Best Trampling Nation?

Jan 20, 2005
guys, i was wondering which is the best country to get the most trampling action and has the greatest number of female's who love to have their feet worshipped?
uk, usa, belgium? hmm....


Interesting question,

I wouldn't have a clue. There are many here in the U.S. but the population is much larger here than in most countries.
The asians are very obliging. Domination is more noticable in the US and europe. There seems to be MANY, MANY ProDomme websites from the UK and Germany.
After looking at i would have to guess that the UK and Germany are by far the ones with the large fetish scene in europe. Therefore i would guess that per capita, the top three in alphabetical order is Germany(Deutschland), UK and US.


P.S. i really get interested in the German sites :)
Apr 17, 2005
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It's kind of a cliche that it is either the German's or the Dutch that would be the top nations to be into virtually any risque sexual behaviour and not just trample, kinda a running joke Europe.

In reality I wouldn't have a clue however the most programmes that I have viewed were concerning the Asian influence and in particular Japan.


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Dec 24, 2002
I got impression there are a higher posistion for trampling in Usa then other countries, like there have been a more common conciossness about it.

But I know there are vey much Dominas and sadistic Women in Germany, and lots of trampling I suppose
The Question could go 2 Ways.

1) Most interest in Trampling and Foot Worship Per Capita.

2) Most interest and greatest number of Tramplees, Tramplers and Foot Fetish people Period.

Per Capita from the Posts I read and Websites I would have to say #1 Germany, #2 UK, #3 USA.

The Population of the United States (At 300 Million) is much Greater than the Population of Germany and the UK Combined however. I would say the United States contains the Greatest Number of Tramplees, Tramplers and Foot Fetish people in the World. Worldwide I do believe Trampling is becoming More and More Mainstream which is Good for All Of Us.



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Jan 15, 2004
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Yes! Indeed interesting question.

It looks like USA is on the top here, when it comes to trample.

But when you look at Europe...(if I`m allowed to compare populations) with US. Europe has similiar millions of people as US has, wich means if Europe dare to do things and happenings like forums, videos, clubs and party`s. Europe would be on top.

Yes! I think so. Look at Italians, French, Germans...oh, not to forgett Britts! Polish, about all those Russians!!
Spanish, Schwitzerdutch, Greece, Checks and a few Swedes, Finns and Norrbagar!:D I mean it should take its place, if not for the langues.:D

Apr 17, 2005
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Hey Underman6,

I think the forum here is for the exchange of ideas, so anyone who starts critising you just for your spelling or grammar ..... freakin' asses, I wouldn't pay any attention to their drivel. :kissbutt: