Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 38


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Jan 28, 2003
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Any Given Sunday On Femina - Part 38

The courtroom was filled this Sunday morning as usual, but this was a special Slave Lottery. The 10 black girls, some from the Islands & the 10 Black girls from several southern states in the US where the KKK lived & thrived watched the white hooded men being led into the courtroom. Trembling & crying & still weak from their recovery at the Farm they shuffled into the first row facing Judge Erinn.

'Remove those ugly hoods' Erinn told them from high up on her Judges bench. Her voice echoing off the marble walls of the courtroom. Erinn saw Rebecca at the back of the room, they acknolwleged each other with a smile & a nod of approval. The slave on his knees under the Judges bench had his face between Judge Erinn's warm thighs, his mouth tight around her cunni gently nursing, sucking & swallowing. The sweet taste of her cum lingering even as he licked the pussy juice oozing into his mouth. This was must better serving here than earlier this morning as a full toilet for her & for her two Bailiff's as well. Rebecca had found the 21 men of the KKK at several different Klan meetings in several southern states. One of the courtroom guards was from the south & raised the idea to judge Erinn who passed it on to Rebecca.

The 20 young black girls giggled & pointed to the white men shaking in fear. The sad group of white bigots wouldn't be missed. Plucked from their meeting halls by Rebecca's magic they stared at the young black girls pointing at them. Dressed in colorful Sari's, the full bodied girls, none under 225 pounds eyed a young white hoping she would be able to take him home. Either way each girl knew after today they would all have a white boy to use any way they wished. They all had experienced slaves buried to their necks on the beaches being used as human toilets & this was their time to get one for their own. Many had Mother's & Sisters who would cheer them on as they selected their slave. On Femina, Girl's ruled here.

In the six ladies rooms around the huge rotunda that comprised the offices, meeting halls & private chambers for Judge Erinn & her bailiffs the slaves about to used by the many women & girls awaiting the lottery winners to pick their personal slave cried & moaned. They could hear the judges gavel as well as the cheers & cries from the gallery. New boys serving for the first times cried & beg the loudest having been told by other experienced men what awaited them. Cries for their Mommy's was not uncommon.

Judge Erinn slammed her gavel down silencing the full courtroom. Looking down on the sorry looking lot of white Ex-Clansmen she told them what was to become of them. '20 of you will become the slave of one of the black girls who are eager to take you home. You will never leave the Island. Your slave collars assure it. Only your new Mistress will be able to remove it & seeing they are all brown there will be no reason to change it. Owning your own slave here is unrivaled but a full toilet slave is a possession that is rarely discarded & only when a Girl wishes to improve a slaves service for themselves & their families.


All of them had been tugging on their collars & that soon stopped after hearing the Judge. Standing in the pew like at church, shaking with fear, some of them holding onto the man next to them to keep from falling. 'Your brown collars mean that you can be used as a full toilet servant & slave along with any other duties your Mistress's desire. One of you will not be chosen & will remain here, assigned to an open toilet stall in one of the six ladies rooms within this courthouse. You will serve as a human toilet for any & all of the girls who work here at the courthouse.

At the judges urging it began. Each girl walked up & looked over the frightened men. The girls drew numbers to set the picking order. Chester Grimes, shaking in fear watched the black girls looking him & the other men over. Chester was the youngest at 19 years old. A Klansmen like his dad he went to all the meetings & now he was here, without his daddy to help him, his dad leg, twisted, bone sticking thru flesh as he was picked clean from among the others by a giant girl. Looking up he screamed watching his daddy being eaten alive like all the others who were injured. And now he was here.

One by one the girls leashed their new slave & presented him before Judge Erinn. 'Slave. Kneel behind your Mistress, lift her Sari & before all present here spread her ass cheeks & lick, tasting your Mistress. Chester watched, his hatred burning hotter as he watched boys he knew licking those black asses before being led from the court house on a leash.


Alice Ortega sat on the side of her bed, the little brass bell clutched in her hand as she watched Cothath, on all fours enter her bedroom. Alice, her short nightie bunched at her waist had been painfully holding her full bladder as she reached down grabbing Cothath's long hair dragging his head between her brown fleshy thighs.

Cothath could smell her as his face was pulled to her sweat covered hairy cunni. 'Ahhhhhhhh' Alice screamed feeling Cothath's mouth around her sticky cunni. The deep gutteral sigh filled the bedroom as she relaxed letting her hot rancid piss gush into the slaves mouth. Cothath, his throat open, let the hot burning piss fill his belly as Mistress Alice sighed & moaned.

