys jaw forcing his mouth open. Just in time too, her bladder was ready to burst & the deep sigh that escaped her lips drew smiles from the two ladies walking by with their two puppy slaves.

Amanda felt the boys mouth around her as she lifted the front of her short skirt watching the boy swallow, she could almost feel his Adam's Apple bobbing with each swallow. She gazed over at the other slave's face in the bench. The black boy could only see straight up, he couldn't see her unless she was directly over him.

Amanda rocked on the white mouth as her flow ebbed. Sliding on the boys slippery face she moved her ass onto the boys nose. The loud gasp made her giggle for a second. 'No, not for you' she said as she rose up. Amanda looked down at the black boy. 'Lick my cunni clean boy & when I move my ass crack onto your mouth you lick that clean too if you want your drink' she told him.

Settling her wet cunni onto the boys face she didn't have to force his mouth open. 'Ahhhhhhhhhh' she sighed. The boys tongue began lapping her cunni & when she lifted her skirt again the boy's lips were sealed around her bare cunni. She was still oozing pussy juices & as the black boy sucked she could hear each swallow. Amanda reached back with both hands opening her ass cheeks wide as she lowered them to the boys mouth. The wet fart that oozed out as the boy began licking made her giggle.

Under her, the black boy never stopped even when the wet fart puffed out his cheeks. He swallowed it along with the hot sweat his tongue licked up between the white globes. When Amanda began working her ass on his face he only had to keep his long fat tongue sticking up as she wiped herself on it.

Amanda swished the sponge in the water before holding it over the black boys face. His open mouth caught the drips making her giggle. She wiped the boys face with the cool water letting him suck on the sponge. She looked down on the two faces & for a few seconds she saw two boys not two face seat slaves. Dropping the sponge back into the bucket she brushed her skirt down. The two ladies with their puppies were going into the Toilet. They hung the leashes on hooks before they walked inside. Amanda looked at the faces again thinking to herself that these boy didn't have it so bad. You could be in the Toilet instead of out here in the fresh air she said to herself . 'Oh my' It's time to go visit Freddie' she said aloud as she walked away toward the Court House.


Their were six stalls in the Park Toilet. Both ladies giggled walking in. They could hear the moans from the stalls. One boy was crying loudly, begging someone to come help him. He'd been moaning like the others but when he heard the door open, then footsteps, he couldn't help it. The other five boys held their breath thinking if they can't hear me they'll pick another stall. But they all knew the crying boy would get one if not both Ladies.

Janet O' Hara pushed open the stall door where the wailing was coming from. Susan Marshall, her lover walked in with her. They both stared down at the boys face in the bowl. The two Lesbian lovers, rich in their own right, had just moved into their Villa high up overlooking the ocean & the cove they shared with other wealthy Women who lived in the Villa's nearby. Their two puppy slaves came with the Villa as they had requested & the boy puppies would be spared the second half of their toilet duties this Sunday morning. They saw the boy lying under the potty chair against the far wall & smiled. TP was written in dark brown marker across his hairless chest.

The walk in the park had their Mistress's ready as the boy puppies lay in the cool grass in front of the Park Toilet. 'You go Janet' Susan said. Susan watched her Lover raise her peach colored golf skirt & sit on the seat over the crying boys face. 'You're next' Janet said. 'No, I can't hold it & I wouldn't want you to rush because of me' Susan said. 'Enjoy it. I'll take the slave in the stall next to you'

Both boys in the ajoining stalls tensed up hoping it wasn't their stall she'd go too. They knew it didn't matter. It wasn't like it would make any difference but they couldn't help it. They tried not to break down like the crying boy but it wasn't easy. They knew they would be used twenty or more times today. Tomorrow they would go to the benches for several days pending any complaints, & then back here again. Everyday they served in one capacity or another.

Susan took stall four & looked down at the black boys face. Her mouth watered thinking about the little black shrinkies she had eaten alive at the Spa just yesterday. Someone had told her they were sweeter & they were right. Susan couldn't remember how many she had caught screaming when she stuck them onto the hot marshmallow she had just roasted over the open flame. Stuck to the hot marshmallow, screaming their shrill cries as they kicked, swinging their arms wildly as the burnt marshmallow melted around them.

Susan sat over the black face. The oversized toilet seat made it easy to find the slaves nose & mouth with her pussy or ass. She didn't have to push, she was ready even as they walked the Park. Looking down between her spread thighs she watched the boys face. She could feel it slowly sliding out. Susan felt it, the rush, the heat seeping from her pores, the power as she saw the wet dark brown turd falling to the black boys open mouth. She sighed with relief watching his big black lips catch it. It was a long fat one. She couldn't see it all, standing tall as the black lips opened & closed around it as he ate.

