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Apr 4, 2008
For all you guys who have not read my previous posts on the subject of car crush I have re-posted this true story. For those who have wondered where I've been, well I'm still alive and still being trampled by those wicked women in my village.

I've been a trample fan for all of my adult life and I'm sure like many of you guys have spent hours trawling the net for good trample and crush sites. Recently I've found some good car crush sites and this has really interested me. The thought of being run over by a beautiful woman has gripped me for some time so when my chance came I couldn't resist. This is how it happened.

I live in rural England in a village of around 200 dwellings. Near to my home is a lane leading to the countryside with six individual properties built along one side. At the far end is a single storey home occupied by an attractive blonde lady in her mid thirties with her teenage daughter. Slim build about 5ft 10ins tall, she is a real "Yummie Mummy". I'd seen her a couple of times in the village post office and she had become my real fantasy woman.

This day following the heavy rains we have been having I thought I would have a walk up the lane just to see what car she drives. As I approached she was standing by the entrance to the property with a garden broom in her hand. She looked stunning wearing a white blouse unbuttoned just enough to reveal a perfect cleavage with a tight fitting black leather jacket, washed blue denims and black leather ankle boots with chunky heels about three inches high. Apparently the heavy rain had washed some of the gravel from her drive out on to the lane and she was just sweeping it back. The front of the house was bordered by a low fence with a swing gate just wide enough to drive a small/medium size family car through with a small gate alongside as a pedestrian entrance. Standing on the gravel drive was a black VW Golf Gti with alloy spoke wheels and wide low profile tyres.

She turned around and saw me walking towards her. "Hi" she said.

"Hi" I replied, "Having problems?"

"Every time we have a downpour" she said "the gravel from the drive gets washed out onto the lane"

"What you need is a soak away" I said.

"What's that?" she asked.

"It's simple" I said "if you have a ditch dug just inside the gates about a foot deep and filled with hardcore and then topped with gravel the water will be able to drain away and not flow out on to the lane taking your drive with it"

"That's a good idea" she said "I'll have a word with the builder in town and see what he says"

"I could do it for you as I don't have much to do this week" I lied "it'll take a couple of days if you're not in a hurry".

"That would be brilliant if you could" she said "but I hardly know you so I would feel guilty if I didn't pay you. Just let me know when you've finished how much I owe you"

And so a plan was hatched.

Later that morning I returned with a garden folk, spade and some thick sackcloth. I opened the wider gate and started to dig a trench about 8ft long, 18ins wide and 12ins deep just inside. I had been digging for about an hour when the lady came out of the house and saw me at work.

"Oh, you've started already" she said "I've got to go out shortly to pick up some groceries. Will you be OK while I'm out?".

"Sure" I replied "just leave it to me. I won't be able to finish it today but I should be able to get most of it done" With that she turned and headed back to the house coming out again about ten minutes later. She got in and started her car and as she slowly reversed back I placed two pieces of timber over the trench so she could drive over them and out on to the lane. I watched as the timber bent slightly under the weight of her and her car, wishing that was me under those wide low profile tyres. It soon would be.

After she had left I closed the gate and tried the trench out for size. I lay down and checked my position. If I kept my head close to the gate post and my chest lined up with the ruts in the drive it should be perfect. I placed one of the timbers near my feet so she would have to aim for the right place and drive over my chest about 8ins below my face. Then I took off my tee shirt and lay it in the trench resting on the soft mud below. I then pulled over the sackcloth to completely hide myself and waited.

It seemed like hours but eventually I heard her car coming up the lane. She stopped in front of the gate and got out, unlatched the gate and walked it back in to the open position. As she did this she stepped on my chest and I could feel her full weight press me down under the hard sole and heel of her boot. Returning to her car she done the same thing. By now I could feel my body shaking in anticipation. A few seconds later it happened. She slowly drove her car on to the drive. The driver's side front tyre crossing my chest really did crush me down in to the soft earth, the rear tyre was less painful but I now knew what if felt like to be run over by a beautiful woman. It was fantastic. My head was really buzzing and my heart pounding. I was so aroused I thought my pants were about to burst open. But it didn't end there.

Seconds later I could hear her boots crunching across the drive towards me as she closed the gate. As she latched it shut she was now standing with both boots on my sore chest. She must have felt something was not right and started to tap her foot hard along my body eventually pushing down hard on my face. I felt her step back and then horror of horrors she lifted the cloth off my face.

"Oh my God" she screamed "what are you doing? I could have killed you. I've just run over you in my car.

All I could think of to say was "Sorry, but I'm fine. I've always wanted to know how it would feel. I'm OK. Don't worry, just a bit bruised.

