Asian Foot worship and Trampling!!

The following pics I am posting are of asian chicks trampling and getting their toes/feet licked, also as stated in the "rules" I got the following pics back in 2002-03 so they are kind of ol schoolish and I have no idea where or who owns them. Also come by and visit my yahoo group Doormat2, and so enjoy my attempt at posting pics!:bananawav


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Mar 1, 2003
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Makonjue, THOSE ARE FABULOUS, WOW, I adore Asian women and I have never seen any of those pictures before, Thankyou so much for sharing them and Have a Wonderful Night
thx for the pixs, btw u have anymore pics of the 1st girl?
Nall Sorry Brunos I got that photo off a forum back in 2002 but I do have other "asian chicks" related stuff on my yahoo group "WomenbeatingmenDown" and since 2005 this board has been like Sams Club:matey: !! And thanks CAG00 for your reply since you are one of the Big Dogs here with 5,600+ posts:eek:!!