Article on the history of facesitting

Jan 11, 2007
New York
Queening as it is often called developed from the sado masochistic
side of the BDSM scene whereby the use of a males face, and especially
mouth, nose and tongue are substituted for normal vanilla sexual
intercourse and masturbation, by the truly dominant woman.

From a submissive point of view I believe it places a male or female
in a total subservient position, under her usually well rounded bottom
and crotch. She sits on his face, or has his head trapped between her
strong thighs. The whole event is devoted to her pleasure, her orgasms
whereas the man's pleasure or pain, lack of satisfaction or
frustration, desires or fears are of little importance, if any.

This delightful sexual practice has a whole wealth of history behind
it. Many women in medieval households often had pages whom she would
address as - To Whom It May Concern: provide them with mouth, lip and
tongue service under their skirts while their husband was absent.
Because there was no penetration the women remained technically

Many young boys had his first lessons in sex with his head underneath
a Mistress's backside, with her pussy vigorously riding his face.
Often young women still sexual virgins, enjoyed wonderful orgasms on a
male servant's mouths as part of their earliest sexual experiences.
The Chinese also adopted the art of facesitting and queening during
court sessions. Usually one very long tongued, trained male slave was
used by female royalty and court ladies. This was done in such a way
as it was as if they were going to the lavatory. The slave would be
summoned by the female then used as a toy and then after she had
ridden his face he would be dismissed casually. The Japanese also
developed brothels which would provide male slaves for such use by
visiting, paying women and girls.

The emphasis was on total pleasure for the woman with the male slaves
mouth and tongue providing only sexual service to the female genitals
referred to as 'cunnilingus' or 'cunnilinctus' or as some people refer
to it literally as cunt licking/ sucking. Though I personally prefer
the word pussy as cunt conjures up images of submissive woman which I
am not. The position of Queening properly places the woman on top of
the male face, using it ruthlessly and selfishly. The woman commands,
the slave obeys. He may be erect and frustrated and the fact that his
satisfaction goes unnoticed also adds to the sadistic pleasures
enjoyed by the woman. There are a number of different positions
whereby a woman can queen a man and a whole range of items have been
developed to aid the woman's pleasure including custom made queening
stools. These were derived in ancient Persia and were known as man
face stools. They were carefully constructed with a hole cut out
whereby the male face replacing the seat centre. Women would then
could lift their long skirts, sit down, and after carefully covering
the males face with her layers of skirt then with a gentle rhythmic
movement she would be able to enjoy private little orgasms even when
others were present. From my own experiences an old deck chair with a
cut out works equally as good ;)

Ancient Indian pornography depicts many scenes like that with a long
skirted woman obviously in ecstasy, riding a male face while looking
at the poor slaves enormous male

Even in more recent times Western time's governesses and nannies have
been recorded as teaching their young boys just how he should to
please her pussy with their tongues. Often a very frightened Victorian
boy knew intimately the underside of his nanny's skirts and could feel
the vice-like grip of her gartered thighs round his head. Often this
would be in the form of punishment for unruly behaviour. Under command
a boy might be ordered to take a seat then be followed by a rustling
lifting of her black, voluminous skirts and removal of Mistresses
panties then he would feel hot damp descent of her heavy buttocks and
pussy right onto the boy's face. Should the mistress not orgasm then
the boy would be in for a severe spanking.

The history of queening seems to stem from the sadistic pleasure a
demanding mistress gets from total submission from her subservient,
obedient man. The slave's role
developing so that he is only concerned with her total personal
pleasure and satisfaction. By using his mouth, lips, tongue and nose
are become merely tools by which she can pleasure her pussy and pay
attention her labia, clitoris. Often it is necessary to train a slave
to produce the desired effect and where appropriate by painful
punishment. The slave or sub needs to be taught in the proper use of
his facial features. The emphasis always being for her to gain the
maximum delight and orgasmic satisfaction without concern whatsoever
as to her slave's humiliation and discomfort. For the art of queening
he becomes nothing more than a sexual toy or playing, of no more
importance than her plastic boyfriend she can buy in any sex shop- all
essential to her sexual comfort and well being, but all equally
useable and disposable. Should Mistress become bored at his
unsatisfactory skills she may wish to watch favourite TV programme or
read a good book while she is being pleasured.

Often a mistress may gain pleasure from using a variety of different
males for her pleasure be it a under her well rounded backside and
pussy or more delightfully a handsome strong virile male of good
physique. Often a woman will use her cuckolded husband to humiliate,
and abuse him.

