anyone Twitter?

Fetish Twitter

I tweet all the time! And there IS a vast amount of fetish lovers on Twitter as's fun and people really get into it tweeting back and forth with one another! I follow some of My favorite bands as well and the night before a concert the band tweeted Me back...jump into (and for the Goddesses, jump ONTO) this! lol


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Dec 16, 2004
Ken, are those your tweets so far? Well, I use some rhymes from songs by Pink Floyd. Maybe people will think I'm worthy of some attention...

p.s. everything I write ends up with:"Pink Floyd rules" or "Once again: Pink Floyd" - I don't pretend those phrases are mine.:cool:

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Does anyone in the fetish/trample community use Twitter? I often find myself saying "what a perverted thought that I should share with like minded individuals who would also enjoy it".

Im thinking of starting one...but only if others are on board.
I'm so bad about my Twitter, but I'm changing that as soon as I hit send on this message.

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