Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 35


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Jan 28, 2003
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Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 35

Carly Ann Mills, her first full day on the Island, followed her girl friend into the huge hotel. 'You have to be a member to use the Spa' her girlfriend Sally told her. 'But I'm allowed to bring a guest' Carly Ann was nervous. Sally had called her begging her to join her on the Island. Finally, around midnight she walked to the middle of the drawbridge that connected the Mainland to the Island. Sally was waiting there. The strange tingling on her skin that Sally had told her about soon passed as they reached Sally's Jeep & headed off to her cabin.
Carly had heard all the rumors about the Island. Sally had tried before to get her to cross over but she had been scared. Losing her job at the now closed TV station she finally gave in. The small cabin was nice, she had to share the one bedroom & bed with Sally but that was ok, they had had sleepovers growing up on the Mainland. 'You'll never guess who's on the Island' Sally told her friend. 'It's Ashley Kane isn't it' Carly Ann guessed. Sally hugged her friend. 'She has a TV show here on the Island. You can only see it here' she told her Carly Ann. 'It's on later today. You can watch with me but....well you'll see'
'Non- members can only walk thru the Shoppe's there' Sally pointed to the long hall just inside the Hotel's entrance. Then with a huge smile she led her to the Juice Bar. 'Now you'll see why I told you to wear that short tennis outfit' Sally told her as she led her inside the Juice Bar.
Carly Ann stopped short after walking in. Sally took her friends hand & led her to one of the strange looking open bar stools. 'There's a man in there!' Carly Ann said pointing. Moving closer she now saw the face locked into the seat. 'Go ahead Carly Ann. sit down' Everyone watched, smiling at seeing a new girl experiencing what they had on their first trip. Carly looked down at the boys face. She could feel herself getting wet thinking about what she was going to do. She had left her panties in the car, giving in to Sally's telling her to do...You'll see she had said with a giggle. Stepping onto the foot rail that ran the length of the bar she rose up. Carly Ann closed her eyes as she hovered above the boys face. 'Do ahead. Sit on him' Sally told her from the next stool. Carly Ann could hear the moans from the face under Sally's short matching tennis shirt.
'OH MY GOD' Carly Ann sang out, bringing giggles from the other young girls in the bar. Carly Ann hung on the edge of the bar feeling the boys face under her naked ass. 'LICK LICK LICK' came the chorus from the crowd. Carly Ann felt the boy mouth around her cunni, his tongue licking deep & stroking her clit. She felt her juices running thru her into the boys mouth like an open spigot. Carly Ann, breathing hard grabbed the orange juice the girl behind the bar had placed before her. Leaning forward she heard the boy swallow. Carly Ann slowly sat back down on the boys face. Things had quieted down. Sally put a hand over hers on the bar. 'Relax, enjoy' Sally told her. Carly Ann moved back & forth over the boys face feeling his tongue slice thru her drenched cunni & thru her ass cheeks. The gasp & the electric feeling as the boys tongue licked across her asshole again as she moved back.
When she came she sat her cunni on the boys open mouth. The boy liked it. She could tell by the way he sucked & swallowed. Carly could feel herself emptying with each pulse as she came. Carly Ann finished her juice & asked the smiling girl behind the bar for a refill.

Candice Stewart open her eyes & smiled. Stretching her arms as she yawned, seeing the silky white curtains in her bedroom windows dance along with the warm sea breeze. True, her cottage was four rows back from Shore Rd. that ran the length of the Island but the on shore breeze seemed not to know it.
'Mistress' Candice heard the troubled breathing. Looking to her bedside she saw her Slave kneeling there awaiting his first of many tastings on this beautiful Sunday morning. Candice rolled her slightly overweight body onto her side & smiled at Banti her Indian Slaveboy. Candice moved placing her thighs on either side of her slaves head. She knew Banti was well trained & had never spilled a drop of her morning pee staining her bed. Candice had to admit she enjoyed the slaves anxiety. She knew her first piss of the morning must taste terrible. Even thou he was well trained he still had to fight to get it all down & it didn't get better after her morning coffee. But he was her slave. And this was his life now. If not for me she told herself it would be someone else.