Occasionally a woman may like to add to her pleasure by using
additional paraphernalia such as mouth-dildo attached to their slave's
head, or chin or even sticking out of his mouth as another useful
accessory. This puts the emphasis on a longer pleasant, full, vaginal
passage orgasms, but may prevent sucking and licking by the male
victim depending on the model… Often it is more pleasurable to
blindfold a slave, thus eliminating any possible visual pleasure they
might obtain. Many women would delight in humiliating, tormenting and
tease their victims before and after this enforced cunnilingus.

For the art of "Fine are of queening" it is essential that the male
slave is more than intimate with those parts of a woman's anatomy
which require servicing by his tongue, lips and nose. Kneeling astride
his face with her strong thighs wrapped around his head, with his eyes
very close to her pussy is a pleasant torment. He may fear each part
of her sexual equipment, staring up into her vaginal passage while she
spreads her lips apart and memorizing her clitoris, labia and vulva.
Of course there can be real pleasure gained from smothering whereby
the woman keeps her underwear on so that he is only able to smell her
delicious scent.

However Mistress decides she may have to train him in the skills of
kissing and licking and sucking and pleasuring her sexually, paying
particular attention to her clitoris. He must suck and swallow her sex
juices. Sometimes it might be exciting for her to add a different
thrill to her pleasure, by making him afraid of her. At all times
however he must worship and adore her, give her total respect, and
recognize that is her superiority that has put him in his place.

Riding the male face requires careful, skilful experience, as much as is
required in learning to ride a horse or a bicycle ;). The gentle
rhythmic movements of her hips and buttocks are the key to success.
Also the careful placing of her moist pussy on the mouth or nose of a
slave is, of course, essential, and might require some wriggling
adjustments until the male's useful serviceable parts are properly
positioned. She may require that he has his nose against her anal rose
while his mouth and tongue serves her pussy. At all times she will of
course be as gentle or rough as she sees fit in order to gain
satisfaction from her tongue slaves. Often queening training may take
many hours of effort before the slaves tongue has the desired effect
on his mistress.

When mistress is finally cumming assuming he has been a good tongue
slave then at that moment it will be of no interest to her whatsoever
whether he suffocates, or chokes. After satisfaction she may decide to
relax, still sitting on his face and enjoy a cigarette, Fine glass of
wine or a cup of tea. Of course that means she will have to have
another waiting slave to go fetch her one. She may then decide to
casually ignore and dismount him or he may be lucky enough to be lent
out to her girlfriends if he is really good or she may decide to keep
him for herself after having spent so much time training him.
Jan 20, 2007
You are absolutely rigth about history.
Until the 19th century it was absolutely common that young girls from the upper class had servants or slaves for their pleasure and this way young girls who were hot, could stay virgins until a marriage.
Using a young boy this way was so common that nobody was even talking about that.
It was nothing but usual and most women did it.
The same way young pages or slaves were used especially by ladies also as a toilet.
For e.g. at the big caste of Versailles where lived about 18.000 people there was only 1 toilet and this toilet was was reserved to the military guard.
In the castle therefore you will not find any bathroom and with their wide dresses the ladies would have been forced to walk miles just for having a piss.
Almost all women theefore preferred the easiest way by using a page who were treated not much different like young slaves.

In the colonies where slavery was common it was easy and cheap for every european woman to get a young slave for this purpose and there is also one important development in regard of that:
As well as roman girls and ladies and as well als upper class women in European societies were using slaves or pages for facesitting, the more these women were extremely demanding in regard of sex when they were married.
Many husbands were not able to satisfy these demanding and very experienced women and young ladies and so homosexuality was increasing more and more.
With a yioung slave a lady was not obliged to have an patience because she made the rules and young slaves who did not fulfill the expectations of those demanding girls and ladies wer usually extremely hard punished. So they did what they were expected to do.
Even Maria Theresia the Emperess of Austria was always looking for handsome convicts in her prisons who were used by her and her ladies from the court only for this purpose. She herself said that for such a convict it wasd better to live some furthe time under these conditions than being hanged as he was condemned.
After some time of use by her and her ladies, those men got hanged or decaptivated and so there were no witnesses.
Very rarely she left to some their lives.
In all upper class households this was quite common and sio this way women and girls seemed to get what they were expecting.
The pages or slaves did not any choice but to do their very best.
Nov 3, 2006
Down under
Very interesting info, I knew there had to be a fair bit of 'history' to sitting, after all, anything that good will have been around for quite some time but it's nice to see some historical examples given, if anybody is aware of any more examples, I'd love to hear them.
Jan 20, 2007
Quite different to our times where anything gets public within a very short time, the upper class people in former were closely defending their private affairs.
About sexuality they did not speak and a public which could investigate did not exist.
So, you only find certain occasional hints about these things.
On the other side, for the upper class this was that much common that there was no need to talk about that.
In the case of Emperess Maria Theresia from Austria, you only can read at a certain place that she had difficulties to get children and because of this her physician was recommending to her to use intense oral stimulation.
It is hard to imagine that this was done by her husband.
In a more extreme way some Russian Emperesses had their slaves for sex and about these things we know more.
In regard of the position of a lady from the highest class it is out of imagination that these ladies were having quite normal sex with a male who was completely inferior to her.
Mar 19, 2003
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I love this historical stuff. I've always thought it was wishful thinking for the likes of us facesitting fans to believe men's faces were sat on as a matter of form. Insomniac's text was published in Madame magazine a number of years ago, and although I love the "article", I've always thought it to be a fantasy.