Susan fingered her soaping wet pussy as she watched the black boy eating the fat solid log. 'Look at me while you eat' she whispered down between her full white thighs. The black boy looked up, his tear stained cheeks moving as he chewed & swallowed. Fat tears rolling down his face. 'Yes......Good boy' she hissed as she saw the curly tip of her shiny turd come into view.


Janet watched the white boy's eyes as she felt herself opening up. A little push, 'Ummmmm, yes' she moaned. The boy began gagging from the smell. Janet could only imagine how bad it must be down there. 'Open your mouth BOY' she called down to him. 'Look at me. I want to watch you as you eat it all' she told him. The boys lips quivered as they opened. Janet felt the pleasurable pain as her hole stretched as the fat turd move down to the boys mouth.

Janet knew if she touched herself now she would cum. The white boy was gagging as he tried to chew. The fat turd fell across his mouth threating to slid off his face. Mad, Janet screamed down at the boy making him bawl even louder. She looked at the plastic tongs hanging on the stall wall where there would normally be a roll toilet paper. She would make sure he ate every morsel before she flushed cool water over the boys face. The TP slave under the potty chair was going to have plenty to lick up before her & her lover would be satisfied.


Susan watched the black mouth open & close as the last of her turd passed thru his lips. She came over her fingers & as the boy swallowed the last she hung her cum dripping fingers over the boys open mouth. Susan stood & flushed, giggling as she watched the cold water flood the bowl, the boys mouth gulping as she left the stall.

Susan sat on the potty chair & placed her sneakers on the slaves chest. 'God that feels so good' she whispered feeling the warm tongue licking thru her crack & rimming her Rose. 'How you doing Lover?' she said hearing Janet swearing. She knew she could stay having the TP boy lick her for hours but she got up & pushed into the stall.

Janet had the tongs & was feeding pieces of her long fat turd to the screaming boys mouth. Janet pushed the tongs into the boys mouth forcing him to eat. 'Janet, give me the tongs, go & get licked clean. That TP boy has an amazingly long tongue. I'll finish him off ok' Susan said to her Girlfriend.

'Don't flush when he's done' Janet told Susan before she left the stall. 'I won't. Go & use that boys tongue & relax' she told her lover as Janet left the stall. Susan picked another lump from the water near the boys bald head & held if over the boys mouth. 'Open up boy or I'll shove it down your throat'

Janet smiled hearing her Lover. She was right too, the TP slave's tongue was working wonders. She even felt the tip slip into her & what was even better she could hear the boy swallow & he sounded like he was savoring every bit of it.


Drew Scanlin, naked & shivering looked around. He saw others, his friends from school, screaming, all of them looking up. Drew raised his head & looked up. The giant faces smiling down at them. Drew screamed & falling to his knees he passed out. What Drew & the hundreds of tiny boys in the large plexiglass containers similar to Aquarirums didn't know that several high school graduations in northern California came under Rebecca's. Boys no younger than 18 simply disappeared, their caps & gowns falling to the empty chairs to the astonishment of the crowd gathered there. Rebecca was answering the need for young boys in demand thruout the Islands.

'Wake up slave....Wake up!' Drew opened his eyes, his mouth opened in a silent scream. The girl straddling his naked chest slapped him again. He tried to move but nothing worked. His arms, legs, refused to move but he could feel them tingling like when his foot would fall asleep. Drew watched as the girl lifted the short skirt she was wearing. He tried to move his face away. The naked pussy inches above his face. The smell hit him making him gag. Hands griped his head forcing him to look back up. 'Open your mouth Slave' he heard. He couldn't feel the tears running down his face as the girl's fingers pressing on his jaw forcing his mouth open.

The two white pills began dissolving as soon as they hit his tongue. Wet pussy filled his mouth as the girl sat on his face. 'Swallow' she told him. Drew's eyes opened wide. He knew it was the girl's piss filling his mouth. 'Swallow' she told him again. Drew swallowed, the foul taste making him try to pull his face away but the hands returned. He wanted to be sick, his stomach churned, bile burning his throat. 'OPEN' the girl screamed at him. Drew looked up, meeting the pretty blonde girl's eyes as she continued to use his mouth as her toilet.