Candice pet her slave as she edged her wide body closer to the edge of the bed. Her large thighs opening, she continued petting her slaves head as his mouth covered her bare cunni. Candice loved that first release, she almost came feeling his mouth around her even as she was filling his mouth with her pungent morning piss.
Banti moved his face between her white thighs getting his first sniff of his Mistress's warm moist cunni. The neatly shaved cunni, wet with morning dew slid closer to his mouth. Banti loved hearing his Mistress moan as the first stroke of his talented tongue licked up the tasty sweat. Candice looked down on Banti's bald head bobbing as he licked. One hand, then both stroked the boys head. Candice opened her thighs a little wider as she felt her slave's mouth around her pee hole & cunni lips.
Banti swallowed, fighting the need to pull away as the burning in his empty stomach made him want to vomit. It was up to him to take those little white pills. The bottle lay under his pillow on the floor by Candice's bed. It got a little easier as his belly filled & he tried to think about the sweet cum he would get when licking his Mistress clean.
Her sigh, deep & low filled the bedroom as she continued feeding her human toilet her warm dark yellow pee. Candice could hear her slave swallowing, his mouth sealed around her. Candice loved not having to stop like she had to with other slaves she had used. They would gag, spill her pee & ruin her pleasure. She could feel his mouth sucking at her. It was a like a pulse evenly timed, each swallow, never a drop going astray.
Candice felt the flow ebb. One or two last swallows & then his tongue licking her, cleaning her making her gasp with pleasure. She knew her slave wanted her cum. There was always so much. Ever since coming to the Island, it just gushed from her, thick white & creamy & her slave wanted it, all of it. It was addictive, she guessed.
Her orgasm fired every nerve as it flowed thru her & into Banti's mouth. She knew the boy would lick at her for hours if she didn't roll her thighs away. She watched him licking his lips. Candice knew Banti would drink every drop from her today & everyday & as her full toilet slave he would serve her 24/7. Candice was off today. She worked at the Rec. field. That's where she had first met Banti.
Nana stirred in her warm bed Hearing the girls leaving for their Sunday morning down on the beach. 'Quiet' she heard her daughter Fran tell her girls. 'You'll wake Nana' she added. Nana heard them leaving out the back. She had the cottage & better still their Slave Kevin, all to herself this morning.
The cottage, quiet now, Nana could hear Kevin moaning. She knew they had left him cuffed to the new Toilet Smother Box Chair. His head snuggly fixed in the bright orange padded seat. Nana rolled her large body back on her side & hugging her pillow she watched the white curtains moving with the warm breath of the sea breeze.
Kevin blinked, the taste in his mouth making him want to vomit with each swallow. They all used him before leaving for the beach. The funnel making sure he drank every drop. They tried to be quiet so they wouldn't wake Nana. Kevin tried too fearing his loud swallowing & the girls giggling would bring her from her bed. Kevin tried not to let the warm piss fill his mouth but there was no stopping it. The sound of it hitting the sides of the funnel, foaming up, then Fran, dropping in the white pills, pinching his nose making him swallow.
Danelle, her sisters Delia & Roni took their turns. Kevin's cock jumped. the cath. tube emptied into a hole in the floor. 'We're saving the rest for the toilet slaves down on the beach' Danelle had told him. 'But we're sure Nana will feed you your breakfast' she added watching the funnel empty into his mouth.
Kevin cried hearing the padding feet of Nana as she left her bedroom. Kevin could hear her in the kitchen fixing her morning coffee. 'Quiet in there' he heard. It only made him sob even louder. He could hear her coming closer. It was scarier not being able to see her until she was right on top of him. He knew who it was but it was like that feeling at the movies when you knew someone or something was about to spring out from the dark.
Kevin saw her giant black face smiling down at him. Then the swish of her Sari as she turned. Nana placed her mug on the small table by the chair & began lifting her Sari, gathering it around her huge belly. 'Nooooooooooo' Kevin moaned seeing the huge thighs & the massive ass coming down on his face. Kevin pressed his head back trying to get his face lower as the cheeks spread hitting the padded seat. The stink filled the hole his head was in like a wave of sewerage flowing over him.