Alice felt the slaves lips tugging on her like a babe at his mother's breast even as the flow slowed to a trickle. She wanted to cum, the first of the day she would enjoy with her daughters slave.

Cothath swallowed the last. the few seconds he had when his mouth was released from its sweaty hairy prison. When Alice pulled his mouth back Cothath knew what she wanted. He sucked the fat lips, lapped her fat clit with his tongue. Lingering drops of piss along with her cunni juices coated his tongue. Cothath fought to breathe, Alice screamed as her orgasm racked her body & filled his mouth with her thick cream. Cothath gladly swallowed the sweet cream hoping it would erase the taste of her morning piss.

Cothath fell to the floor as Alice pushed his head away, her foot forcing him onto his back onto the floor by her bed. Cothath looked up at Mistress Alice as she stood over him, her huge ass cheeks slowly coming down onto his face.

'Spread my cheeks & lick' she was telling him. Cothath's hands pressed against the warm flesh, kneading them as the dark crack rubbed against his nose & mouth. The smell made him want to pull his face away. She wasn't sweet smelling like his Mistress Janice but he knew he had to serve her. 'Slave!' she screamed, her hand slapping his balls thru his shorts. Cothath spread her cheeks, the sweaty soiled smell covered his face as he began licking the crack from bottom to top just as he knew she liked to be licked.

Cothath's tongue brought the foul ass sweat to his mouth to swallow after each lick. Alice pressed her ass to his face as he licked, shivering with pleasure as his tongue wiped across her hole then hearing him swallow had her cunni oozing onto his chin & neck.

'Suck on it Slave' he heard, almost a whisper bringing tears to Cothath's eyes knowing what she wanted of him. He wanted to call out to his real Mistress even as his lips caressed then covered her distending hole.

Alice pushed with a gutteral grunt feeling her ring opening inside the slave's mouth. She pushed hearing Cothath moan. His hot breath filled her crack as she panted like a dog hearing him eating. He was so well trained she thought, her oldest daughter had done such a wonderful job with this slave. Alice slid a hand under Cothath's shorts. his cock was hot & quickly grew hard as she caressed it.

Alice felt the turd slip from her, her hole closing. Sliding off Cothath's body she still stroked his hard cock as she watched the fat brown log slowly bob in Cothath's mouth before disappearing into his mouth.

Cothath knew she was watching him eat. Even his cock had betrayed him, growing hard under her touch. 'Eat it all up' he heard her whisper to him. 'Yes, yes eat up slave' she added as his lips closed around the sticky remains. He had been thrusting his hips up under her hand when she pulled her hand away. 'Swallow, swallow it all' she was telling him.

Climbing back over him she lowered her huge ass back onto his face. 'Clean me Cothath' she told him, her fingers sliding back under his shorts. Cothath lapped up & down the sweaty crack, his hips moving, his cock trying to find those fingers. 'Yes, keep licking slave' she was telling as her palm rubbed the length of his hard cock.

Cothath lapped, rimmed the foul hole, sucking on it again he felt those fingers once again. Cothath sucked as she stroked him. thrusting hard against her hand his cock erupted as he screamed into her crack.

Panting like an animal he felt her hand pull away. Alice, her palm covered in his thick cum was now hanging over his mouth. 'Noooooooooo' he cried. 'Open your mouth Cothath' she told him. Cothath saw the pearly white string beginning to form as she opened her hand. 'Janice doesn't have to know' she told his tear stained face. Cothath opened his mouth under the growing string of cum. Eyes closed he swallowed then licked her sticky palm clean.

Cothath lay there as Alice walked to the bathroom to shower. His betraying cock limp against his thigh. It was still early on this Sunday morning. A Sunday morning in service to Mistress Alice. Cothath went to the small bathroom once more & cleaned up. Back in his room he put on a clean pair of shorts. It was almost time to open the door downstairs to the beach.

The Post Office was closed for business on Sundays but it was a place for the beach girls to come for a cold drink & a snack & to use Marty, the Post Office toilet slave lying in the stall awaiting his Sunday service to begin.


Janice took a long drink from the water bottle draining it & she had only been on Shore Rd. for a few minutes. She had to move slower than normal, the street crowded with girls & their slaves heading for the beach. Janice saw Miri waving & pulled her mail truck in front of the cottage Miri shared with Cora. Janice had to laugh. Both girls were sitting out front, both with their bare feet resting on their slave Ray's back.

