Can anyone remember... the Smotherbox?!


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Jul 21, 2002
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Hi all.

First "real" post, because John has made me feel guilty! ;-)

Actually, I am not annoyed at all - I hope that I can get to know you guys!


Does anyone remember the smotherbox? Some time ago it seemed to be the bees knees for facesitting videos - they all had one. But now it seems to have slipped into a parallel dimension, they seem to be hard to come by.

The smotherbox was always my favourite of the facesitting "gadgets" - many complained that the face didn't get the whole weight of the girl, but the fact that the face was almost "part" of the seat made it, for me, one of the best things around.

Are there any places where the smotherbox is still alive and well? All I can find now are the same old pics over and over. :-(

I was going to post some of my favourite smotherbox pics, but the attach files button doesn't seem to be working... I shall try later! ;-)
Nov 9, 2002
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I know many of you don't remember, but chair is the inventor of the original smotherbox. He wanted to create a smother device that allowed the sitter to sit and be comfortable while smothering her victim. The imitation smotherbox that used to launch turned out to be a prop that the models found hard to use and very uncomfortable to sit on, including Kaitlyn of fame. The box should be custom made for the Mistress who uses it, not just a prop for a video. In fact Queen Adrena has asked chair to custom build some smotherboxes for her so she can use it in some of her smaller girl videos.
If you take a look at the free clip section of you'll find two clips with the box.

I hope you enjoy the clips:)
Jul 15, 2002
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Hello All,

I've been giving thought to constructing a smotherbox for my mistress to use on me.

I've done some looking around on the net and no one seems to have posted a working set of plans. Before I haul off and waste a bunch of time and any of my very limited supply of patience :D , I'd like to get some input from folks who have constructed a smotherbox.

Would anyone be willing to offer any advice as to what works and what doesn't, or things one should keep in mind?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


PS: A scanned in set of plans posted here would be a nice bonus! Hint Hint :thumbsup: