Any Good Boys in Portland, OR?


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Mar 26, 2018
Hello boys! Steed and I are moving to Portland at the very beginning of April and we could certainly use some help finding an apartment. We don't want to buy a house right away because, well, who would buy a house right when they move to a brand new city? So, we are looking for a nice, dog-friendly apartment.

It's tricky and hectic to do a cross-country move; we are visiting to look at some places, but I'd prefer to hear from Portlanders themselves (and I'm sure someone here lives in or is from Portland)! I'd like to know about the safe neighborhoods, the places to avoid, etc. And if you happen to know a little bit more (i.e. you actually work in leasing), that would certainly serve me as well.

Feel free to PM me if necessary!

p.s. I'm launching a professional studio once we are in look forward to that