"Boot Doom" A Tale Of Giantess Miss Roper


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Jan 16, 2017
New today on MISSROPER.COM.

Edited by Bratty Foot Girls, one of the biggest names in Giantess video production!
*Featuring SFX audio, POV & third person camera angles, anal vore, unaware & aware crush, breast crush, shoe crush, crush, and a rather unique crush that you'll have to purchase to see for yourself!
You are a slave to Miss Roper, one of many that's managed to escape their containment jars when Miss Roper was transporting from her car into her hotel room; having desired to bring you all along on a work trip to toy with in between meetings. You've managed to scamper throughout the carpet of the room, your jars knocking over as bags were being moved, offering a rare chance at escape. Heart beats racing and adrenaline pumping through your fragile frames you and the rest thought they would be quick enough and seek refuge in cracks and corners throughout the room. However, thick, dense carpet slowed you all down more than they could have been imagined! Miss Roper's booming voice can be heard from up above as she begins the hunt and you find yourself frozen in place from fear and hope that she won't catch sight of you.. but you soon learn that she doesn't see you, for you to meet your demise. You, and the rest of Miss Roper's tiny slaves will learn that there is no escape.