Kevin tried moving his face but it was between the sweaty cheeks. Nana leaned forward allowing some air inside his hole. Her fat hanging cunni lips brushed over his mouth. 'Let me feel your tongue boy' she told him. Kevin worked his tongue up & in then sealed his lips around her peeslit. Nana felt the boys lips & then relaxed, letting her hot dark yellow piss flow into the white boys mouth.
Nana enjoyed hearing him swallow. she smiled, took a sip of hot coffee as the boys mouth sucked & swallowed. He thinks he's going to get some sweet Nana cream licking me but he's gonna have to work a little harder this Sunday morning she said to herself. No taking turns this time. No five girls having to piss before beginning their day. Not today. She had all day with the boy.
Nana let the boy lick & suck trying to bring her off & get his cream. Kevin licked & sucked every drop of piss that still leaked into his mouth. Frantic, he licked deeper & deeper, wanting the sweet cream when Nana sat up, blinding light filled the hole. Kevin blinked trying to focus. Nana's face smiled down. Her body blocking some of the light.
'I'm gonna get another mug of coffee boy & then I want your tongue cleaning out the sweat from between my cheeks before I let you dig for your breakfast' she told him. Cackling like an evil witch as she walked away.
Mitch watched Regina walking into the hotel & Spa. He had things to do back at the Beach House & was about to get back in the Land Rover & leave when he saw the boys being led to the inground pool. Shuffling, their ankles loosely bound he looked for his friend Mic Daniels. Torn by seeing his friend trapped here on the island he knew there was nothing he could do to help him. Mitch didn't want Mic to see him but he couldn't just drive away.
Mitch looked at the time & saw the pool wouldn't be open for the young girl's who frequented the outdoor pool for another hour. Mitch could hear the moans as the line formed for the Cabana slaves. 12 special toilet stalls each with a slave to serve the girls who would come & go during the hot day.
Mitch watched Shelley who had the duty today pick the six boys who would serve as pissboys for the day. The crying grew louder from the boys who wern't picked & they grew even louder when the TP boys were selected & led to the far end of the Cabana. The 12 boys left would spend the day as Human Toilets.
Mitch was about to leave when one of the boys tried jumping out of the line trying to get to Shelley. It was Mic & as the other girls working with Shelley caught him Mitch heard his name cried out. 'MITCH MITCH' he heard his friend calling to him. Mitch saw Mic fall to his knees crying. 'They never pick me' he kept repeating as the girls propped him back up in line. Mitch knew it was Regina's orders that he never be chosen for what was considered by the Cabana slaves light duty, thou spending it as a pissboy, out in the hot Sun all day, was a torture unto itself.
About to leave Mitch saw Regina coming out. Regina put a hand out freezing Mitch. 'Stay' she told him. She was heading to see Shelley. 'He's yours for the day until I leave' she told Shelley handing her a long leather leash. When he saw Shelley walking to him, holding a leash he knew he was in trouble. Regina went back inside as Shelley stood before him smiling.
'Your mine today Mitch' she told him hooking the leash to his blue collar. 'Well mine & the other girls working with me. she added as she led him away.
Kevin could hear Nana humming. He could smell the coffee. Hearing her bare feet padding as she walked to the Toilet Chair he lay under he began to panic. His cuffed wrists didn't keep his hands from gripping the chairs thick metal legs. Thru tear filled eyes he saw Nana looking down at him. Showing him her coffee mug she told him how her second cup always made things move a little easier. He saw Nana turn, lifting her Sari once again & slowly lower her huge black ass to the seat.
'Lick between my cheeks slave' she told Kevin. 'Get all the nasty sweat with your wide tongue & swallow it all' she added wiggling her huge cheeks around his face as he licked her hot sweaty ass crack. Nana sipped her coffee feeling her cunni growing wet. The slaves warm breath on her asshole feeling so good, his tongue licking it as she pushed easing out some warm tasty farts into the boys mouth.
