Beat Down, Blackmailed, & Blown


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Jan 16, 2017

Raquel received intel from one of her gang members of a home in a rather snazzy, rich area that would be empty, and open for all of it's takings one afternoon. It was said to her, that the house held a large safe and inside; would be enough money & jewels to have Raquel set up for life. All she had to do, was cut her intel off a bit as payment for the information. What the intel didn't inform her, was that the home was practically a fortrus; having to use all her skills in lock-picking and stealth just to enter the home. When she makes her way into the living room however, she doesn't notice you; the resident on the couch. You're shocked when you see her creep around the corner and begin scanning the area in search of the safe, confronting the criminal right away. Raquel jumps back, her eyes wide and immediately on the defense. A few pissed off words escape her lips before suddenly she pulls back a and knocks you out, the force of the impact sending you . When you finally come to, Raquel is snapping her fingers in your face with a wide smile on her lips. You're layed out in your room, with your pants down and cock out! What exactly does this crook have in mind!? It seems when Raquel was searching for the safe, she came up empty handed and clever idea came to mind. If you tell Raquel where all your fortunes are stored away, she'll give you, a lonely bachelor; the blow job of a life time. Before you can agree she's already taken your cock into her mouth, your shaft growing hard as she sucks and flicks her tongue down the side and to the head. The pressure of her mouth and the slow bobbing of her head already has you locked in and your breath heavy, seeing a gleam of sure victory in the seductive criminal's mind. Now that she already has you wrapped around her finger, Raquel's decided to add another stipulation. Since your already enjoying her oral pleasure without offering up the information... if you have any plans of cumming and not receiving the world's largest pair of blue balls; you'll tell her exactly what she wants to know. Or else.

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