ballbusting at the bar!


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Jun 25, 2003
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Well, i'll try to some up the evening to keep the story on track, but it is 100% true and happend to me last night. I was bar hopping and the first bar i went to after 2 shots of Jack Dan, i had some liquid couarge and sat down with these two hot youg ladies and asked them if they ever heard of Roshambo competitions? Where guys kick each other in the nuts to see who can stand it the most, the laughed and said no. Then i told them i was entering a roshambo competiton in a month and the prize for the winner was 2500, and i aske if they wanted to be my trainers, the laughed and said no but said they knew some girls that would and they would get back to me, so i left that bar and didnt think much of it, Well i ended up back there b4 the night was over and i saw them (at this point i was pretty drunk) I told them i had no luck finding a trainer, they introduced me too all of their friends that we at the bar and 3 girls sad they would love to so i said that if they could get me to fall with three kicks each that i would buy all there friends a drink they though i was full of it by i said lets go outside, well we go out side and the ballbusting began these girls were brutal, i didnt not fall i dont know how
probaly because i kept egging them on for more when they couldnt drop me, well. The first girk who kick m ewas a tall bruneet with kller eyes and really grat feet, and she told me she was a cheerleader she kicked hard as hell, i asked to marry me actually The next girl was a had a litttle extra weight but was still very pretty when she kicked me she got me with the shin once that was bad but she had larger feet then the other two and it hurt pretty bad when her toes hit my balls ( they were all wearing flip flops by they way)
And finally this lil latin ro maybe italian girl who i would sasy ahd a size 6 or 6.5 foot kicked me and each time it was great she always conected with her beuatiful purple toes, she actually got frustrated that i wouldn fall, that she asked me to tunr aroud so i wouldnt be ready for it and that time i did go to my knees but i loved it, anyway, i ended up buying them all a round anyway, one of there guy friend recorded it on his phone so i hope he posts it on youtube , i should have got him to send it to me but at the time i wasnt thinking about it, so i know where i am going next weekend!!!!


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Dec 16, 2004
Is that you, Superkick?
Did you change your nickname?

There was no need for that, Superkick. People know you and respect you for who you are.

By the way, great story, Super.