Kevin swallowed, wanting to gag. He could taste more than sweat, his tongue working lose little specks that melted in his mouth but then warms wet farts puffed out his cheeks he gagged, his cries, muffled , brought a smile from Nana as they flowed around her opening rosette.
Nana ran her huge sole over the slaves cock, her heel pressing down on the slaves balls. 'Open up boy' she told him. Kevin, his face soaked with tears & her foul sweat opened. He felt it, warm, wet against his lips as he cried. He could see it growing as it slid over his tongue. Kevin could taste it as it broke off. Closing his eyes he began to eat it. More hung above his mouth as he swallowed, gagged.
Nana worked her heel pressing on the slaves balls. Her other foot, the sole rubbing the shaft. she could feel it growing hard, hear the boy chewing. Her toenails dug into the hard shaft, scraping as the boy gagged. Kevin swallowed. He could see it waiting for his mouth thru tear filled eyes. When it broke free it landed in his mouth with a soft plop. As he ate it he could feel Nana's feet, both of then holding his hard cock, rubbing. Nana could feel the slaves pre cum on her toes & soles as she stroked him. 'Eat up boy' she said as her toes caressed the fat head.
Kevin swallowed, gagged. his cock was betraying him. But it felt so good. Kevin licked & sucked on pouting hole as more oozed into his mouth. He was blinded by his own tears as he tongue bathed Nana's asshole. Nana soles & toes, soaked in the slaves drippings as she watched the thick white gobs flow from the slaves cock. Nana remained over the boys face as she slowly sipped her coffee.
Shelley's girls were leading the Toilet Slaves into the Cabana as she led Mitch around back where the Quonset hut that held the slaves was. 'Kneel down' she told Mitch. Mitch fell to his knees in the short cool grass as Shelley raised her short tennis skirt. 'Even with your blue collar I know you have certain toilet duties' Shelley told Mitch as she moved her tanned thighs around his head. Mitch licked & kissed Shelley's cunni, tasting her before cupping his mouth around her.
Shelley's warm piss eased slowly into his mouth. Mitch swallowed, sucked & swallowed as his hands rubbed Shelley tummy as was a slaves thanking his Mistress. Mitch licked his lips looking up at her. When she didn't move away he began licking, sucking & caressing her hard clit with his tongue until Shelley flooded his mouth with her thick creamy cum. 'Stay here for now Mitch' she told him. Mitch suspected what was happening & he wasn't surprised when Shelley's Cabana girls, one by one visited him.
The last girl, a beautiful Asian, told him his friend in the Cabana was crying & begging for you to help him. Mitch drank the girls pee & sucked her off. He couldn't do anything for his friend & he knew it. 'I'm going to visit him now. Do you have anything to tell him?' the girl told him. Mitch said 'Tell him I'm sorry' The girl walked off to go use his friend Mic in the Cabana. Shelley returned & led Mitch away.
Madame Clara was enjoying her first week with Baja. She had no patients training a slave to her liking. The trade with her friend Chanti D'Bree, her slave Bobby for Baja was a win for both of them. Chanti liked the idea of training a young slave & having borrowed Baja on several occasions, thou renting him was more the arrangement, Baja was well trained in serving her oral needs as well as Toilet duties. She knew Chanti was sick of Baja's crying, begging & whining, something that she rather enjoyed whine using a slave for her pleasure.
She was friends with Judge Erinn who on occasion would grant favors. Bobby was one of the slaves Rebecca had brought to the Islands after using a spell on a all male members only Golf Club. The older male members were the in initial target but young caddies, one of which was Bobby were also among the fat old men who were going to be part of an Slave Lottery at the Court House. It didn't take Madame Clara long to see trading for Baja as a possibility.
'Your all mine now Baja' Clara told him as she lowered her huge naked ass to the toilet throne by the bay window looking down on the beach below. Clara wasn't one to roam the beach in a bathing suit. That was for the young girl's to enjoy. Thou Clara didn't mind the island heat so much, it was the sweat that filled her crotch & ass crack that itched to no end that she would return to her cottage to have her slave lick & suck clean. Her slave Bobby tried but lacked the skill Baja had. The crying & begging was a bonus that made her even wetter as she sat her cunni & ass on Baja's face.