Fredrick, What you've said about it never being discussed within the higher classes in society and remaining private in a world without an intrusive press makes lots of sense and further fuels my fantasy that this sort of thing has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years.

I realise that no real proof exsists and there won't be any credible historians investigating this stuff, but it does make for some great stories. There's got to be some truth in this somewhere and also some historic proof if anyone had the research skills to find out.

I believe our emeritus professor of facesitting, a certain Erebus who used to frequent this forum some time ago, would be our best bet as a champion of historic truth.
Jan 20, 2007
We just know from some sources for e.g. in the case of Cleopatra that there were boys who were called guards of the Divine anus.
These boys had to take care of the anus of their Queen and it is also proved by sources that Egyptians like Cleopatra like to use honey inside their anus and as well in their vagina by believing this would help to ease digestion and to clean the anus as well as the vagina.
About Cleopatra there are some quite clear hints and proofs.
So, you can think that other ladies from the upper classes did the very same.
From ancient Greece we know from physicians of that time that they were recommending at that time to the ladies who often suffered of constipation that having licked the anus would ease and solve their problem.
Indeed many beasts lick fiorst of all the anus of a young beast after birth to stimulate the bowels.
Clearer proofs do not exist and I think ladies of that time did not speak in public about these things and if you look at literature of the last some thousand of years, there are only very few things about women reported because women were only interesting if they were extremely outstanding.
So, all of you who hope to find further hints about that topic will fail because there has been nothing reported about the life of women.
Katharina Di Medici for example was only mentioned becauise she was wearing tight jodphurs and the fact that she was riding her servants as human horses was almost not important.
Much more important was the fact that she was wearing tight trousers like a man when she rode.
So you can draw the conclusion that riding on a servant was not necessary to be mentioned because waht the upper clases were doing with inferior classes was no topic.


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Jul 23, 2002
Although I suspect much of the Madame article is wishful thinking/fantasy, its quite unlikely that facesitting has suddenly appeared in the latter half of the 20th century. Until recently it seems to have been well hidden. In the 1960s it was almost impossible to find facesitting either written about or illustrated. I searched both Penthouse, Playboy etc and apart from the odd hint in letters it was hardly refered to. I also asked about it in several 'sex/dirty book shops' and it was clear they did not really understand what I was asking about. The first magasine I found -- in the early 70s I think- which really covered the subject was 'Madam in a world of fantasy' followed by the 'Sadie Stern' mag...+ some Stantoons... the internet of course changed everything...

