Anyone else have this fantasy?

Jul 18, 2008
As my nick indicates, I am seriously into ass-worship: there is nothing - nothing - I love more than having my face in a woman's ass and rimming her, preferably from below.

Obviously this is seriously private: there are only two people in my non-virtual life who know how much I love this, both of them women I've been in a relationship with.

But one of my most common fantasies is that every woman I am friends with or works with knows about my fetish: that my partner tells one of her friends, and then it spreads, or one of my colleagues finds porn on my laptop and starts telling the other women in the office about it. For some reason I love the idea that every woman I know looks at me and thinks, he wants to lick my ass.

The fantasy isn't even that they do make me worship their ass. It's just that they know how much I crave them. I have fantasies of them teasing me, humiliating me a little - being amused that they have me so totally under their control with the promise that they might let me worship them and joking with each other about it. Though of course, yeah, part of the fantasy is that at least a couple of them get curious and start inviting me to experiment ...
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