Ass sniffing clips

Aug 14, 2002
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The guy in the vids is not a punk. He is David Christopher better known as pussyman. He owns Feline Productions and has been doing adult since the late 70's as an actor and producer. In my humble opinion he popularized facesitting in mainstream porn.Just my thoughts on the subject.
Jul 11, 2002
Originally posted by redder100
The guy in these vids is a degenerate slob. I wish the woman would sit on his face until he stopped breathing for good.

What a sleaze-bag punk!
I agree with you. I'm not a fan of David Christopher. I only posted because the girl is a beauty. GORGEOUS ASS.
I love the female ass but I would never tell a girl that her ass stinks. Out of all the guys who've ever been facesat David Christopher is the first guy to say this ........... and hopefully the last.
That can embarass a girl you know. :(
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Jul 10, 2002
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hey guys! am i doing something wrong here? i got the 2nd clip to download perfectly, and i loved it! but the 1st one when i click on it, it starts downloading a page called index of videos, but the page never loads. im using an old webtv unit to view this and mpegs are all i can view. id love to see the 1st clip. would somebody do me a solid and email it to me at thank alot. the 2nd clip was great!
Mar 2, 2003
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Great clip..., I believe, are the perfect person to ask this question.

A very long time ago I watched a clip of a group of mistresses on a train forcing one young male to kiss and sniff their asses one by one. There is a main Mistress that orders all the kissing/sniffing. Do you know of this clip?

If not, does anyone else?

Anyway thanks for posting the above clip.