What might be useful would be to see if we can find any legit refs to facesitting in real historical records - or maybe paintings/drawings-- it would be good if we could start a thread on this....
Nov 3, 2006
Down under
Just a quick point.. I think there are a number of kinks that are considered to be very new, it's not much of an exageration to point out that it would seem that many people choose to believe that such common practices as blowjobs and pussy licking are somehow recent 'inventions'.
I suppose most people feel comfortable with this as they don't really wish to think of people of their grandparents age, or older, being involved in such things.
Regarding harsher or more extreme practices, try looking for any of the writings of De Sade, if you read enough of his stuff, you'll be surprised at how many kinks and perversions e writes about, now obviously, a lot of his stuff is the product of a somewhat deranged mind but I'm guessing quite a bit of it must have stemmed from some reality based experiences etc.
Jan 20, 2007
Exactly you say it. De Sade was indeed describing many of these practices.
But apart from all that, female sexuality has not been any topic over hundreds or thousands of years.
Facesitting is a typical expression of self-confident and independant female sexually and therefore a clear expression of female independance.
Only in the last 40 years an increasing emancipation of women was about to take notice that women have also their own sexuality and before female sexuality just did not exist.
So, if women in former times had their own sexuality, in the public opinion it did not exist and so only wealthy or upper class women were able to live their own sexuality and even if they had their own sexuality they had to do it in a personal and very intimate atmosphere.
Almost any written traces are mostly and most exclusively dealing of males and women do not show up quite often.
In lliterature there are few traces of women rare enough and even if you look at De Sade and his stories, you will see that women play mostly an inferior role even in regard of sexual practices.
Real female sexuality which was different from male sexuality did not fit into the ideas of males and as mostly males were also dominating in literature there was no need to describe sexual practices of women which were a long time regarded as inferior to males.
Therefore I think and believe that facesitting was a privilege of upper class women who were enlightened enough to have their own sexuality but for the vast majority of women this was out of topic.
Jan 20, 2007
History of facesitting

Dear members,

female sexuality through history was for a very long time completely not interesting and did not play a role.
Women have been regarded for a very long time as inferior to males and the only end of a woman was to marry and get children for her husband.
So, in history only few women were important and played a role in public life.
Therefore we do not know very much about women because most males did not even feel necessary to mention about women.
Up to the 20th century the public opinion was that women do not have sexual feelings at all.
It would be quite strange if we could find real good sources about female sexual feelings.
As far as I know, they do not exist.

We only know from some rare sources about the attitude of some important women like Katharin athe great or Queen Mary or the Emperess Maria Theresia.
This women were powerful and therefore interesting but about their sexuality and their attitude to sexuality we know very little.
Those wome were protecting their intimate sphere as much as they could.

In a quite open way as women are explaining their needs and their attitude to sexuality, we only have since about 30 or 40 years and even up to the 1970ies female sexuality was nothing but a taboo.
So, I am not surprised that even in sex magazines from that time yoe find extremely few about facesitting or oral satisfaction of women.

After my opinion, only very high-class women were aware of their own specific sexuality and able to develop their own way of sexuality.
For sure at the castle of Versailles women were using pages and for sure even ladies from the middle-class in England were using pages or young boys as we know in certain hints from Charles Dickens in his novels just like "The bad old days" or by the descriptions of De Sade.

And of course I think those women found out quickly as well as women today how easy and satisfying facesitting and oral service can be.
No risk to get pregnant and having fun that was an ideal solution for sex-interested women and girls and so I think facesitting was done more often as we may think.
On the other side any sexual activity of women had to be covered as well as possible in regard of the public opinion that women do not need sexuality for real. So, it is clear to me that you will not find much about this topic in literature and other sources.
But regarding medieval minuments you find quite often figures at cathedrals showing quite open facesitting and oral service of women and so we can be sure that people of that time knew very well about facesitting.

If we assume that women of former times were not more stupid and not less interested in satisfying sexuality, we can be quite sure that those women and girls who had the opportunity, were using facesitting and oral service.
Still today even very emancipated women and girls are shy to try facesitting and oral service and after my opinion a vast majority of modern women can not deal with facesiting and oral service.
Even today these women and girls are a minority because most women stay in their old understanding of female role.

But it is quite clear to me that Roman ladies who stayed alone over years at home while their husbands were at war somewhere did not stay without any kind of sexuality and ruling sometimes hundreds of real slaves who had to be at any disposition of their mistresses it was nothing but logic that these ladies were using slaves and to avoid pregnancy at those times which would have been deadly for a lady or a girl from the free class, the easiest solution was to use young slaves for facesitting and oral service.
The same development we have in medieval times and I hardly can imagine that those women and girls were staying over years without any sex.

We only can draw conclusions but we do not know anything for sure.

In old Indian and japanese or chinese books we find clearly explained facesitting so that we can say that those people of former times were very well informed about these practices.
Why should high classed chinese or japanese women not have used young slaves for all that as they had usually plenty of slaves and could do with them whatever they liked.
Mar 19, 2003
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If you take a look at the practice of male homosexuality, this has been acknowlwdged throughout history. There are references everywhere, for example ancient Greece and Rome as well as the old and new testament bible.

The interesting point is that there is little if no reference to female homosexuality as it seems this was of no importance to the male writers of a male history of the world.

As Frederik points out, women's sexuality was of little or no importance to writers so it would seem to make sense that there is very little written about the subject of women using men and indeed other women for sexual pleasure.