Drew felt another girl sit on his thighs. He felt his hands being grabbed. He was getting his feeling back & he could feel the cuffs the girls was putting on his wrists. He swallowed & swallowed until the girl began fucking his mouth. The juices filling his mouth tasted good & he couldn't stop himself from sucking & swallowing all of it. Drew struggled to breathe as the girl rode him harder & faster. His jaw forced painfully wide open he feared for his life but them he tasted it, like sweet honey, thick creamy. The pressure eased as the girl came into his mouth. Drew sucked, he wanted all of it wishing it would never end.

His tongue licking the air as the girl slid back onto his chest. Drew looked up at her, the fight in him gone even as the blonde girl lifted the back of his head slipping the brown dog collar around his neck. 'Where am I?' he managed to say as she slipped the leather leash to his collar. He had felling back everywhere & when the girl stood & tugged on the leash he slowly got to his knees. There were others all around. Boys like him, collared & leashed coming out of the nightmare they were all living in.

He was at his High School Graduation when the bright flash of light covered the stadium before waking up, naked & screaming when he saw the Giant girl. He saw other boy like himself being led away. Some were crying, some falling to their knees only to be whipped with the leather leash until the stood, some being helped by other boys. 'Where are they taking us? What is this place?' he wanted to scream out. but instead, head down he shuffled along with the rest of the naked boys.


April Jane giggled seeing the two young boys lying in the cool grass in front of the Ladies toilet here in the park. Pushing the door open she could hear the cries for help coming from all six stalls but the screams from two stalls echoed louder than the others off the tiled walls. Quickly she went into stall one, her bladder & bowls ready to burst. She was waiting for the Courthouse to open along with the dozens of Women here & around the park.

A quick peek at the slaves face in the bowl before lowering her panties reminded her that she had used this Toilet Slave before as her ass cheeks spread after sitting on the padded extra large toilet seat. 'Your mouth slave' she called down from between her parted thighs. Her warm pee hitting the boys open mouth even before his lips cupped her hairless cunni. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' April sighed feeling the slaves mouth around her as she relaxed her bladder. The feel of the slave's mouth sucking on her Cunni, hearing him swallow had April forgetting not being able to hold it for her ex-boyfriend serving time in one of the Courthouses Ladies Rooms.

The Slave drank the warm salty piss. Keeping his throat open, his lips never breaking the seal around the young girl's pussy even as the warm pungent fart squirted out over his nose & eyes. He knew what he would be doing after swallowing the ladt mouthful of the young girls piss.

The toilet paper boy would be the one licking her cunni & ass clean & most likely would be the one drinking her warm delicious cum. Seeing the girl slid on the seat above him the slave felt her opening hole slide onto his mouth. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' he heard the girl even as she warm pungent turd slid across his tongue filling his mouth. The foul taste as he bit into the soft wet log swallowing even as it seemed to melt in his mouth oozing down his throat. The slave in stall one saw another wet log hanging, waiting for his mouth as the girl above him sighed in relief.

April looked down from between her open thighs. Seeing the slave eating was making her cunni grow warm & wanting attention. April felt the turd drop into the boys mouth. She giggled, he had just swallowed the last of the first long one & now she was watching him eat the golf ball size turd. Her eyes met his as he chewed & swallowed. April thought about using the TP slave to clean her cunni & ass but the slave below her swallowed & licked his lips she flushed & watched him drink the cool water. Flushing again as she remained seated she moved her dripping cunni over the boys mouth. 'Clean my cunni Slave' she told the boy.

Surprized, the toilet slave began licking the wet cunni. Piss & cunni juice mingled in the boys mouth as he eagerly drank the tangy mix. April felt the boys tongue & lips on her clit. His tongue sank deep into her drawing more of her juices into his mouth. It wouldn't take much, April came so close to cuming from watching the slave service her that the boys mouth cupping around her, catching her juices gave her the warm tingling feeling as her orgasm built & exploded. The slave, feeling rewarded, felt his mouth filling with the girls thick creamy warm cum. Swallowing as each pulse of the girls orgasm squeezing his tongue as more of the girls cum oozed into his mouth & down his throat .

April looked down at the boy 's face before flushing & going to see the TP slave to have her asshole licked clean. Looking t her watch see saw that the courthouse was open. She would go join the hundreds of other Ladies & enjoy the lottery & maybe, just maybe she'd need to pee & go see her ex-boyfriend & enjoy hearing him beg her to take him home.



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Sure, from the very first one till this one :)
Sometimes I have to reread the older in anticipation of the new chapters.
Even if I don't write too often here - I'm a big fan of Femina Island.
To be honest, the main reason for me to check this forum - are your stories.
BTW to find some of them I just do use google.


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Thanx guys - I wasn't going to post any more chapters until the story archive had been restored but now I'm glad I have. Thanx again for your support...…………..
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