Breath Control / Facesitting Vid

Jan 31, 2006
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Hi All

Hopefully John will be uploading a clip of mine to this thread if he manages to download it from my Google drive. I just wanted to give a bit of background on it though.

Me and the girlfriend have been messing around with filming some stuff lately. I will be honest, it's 100% amateur, pretty poor quality, and lighting and sound isn't great, lol. I wear a hood, she has the top half of her face covered with a mask, it uses a static camera on a tripod, and there is literally nothing fancy about it. Basically it's pretty much everything that people hate, so I will just get that out of the way now. :p

The fact is we enjoy it. We try to be a bit extreme with the breath control, and mix the facesitting with plastic bags, clingfilm, and that sort of stuff. She genuinely enjoys me struggling and finds it amusing, and can be quite the bitch. I feel like I would buy clips of the kind of stuff we do, but then I'm more into the breath control/human furniture/uncaring woman side of it all than anything else, and from what people have said they would like to see on other threads I know that's not really the norm.

We are considering doing a store of some kind, although it may not happen, we have just been messing around with camera settings and such. We had done maybe 6 clips before I even realised my camera had a HD setting, so that shows how unprepared we are for this. :p While there may be no fancy stuff though there's also no acting, or faking anything, or pretending we are something we not. We are just a couple that both get something out of pushing my limits a bit.

In the vid you are (hopefully) going to see the struggling is real, although I do try to hold it back as best I can, even when I am panicking. When you have clingfilm and tape around your head even when you feel you may have snuck a breath there isn't actually any oxygen in there, lol. It stops you panicking for a second, but then your brain quickly realises that it's been tricked and things haven't improved, lol. I'm 25 stone too, so in all honesty I'm pretty crap at holding my breath to be honest, so if I start struggling early I promise it's never fake, I'm doing my best (not that she really cares either way, but still, lol). And while I try to hold back my struggling the fact is when I have my arms tied behind my back at my size rolling on my side would be a struggle even without someone sat on my face lol.

I dunno, I guess I just wanted introduce myself and make sure people have realistic expectations when viewing the clip, and any others we may do in future. I decided to get this one up here now for free because the battery ran out while we were filming, so we know we will never use it for anything else even if we did do a store. It is poor quality, only has maybe 40 seconds of facesitting at the end, cuts our prematurely without warning, and is generally everything people hate, but I feel it's something a bit different and at least I will never lie to you, store or no store :p Oh, and after the vid cuts out she did sit there for maybe another 10 seconds, and then finally got up... then went and checked the camera before even considering helping me. By that point I was a complete mess, haha. I love it though, and can't deny it was fun.

Anyway, it's good to finally have something to contribute (even if John will be the one contributing it) and maybe our enthusiasm and love for this stuff can help people see past all the negative aspects of this. I realise it won't be for everyone, and if you are a fan of anything even remotely sensual then seriously don't even bother watching. We like what we like, and that will never change, but maybe some other people will like it too. And we can only get better, right? :)

Hopefully the vid will be along soon.