The lack of real evidence seems to make sense but perhaps this is an easy way out of rigourous historical research. Just so long as I don't have to be the one who approaches the librarian asking for books on the subject!
Jan 20, 2007
You will find very little about all that.
In Germany there was existing up to the 19th century the jus primae noctis and this meant that the Duke or King was allowed to spend the first night with every woman who married.
August the strong from Saxon for example is told that he had about 900 children during his whole life because he had the right to have sex with every woman or girl in his country.
Young men in Prussia for example were extremely afraid to get caught for the use of the Royal court.
It is not said why they were so afraid but it is known that the police of that time always was checking through towns and villages for handsome young men. Some we know for sure were destinated as sedan-hcair bearers for the upper class ladies at court and about the rest there is nothing said ar
But anyway it must have ben so demeaning for many families and young males that lots of them preferred to escape to the USA in order to start a free life there.
The same developments we have in whole Europe up to the 20th century.So, there must have been something which made those young men so afraid that they preferred to take the risk to leave their home and country for ever by shipping to America.
I think it was also the fear being used as a sex slave by all kinds of upper class ladies.


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Jul 23, 2002
I think there is little doubt throughout history that women in priviliged positions etc used their power over male servants, slaves etc to obtain sexual favours. What I'm not convinced about is whether facesitting - as opposed oral sex- played a major part in this. I'd love to believe it was true, but even in todays liberated world its difficult to find many women who are really keen to dominate a male by sitting on his face (ie no fee).

It would be good to try to identify literature etc which refers to it. I think the earliest I'm aware of is the brothel scene in James Joyce's Ulysees.
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Mar 19, 2003
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If one had the power to see all the things that have gone on in this world, there would be thousands if not millions of little tales that would undoubtedly tickle the fancy of we facesitting fans. Sadly we are not omnipotent (although it would be nice to be such a great word) and we must rely on historical reference. Alas there is very little and I'm not just talking about written refences.

If there was such a thing as queening stools for example, they would surely have turned up on the Antiques Roadshow (a UK television programme)
Alas there is very little if no real evidence so I think the best thing we can do is to make it up. It is after all a fantasy.

Here's one I wrote earlier....

Archaeology is often a detective game. I was on a dig in Iraq. We were digging on the site of a small city that had been claimed by the encroaching dessert over a thousand years ago. The city was home to around three or four thousand people, almost all of them women going by the remains we found, but this isn’t unique. The city in all probability was a widow city. I’ll explain. It’s well documented that throughout our male dominated history, widows are perceived as obsolete. In certain cultures, when a man died, it was expected that his wife, being of no further use to society, would end her own life. Most women with an ounce of common sense fled, and so grew the widow cities. Safe havens from brutal traditions. My gender doesn’t usually affect my work, but being a woman, it was hard not to take things a little personally.

Because of the dry dessert heat, most of what was left behind over a millennium ago had been exceedingly well preserved. I was uncovering a house typical of the era, and furnished accordingly. I’d found chairs, tables, plenty of earthenware pots and pans, all in pristine condition. The house also yielded a lot of weaponry, which was unexpected seeing as the occupants were probably all female. It was exciting to find such well preserved items, but my discoveries weren’t going to rock the archaeological world. As the dig progressed however, I came across one particular object that had no obvious function. I did some research to try and find any similar pieces of furniture that may have been found, but nothing like this had turned up before. It was an archaeological mystery. To solve it would be to fit another small piece to a giant historic jigsaw puzzle. Piecing together this jigsaw puzzle is what archaeologists do and so I looked for an answer. What was this object used for?

It was carved from a solid block of wood, about six foot long, two foot high and two foot wide. A trough ran its length and one end was slightly raised. On the lip of the trough there were two sets of parallel slots. Perhaps they were used for lifting it. It could almost have been a narrow bed and so I laid down in it to test my theory. It was too uncomfortable to be a bed. My body was wedged tightly into the groove and my head, which was propped up on a deeply indented platform, felt a bit like an egg in an egg cup. This was not a sleep inducing piece of furniture but it was meant to house the human body. The way that the inside had been carefully contoured told me that, but I was still none the wiser as to its usage. The answer came by accident. A small group of us were leaving the following day so we had a little drink together and sure enough the alcohol worked its magic. As the sunset over the Iraqi dessert, five rather drunken archaeologists sat together in a thousand year old house and contemplated the previous tenants.

