Brand new Giantess/Vore video!

Mar 15, 2015
Hello Tinies,

Just a friendly note that I have a few new videos live on my clips store. The latest one is a traditional Vore saga, but there's also a Gentle Giantess video on the store. Go find them both at

Here's the description of the latest Vore video, called "Pest Control":

The minute Sydney walks through the door, you know you're in trouble. She looks at you in disgust. The only thing on her mind is how to get rid of you. She doesn't really understand what you're trying to do, just standing there like that. As if she would let you go once she catches you. Better run away while you still have a chance. But you can't move. You are frozen. As much as you'd love to run away, there is no way you can. Sydney methodically removes your limbs so there's no way for you to even move around. The only question that remains now is how Sydney will finish you off.

I'll add some screen grabs too.