Walking onto the small front porch Janice saw Ray, his body covered with sweat & shaking. Janice wondered how long he'd been on his knees in the morning heat. 'You really need some AC in that mail truck' Cora said seeing Janice's patches of sweat on the short Sari she was wearing. 'Not a chance' Janice told her. 'Its by design'

'Hows Cothath? Is he under the seat as usual?' Miri asked kicking Ray in his side knocking him to the floor. 'Not today. My mother's here & she wanted him whilrI was gone this morning. 'Why are out with the mail truck on a Sunday anyway?' Cora asked. 'Emergency packages for the PantyPet Shoppe here & at Merchants Road. 'Business must be great I guess' Cora replied emptying her water bottle on the crying slave at her feet.

'You wouldn't nave one to spare' Janice asked holding up her empty bottle. Cora reached into the cooler by her feet & offered Janice an ice cold bottle. 'Thanks ladies' Janice said turning to return to her mail truck. 'Say Janice, why don't you take Ray with you while your out this morning. He's already been watered & fed but you look like you could use him lying under your seat for a few hours'

Janice just smiled & nodded as Miri kicked Ray again before leading him by his leash to the back of the mail truck. Ray fell to his knees begging, his screams as his bare back hit the hot sled died as his head squeezed thru the rubber seal locking his face under the mail trucks seat. 'If you need a toilet while your gone feel free to use Ray' Miri told her.

Janice looked down at Ray's face locked into the hole in her seat as she reached across putting the cold water bottle in the holder. Stepping up she straddled the seat giving Ray a look at her brown ass before settling down on his face, her short summer dress covering her & the slave under her as she pulled back on to Shore Rd.


Many young girls had been waiting in the park in front of the court house waiting for the doors to open. One hour before the session would be called to order the doors opened to the crowd eagerly waiting outside. It was mostly young girls who dashed into the court house at that hour so they could visit a toilet slave before Judge Erinn slammed her gavel. There were six ladies rooms within the circular offices & each had five boys serving every Sunday their was a Lottery.

The boys laid on their sleds in a ajoining room, only their heads pushed thru the rubber seals securing their heads in the toilet bowls in a ladies room. They could hear the footfalls as girls hurried down to one of the toilets. Laughing as the boys began screaming. Louder & louder. The closer they got. The girls could hear the boys screams as they poured into the toilets.

Stall doors slamming. Those boys looking up at a girls grinning face, a warm ass settling onto their faces. The slaves in the empty stalls screamed even louder waiting for their stall door to slam the wall as it was opened. The court house guards patrolled each ladies room. They knew the boys within the stalls. Some having been used by the guards prior to the court house opening. April Coy had been holding it since she left for the park. She made sure the ugly face under her had his mouth sealed around her cunni before she relaxed, let out a deep sigh as well as her full bladder of morning piss. April could hear him swallowing as she bore down spraying the boys face with a very wet fart.

She stopped peeing when the boys mouth pulled away, laughing when he began gagging. April looked down between her open thighs watching the boys tormented face. April knew he was dry heaving & enjoyed watching him suffer & cry. She knew about the pills the guards gave all the toilet slaves. 'Again slave. Make a seal' she called down to the boy. 'Maybe I won't flush after I'm done' she added. April could feel the boys cool tears against her ass cheeks as is mouth began tugging on her cunni.

April closed her eyes & smiled as the boys drank down every drop. The boy eagerly began licking her. April knew he was hoping to make her come but she would deny him that tasty treat. April didn't flush. 'Pleaseeee' came the soft begging whisper from under her. April wiggled her ass sinking a little deeper into the wide toilet seat. 'Slave' April looked down at the slaves face. 'I have more for you boy' she told him. His face was wet with tears & her piss. 'Rim it with your tongue, soften it as I push' she added waiting to see & feel his warm tongue.

The smell made him gag. Putrid farts washed over his face & into his mouth as he rimed the hole. Like a living thing all on its own it bulged, hissed as it slowly grew & began to open. Dark & foul it moved as April grunted feeling her hole expand, her cunni running as she thought about the boy, his mouth open, his tongue guiding his meal to his saliva filled mouth.

April could hear him chewing, gagging & swallowing as she fingered her cunni. She had felt it drop, her hole closing. Gazing down between her thighs she watched the long wet log bob in the slaves mouth as he ate it. Slowly dropping lower & lower until she was able to see the slaves eyes staring back up at her as he chewed the last wet ball of her filth. April flushed as she came. The slave would get his drink but not her cum.