Belly Punching Surprise (Fetish Obsession for one side beatdown)


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Sep 15, 2009
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If you want to get great results, you must suffer and train hard. Fakir Ab, the fakir with invulnerable abs, is aware of the goodness of this maxim and during his workouts asks the assistants to beat very hard. In this video you will see her friend Trashy in a tremendous belly punching session: even if she is small and skinny, Trashy has a right dose of sadism and formidable biceps (she practices weightlifting since she was very young). Her punches are lethal and painful not only for the impressive strength of each punch, but because Trashy closes the eyes of the fakir, hitting his abs at the precise moment in which they are totally relaxed and not ready for the terrific impact. So, each punch is a surpise (what a bad surpise for the fakir and his guts!). The thirty punches sink deep into the fakir's midsection (ten right in the solar plexus) producing the maximum damage. The insane workout ends with a kick (with run-up) in the fakir's stomach. Obviously, at the end of the video his belly is red and sore. A breathtaking belly punching video!

Here some pics