Clara waved to the young girl's as they passed by her window. Some leading slaveboys laden with coolers, umbrella's & such for their Mistress's to enjoy a day on the beach. 'Open Baja' Clara told him feeling her hole begin to stretch as the fat oily turd made its way to Baja's mouth.
Clara could feel Baja's breath, warm & growing quicker, panting like a dog until it broke or dropped into his mouth. Clara fingered her sopping wet cunni hearing Baja chewing & swallowing even as she felt another stretching her open again. Clara felt that wave of pleasure as Baja's lips sucked on her hole. his hot breath making her push. his cool tears on the inside of her hot inner cheeks, his tongue gently touching her, guiding the wet warm log deeper into his mouth.
Clara was cumming all over her fingers as she listened to Baja chewing & swallowing. Breathing so hard, her free hand gripping the small sink in the nearby vanity as her Rosette slowly closed. She heard Baja's moans, the swallowing sounds of her slave eating from her. Clara was patient as she waited to feel her slave's tongue cleaning her to another sweet cum.
Kerri Chapel, her shopping bags in the back of her Jeep was leaving the parking lot of the Mini Mall where the Panty-Pet Shoppe was. She always visited with Tori when she had the chance. Tori was usually down at Merchant's Row on Sunday's but today she had supplies coming in so one of her Island Girls was covering for her.
Kerri stopped outside the Mall & instead of crossing over to Palm Drive where her cottage was she instead pulled over & parked on Shore Rd. The drawbridge connecting the Island to the Mainland was just a few steps away. Kerri had stopped many times before, walking to the top of the bridge, stopping to watch what was happening on the Mainland side. There was always a crowd waiting to see if anyone was brave enough to walk across to the Island.
Kerri had seen a few make it to the half way mark at the very top but they never came any closer. It was the tingling they felt that drove them back even thou others, probably friends cheered them on. This time Kerri walked part way up the bridge, surprised to see the young black girl standing there. Her hand outstretched feeling the tingling, the pull of the Island & pulling her hand back. Rubbing her fingers. She was about to run back to the Mainland when she saw Kerri standing there.
'Don't be afraid' Kerri told the girl. The girl looked back at her friends still cheering her on, telling her to cross over. 'Listen to your friends' Kerri told the girl. 'Nothing over here can hurt you, I promise' Kerri told her as she took a few steps closer to the young girl. 'How old are you' Kerri asked. '18, yesterday' the girl said. Kerri smiled knowing the Island wouldn't reject the girl. To young & the pain would be unbearable rather than the mild tingling.
'Come across & I'll show you there's nothing to fear here on the Island' Kerri told her as she stepped even closer. 'I heard all the stories, the men & boys who crossed over & were never heard from again' the girl said. 'The fishing boats that disappeared, all gone.
'Have you seen women crossing back & forth? The trucks carrying goods, all women driving right' Kerri told the girl as she reached out her hand. 'Only women' the girl said again looking back to her friends. It was like she was just realizing it for the first time. 'Come' Kerri asked. 'You can cross back over anytime you want' Kerri added. 'But you won't want to' she added, taking the young girl's hand in hers.
The girl didn't pull away even thou the gentle tickling move up her arm & over her body as she walked with Kerri across the bridge.

Angela Carter ler her X-hubby Adam into the Rec. Field. Tugging on his leash to make him move a little faster she ignored his begging not to leave him here. 'I'll do better Mistress' he pleaded. Angela looked down on her slave hubby & assured him he will be doing better after a month or so as a human Cabana toilet.
'You must be Angela. We talked on the phone earlier' Ali greeted Angela with a warm smile. Her smile gone Ali looked down on the crying excuse for a slave & shook her head. 'Come, we'll take him to his new home for the next few weeks' Ali said pointing to the Olympic sized swimming pool & the pool side Cabana where 12 slaves derved as human toilets for the many girls who would spend all or part of their day enjoying the pool.