There were twelve or so women all living together in this one small dwelling. Most other houses that had been uncovered in the area were similar. Between ten and fifteen people living together and working as a unit to serve the needs of a female population in some way or other. One house had a primitive kiln that had baked bread whilst another had various building tools. Here was a city of dispossessed women who had grouped together according to their various skills and talents in order to serve the civic population. Here was a society that demanded respect and further study. Sitting there, a little drunk, I decided to devote time to writing a paper on the subject. I looked around my group of drinking partners and wondered whether any of them had the same idea but they were all studying my unidentified artefact. I suppose if we hadn’t been slightly drunk we’d never have stumbled on the answer.

A noted archaeologist, I won’t mention his name, passed out whilst lying on my unidentified block of wood. His body was wedged tightly in the trough and his head rested face up in the egg cup shaped scoop at one end. The other lightweights trooped off to bed leaving myself, and a close female colleague who shall also remain nameless, to polish off the rest of the booze. Feeling a little mischievous we found some planks of wood and fitted them through the slots carved in my wooden relic. As we slotted the last one into place over his neck, my sleeping colleague awoke to find himself completely trapped and immobilised. We sat back to giggle at our handy work and our colleagues helpless predicament. He took it all in rather good humour and it was only when he made a crude sexual joke about being raped by the two of us that the word eureka came and slapped me hard in the face.

It was so obvious. His pelvis and face were the only accessible parts of his body. This was, for want of a better expression, a rape bench. It was a piece of furniture designed by women to derive sexual pleasure from an imprisoned man. The pieces all fell into place. The realisation excited me both in a professional way and a sexual way. The idea of a helpless male was a real turn on for me, and here was a titillating chance to research a small corner of history where woman ruled supreme and male sex slaves weren’t just an idle fantasy. On a drunken impulse, and also partly to shut him up, I sat on my colleagues upturned face, lightly at first, but then settling full weight. My female colleague was stunned and then amused by my bold action. I don’t know what the man underneath me thought. It was probably extremely uncomfortable for him. His nose must have been squashed flat against the seat of my jeans. I wondered why he hadn’t turned his head to one side and then realised that the furniture had been designed to stop him from doing so. I felt a tingle of excitement and felt an urge to remove my jeans and really have a good grind on his face, but after a month on a dig, I was pretty rank. Showers, baths and other washing facilities weren’t exactly easy to find in the middle of the dessert. I suddenly realised that he would smell through my jeans just how filthy I was and I leapt off his face. I assumed he’d be angry, but when I looked down he was smiling. He said that it was fun and I should stay seated on his face, which for some reason I found quite annoying. My female colleague had finally stopped giggling and was pointing to his tent shaped groin. His erection annoyed me even more. I didn’t like him enjoying the experience. For some reason it detracted from my own wicked pleasures.

So here’s how I justify what came next. First and foremost we were all very drunk, a universal excuse for outrageous behaviour. I could also explain that I was doing a bit of research work, just doing my job, another universal excuse for dreadful deeds. Of course the real reason was about all of us just being horny but I’ve got my story and I’m sticking to it. As I watched my partner in crime undoing my helpless colleagues trousers I tried to picture a similar scene a thousand years previous. Perhaps the warrior widows who had lived here had captured men travelling through the dessert. The finest specimens had been trapped into this evil apparatus and then sexually used, almost certainly to the point of their deaths. The men who had died in this solid block of wood had no-doubt fathered countless children in the last few weeks or months of their lives, but this ingenious piece of furniture had clearly been designed to fulfil another purpose. It wasn’t just a baby making machine. There was also a built in pleasure principal, the immobilising headrest.

Once trapped, the male victim would be powerless to resist any woman choosing to use his face as her “pleasure seat.” He would have been forced to use his tongue and I tried to imagine the owners of orifices that his unfortunate nose had to penetrate. Over a thousand years ago, and in this part of the world, most people didn’t live much past forty years old, and girls were married aged twelve or thirteen. I assumed the average age of the population would have been around twenty five years old. There had been around three or four thousand women living in this lost city. Surely mathematics dictated we would find similar artefacts. I made a mental note and pictured the scenario. My female colleague was poking around disappointedly at my male colleagues now flaccid penis. I imagined her to be a twenty five year old widow of a thousand years ago. She has fled her home city and after a hazardous journey, she’s found this safe haven. She wants to fulfil her strong mothering instinct and bear a child but the only sperm to be had for miles around is in this very building, laying helpless in this very piece of furniture. She negotiates a deal with the women who have captured the unfortunate man and then waits her turn. She enters this very room where he lies at her mercy. His over worked penis lies soft and dormant. Here is a girl who up until now has lived in a male dominated society. For the first time in her life she has power over a man. She looks at his upturned face and then sits on it. Perhaps two or three women at a time would use him. Younger women, older women, big women, little women, fat, thin, tall, short, any women could just sit right down on his face and there was nothing he could do about it. How difficult could it have been to make him use his tongue in various satisfying ways?

As I slipped out of my drunken fantasy I found my hand rubbing softly at the crotch of my jeans. I was very turned on. If I were to just go and fuck his face right now it would be such excellent research material. He was a man of science. When he sobered up he would understand the historical value of our shared experience. My rather unhygienic state merely added a sense of authenticity to the experiment. People were a lot more smelly a thousand years ago. An olfactory fact! Content in the thought that the three of us had long since passed the outrageous behaviour barrier, I decided what the hell and removed my jeans. I didn’t dare check the state of my panties. They were a comfortable pair of white cotton knickers that I’d worn constantly for three days and I knew they were pretty filthy. A little voice told me I couldn’t do this really but my sexual urge took over and I took the plunge. I sat down full weight on his helpless features. I was facing his feet and watching my friend trying to bring life to his shrunken member.

I think I heard him whine a short exclamation of disgust but my bum quickly muffled him. I wriggled about a bit to get comfortable and the little voice told me it was important to let him breathe. This time I listened to my voice of common sense and made sure that he could gasp a bit of air, but only a bit and a pretty rancid bit at that. Enough to keep him alive and licking! I realised that the survival time of a man could be measured in days rather than weeks and months. I made a mental note. The research was paying off. I giggled at the thought. My friend who was working on his penis also giggled an evil giggle. He was rock hard again. This time I didn’t care about his erection. It only justified the genius of the contraption. So what if he enjoyed himself too. It made us all complicit. Less likely to be raised in conversation at some future dinner party! I started to grind myself over his face, slowly at first, and then harder and faster. I kept catching whiffs from down below, but that only turned me on more. I pictured myself forcing my underwear into his mouth with instructions to clean and that’s when I had my first climax. As the waves of delight pulsated through my body I made a mental note. The night was still young.

The things the two of us girls did with my helpless colleague, and the things we made him do to us, were rather naughty and extremely revolting. I assumed I’d never hear from him again after the humiliations we’d heaped on him that night, but a few weeks later I received a call from him. He was very excited by a text that had been found on a dig a hundred miles or so from our Widow City. It was a perfectly preserved text written on parchment. The text was written in by a man of “twenty eight seasons old.”

It seemed that in the first paragraph he claims to have been kidnapped by women and taken to a place where “evil female spirits did unspeakable acts.” My colleague felt we should get together and translate the rest of it. He felt that we could both add a unique insight to the text, but as the translation progressed it became clear that our experience was only limited to a one off sexual game. For the man who had written this text a thousand years ago, it was real. Although he eventually did escape, he wrote this text as a suicide note. The shame and humiliation were too much for this man.
Ancient Text Translated.

This is basically a suicide note written over a thousand years ago. It is a perfectly preserved parchment that was found in the Iraqi desert a couple of miles from the city of Basra. It describes a man’s capture, sexual enslavement and eventual escape from a city populated entirely by women. The literal translation of the first few sentences goes something like this. “To Allah I make this confession before I face my eternity. Twenty eight seasons have passed since I entered God’s garden. The shame that darkens my soul must be lifted, and being a man of God, I will write the truth so that others may know of the dark city of evil she devils who commit unspeakable profanities and thereby seek to destroy the glory of the Almighty. The truth shall give vengeance for God and man. Take heed of my warning”

If I carry on being so literal the text is difficult to understand so for the purposes of clarity I will loosen up the style a little and provide an edited version to make it easier to read. A full literal translation of this text can be obtained from the University of Basra.

As our trade caravan travelled to Baghdad along the Southern route we were set upon and robbed by a band of ferocious women. I alone survived the attack and awoke to find myself imprisoned within a strange piece of furniture. I was unable to move. Because my head and neck had been immobilised, all that I could see was the ceiling of a darkened room. My clothes had been taken from me and I was lying on my back with only my face and genitals exposed. I glimpsed a girl from the corner of my eye. When she realised that I was awake she ran from the room only to return seconds later with five or six other women. Although I found their dialect difficult to understand, they spoke in my own language. They stood around looking down on me. They seemed very pleased with me. Without warning, suddenly one of them sat down on my face. I tried to turn my head but couldn’t. She was sitting directly over my eyes nose and mouth with no feeling for my discomfort and humiliation. Thankfully she stood after only a few seconds but to my horror it was only to hoist her robes so that she could place her nakedness over my exposed features.

