Ballbusting and Footjobs!

Jul 9, 2006
These are the themes covered in Jedi's previews for this week. :D
First off, our Kinky Kicks ballbusting movie for this week, 'Noise Nuisance!'

These two sexy ladies take the law into their own hands when a noisy neighbour keeps them awake with Rave music!
They drag him round, strip him and give his balls a real good busting.
This big guy doesn't seem so big when he is laid on the bed pleading 'no more' to the two girls.
Aww. How could two such cute girls turn a big man into such a sorry state?
Image set and movie available to download today at KinkyKicks.Net

And at our sister site TyrantTeasers.Com we feature Sasha and Syren in 'Feet Treat!'
The sisters are back and today they are treating one of their lucky slaves with a nice footjob.
Nikita uses her bare feet and Chantel her nylon hose clad feet to stimulate the man's genitals. They opt for a technique of one girl using her feet with the other girl using her hands, which results in an eauisite experience for this lucky guy. Eventually both girls grab hold of his cock and balls and use their hands to work him to an explosive finale!

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The full movie is available to download at :)