Adam stopped. 'No no no no no' he began screaming seeing the pissboys kneeling on the hot cement apron while girls straddled the funnels they held to their mouths as the girls pissed into them. 'CRACK' Ali's small whip lashed across the slaves chest making him cry out, tears spilling onto his heaving naked chest.
'Don't worry slave you'll not be serving out in the hot Sun as a pissboy. You're going into stall 9 as a full service toilet' Ali told him. Taking the leash from Angela she half dragged Adam the rest of the way. Angela, here for the first time herself couldn't help but smile seeing ho the young girl took charge of her x- hubby.
The girls in & around the pool seeing the man being dragged on a leash began cheering as he fell to the hot cement. Scrapped knees & hands Adam tried to stand but the girl began whipping him again until he finally crawled into the Cabana.
Angela, not sure if she should follow the girl began to watch the girls & the boy with the funnels hanging around their necks. Seven boys, their sunburnt bodies red knelt on the hot cement pool apron lifting the funnels to their mouuth when a girl approached him. Angela moved closer & watched. Drawing the attention of a few of the young girls they led her over to a pissboy. A young blonde girl untied the bow at her hip letting her bikini fall away as she straddled the boys upturned face.
Angela watched the yellow piss flowing in to the funnel, foaming up as it ran down to the nipple. A funnel, why hadn't she thought of that. So simple. No mess. Adam would have to drink every drop. Angela watched the boy throat as he swallowed. The girl looked at Angela. 'You Wanna?' she said. Angela, not sure watched the blonde girl straddle the boys face to be licked.
Angela lifted her short skirt & removed her thong. She looked down at the boys red face. Peeling skin on his forehead. He was crying even as he raised the funnel to his mouth. Girls gathered around as Angela straddled the yellow funnel. Angela watched her piss froth up as it circled the funnel making its way to the boys mouth. She could hear him swallowing. The girls around her cheering her on. The boys mouth sucked her. No trying to pull away, begging her not to make him do anymore like her Adam always did.
'You should see them suck girls coming out of the pool' one of the other girls told her. 'yeah, trying to get a few cool drops of water on their got faces & mouths' another girl added. Another girl straddled the boys face as Angela looked up & saw Ali waving her over.
The screams, moans & crying grew louder with every step she took nearing the Cabana. 'Come see' she told Angela leading her ahead of the line of girls waiting. Inside Angela saw bodies sticking out from each stall. Tall floor fans to keep the girls cool did nothing for the boys whose heads were hidden away in the clear plexiglass toilets. Angela saw the girls, some straining, some smiling as the boys under them moaned.
'Your slave is in stall 9' Ali told Angela. We took the last boy out in a body bag earlier' Ali added. Angela stopped watching a girl looking down into the bowl. Using long plastic tongs she was picking up turds around the boys head & feeding them to him. Angela looked in awe as she watched. Some girls won't flush if the slave doesn't eat up & they don't get the cold water that they try to swallow. Others use the tongs so they can watch them.
Stall nine. Adam's ankles cuffed to bolts in the floor. She watched the large black girl, eyes closed, smiling. Angela could see between the girls spread feet. A long dark rope moving down. A long deep sigh from the girl as it dropped. She could hear Adam, his cries so atuned to her he could pick him out even in the din inside the Cabana.
The girl saw Angela watching. 'Your using her old slave' Ali chimed in. The girl stood & looked down into the bowl shaking her head. 'He's all yours if ya want' the black girl said walking away. Angela felt herself getting wet under her skirt as she walked into the doorless stall. The long dark turd lay across Adam's mouth & cheeks. Angela picked up the tongs hanging on the wall & clicked them. Adam's eyes opened seeing Angela looking down on him.
'Let me help you Adam' she said as she used the tongs & pushed what was laying over his mouth deeper in side. 'Eat up Adam' she told him as he gagged. 'I'll feed you. After a month or so here, everyday, hundreds od girls using you, why you'll be a great toilet when I come get you.....if I come get you' she told him as she fed him more. Ali walked away leaving Angela to enjoy her X hubby's first taste of life as a Cabana Slave.