Here was pure evil. My head was unable to move and this creature was actually going to exploit my helplessness and force my face into the most intimate and filthy part of her body. As with most evil people, she was extremely unclean and the smell was unbearable. As she wriggled above, I felt almost a part of the furniture that I was trapped in. It was as if she was just getting comfortable on her favourite stool.

A pair of hands began to manipulate my penis and to my everlasting shame I became rampant. As they robbed me of my seed, the woman on my face began to grind herself down. It was difficult to breathe but she seemed unaware of my problems. All she wanted to do was to gain physical pleasure from my upturned features. When I did manage to find air to breathe it was rank and fetid as my nose was wedged deep within her stinking anus. She raised herself a little and commanded me, as if I was a common slave, to use my tongue. Of course I refused to carry out such a foul act but great pain was inflicted upon my body until I was forced to comply with her demonic wishes. She sat heavily down again. Her vagina pushed against my mouth and shamefully I used my tongue to give her pleasure. After a while she slid forward and forced my tongue into a tighter and more acrid orifice. I cried at my debasement, but fearful of my life I used my mouth according to her wishes. She dismounted, but the relief was short lived. My eyes opened long enough only to see another naked rump descending onto my face. It was as if I was in a nightmare from which I couldn’t awaken.

Time was distorted. I think I counted fourteen days and fourteen nights imprisoned in this wooden cage. I have slept little in that time. Apart from twice a day when I am freed for a short time, my face has been used as a pleasure seat. One after the other they came to sit on me. Some were younger, maybe 23 seasons and some were older, maybe 40 or 50 seasons. The older women wanted my seed and they wanted the pleasure that my nose and tongue gave them. The younger women were more wicked and spiteful and found their pleasure in shaming and humiliating me. They tortured me and forced me to lick the filth from their unclean bottoms. They laughed at me, spat on me and one particular group of females who visited me on a number of occasions actually urinated on my face. Human beings would not be capable of such foul acts. That is how I knew that they were evil spirits and not God’s children.

There were times that I thought I was going to die. When a woman of portly size seated herself on my face, breathing became very difficult and at times impossible. I slipped from consciousness many times only to reawaken in the same terrible nightmare. My seed was drained at every possible opportunity and although it became painful, the experience was insignificant compared to the horrors that were perpetrated on my face, after all, my groin can neither smell nor taste. Had I not escaped I am certain that by now I would be dead, yet Allah has spared me so that I may write this warning. This city of evil lies at the southern edge of the dessert, three days walk Northwest of the Gamolah Oasis. May the forces of God gather and destroy this wicked place.

I have made my peace with Allah and now I end this shameful life to be reborn in purity and without memory of such evil deeds.
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Feb 20, 2004
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This is all very interesting and I for one suspect that facesitting did take place between women and subordinate males in the past. However, too many of the messages make use of unsupported claims and are therefore
unconvincing. If you claim that upper class Roman ladies face sat their slaves, then how did you find this out? Did you read it on a website, in a book or see a picture or an exhibit at a museum? I know this is not a class in the methodology of historiography, but we should make a distinction between what we know from sources and what we imagine might have been the case.
I'm especially curious about the Egytian practices that were referred to.

Londonbob: excellent story. It almost seems like authentic source material.
Jan 20, 2007
Thank you very much London Bob for your excellent contribution.
We today are used today to have convincing proofs of anything.
In former times peope did certain things and did not loose word over that what they did.
After the muslim religion the worst that can come out of a body that are things that come out of a female body.
So far as I know a man who swallowed the waste of a woman can not come to paradise because he is dirty.
Cleanness therefore is on eof the most important things for a muslim and even much more important as in christian societies.
So, if an enemy would be forced to swallow the waste of women, the winner has not only captured that man as his slave but he also has captured his soul.

From British reports in the 19th century it is known that in the area of Afghanistan there were tribes who left male prisoners to their women who could use and torture them until they were dead.
The British were that much shocked that they kept away for a very long period of the area of Afghanistan.
Humiliation of prisoners was welcom eto the women and welcome by the victorious men because they could force their prisoners to do things they never would have done.

Dear LondonBob please tell us more about your experiences. I am quite eager to learn more because I am also always looking for further and clearer proofs.