"You're mad. And I was standing on you. That must of hurt" she said looking down at me wondering what was coming next.

"No" I said "that was fantastic, feeling you stand on me. Would you do it again?"

She just stared and said nothing. Then using her right boot she pushed back the cloth revealing my bare chest and stepped on me again. She heard the breath come out of me and asked "How's this"

I couldn't really say much but I lifted my head slightly and looked at her boots pressed in to my chest. She saw where I was looking and glanced down. "Well they're a bit grubby now with all this mud around. I think the least you can do is lick them clean".

With that she steadied herself with one hand on the gate post and pushed her left boot in to my face. "Lick" she demanded.

Not being in a position to do anything else I did the best I could, licking the mud off the soles and heels of both boots. It was a waste of time of course as soon as I had finished she stepped off me and into the mud on the drive again. She went back to her car without saying another word, collected her groceries and went into the house.

At this point I didn't know what to do. I tried to move my arms and wriggle my shoulders but the weight of the car had crushed me in to the soft earth and I couldn't get up. Besides the pain in my chest hurt even more when I tried to move so decided to stay where I was for now.

About 30 minutes later she was crunching back across the drive towards me. "Are you staying there? I've got to go and pick up my daughter soon"

I said nothing as she reached over me and opened the gate again. "Please yourself" she said with a smile on her face. This time when she started the car she opened the window. As the car slowly reversed towards me she was leaning out looking at my face and seemed to enjoy the look of pain as the rear wheel crossed my chest. "Now the heavy one" she said as the front tyre crushed me even further down in to the soft earth. Once in the lane she got out of the car and walked back. Bending down she lifted the cloth back over my chest and face saying "I don't want my daughter seeing you if you're still there when we come back" With that she closed the gate, returned to the car and drove off leaving me in real pain and not knowing what to do next. Of course I did nothing.

During the time she was gone I just lay very still and tried to recover. My heart beat was returning to normal and I wondered if I could take any more crushing. I still couldn't move my arms so I guess I didn't have much choice.

I'm not sure how long she was gone this time but when I heard the car coming up the lane I knew I had to try and get out of this trench. I gritted my teeth but as hard as I tried I couldn't free my arms or shoulders. It was like the wet mud was sucking me down and I was well and truly stuck. Besides, the pain of trying was really getting to me. I thought about screaming out but I didn't want her daughter to find me as I knew she would tell the whole village what had happened. So I resigned myself to what was to come.

Again the car stopped just outside the gate. I heard the car door open, the gate being unlatched and then the hard boot of this beautiful lady stepped on to my sore chest as she pushed the gate open. This time walking back to the car she stepped over me probably feeling sorry for the pain she caused but not so much as seconds later she drove over me and in to the drive. This time the pain was excruciating and every last ounce of breath seemed to be crushed out of my lungs. I heard the car door open then she was walking back towards me closing the gate. I was hoping she realised I had taken as much as I could but she showed no mercy and stood with both feet on my chest. Then I heard another pair of feet walking across the drive. "What are you looking at mum? It was her daughter.

"Just looking at the countryside, wondering what your father would have thought of the view"

That's the last I heard of the conversation as I guess her daughter, who was 17 and nearly as tall and beautiful as her mother must have come to stand by her and take in the view. Problem was she stood right on my face with both feet and was wearing hard soled school shoes with thick heels. As my head, like my body was well and truly stuck in the soft mud I could do nothing as all her weight crushed my cheeks and lips. I felt my head sink a little and she must have felt the movement under the cloth. She stepped off and asked her mother what work she was having done on the drive. I heard her mother explain and then the daughter saying "Well it's a bit lumpy under the cloth" With that she stepped back on to my face and started to use the hard rubber heel of her shoe to even out the bumps. She must have stomped really hard on my face 5 or 6 times smashing my lips and braking my nose. "There, that's better" she giggled but stayed on my face. She must have said something else to her mother who just listen and paid no attention to what her daughter had been doing to my face. After about another ten minutes the girl got off my face and I heard her say to her mother that she would go and start preparing dinner. However, mother stayed where she was, even rocking back on her heels digging them further in to my sore chest. I don't know why she continued but she must have been enjoying it. Finally she stepped off and using her left boot moved the cloth off my face revealing the damage her daughter had caused. "My word, look at your face. That must have really hurt. Why didn't you scream out and beg her to stop?

I spat some blood out of my mouth and tried to speak but I think my jaw was broken and my cheeks were red raw. The pain was just too much to make any more effort. I could feel tears running down the side of my face as I looked through two black and battered eyes at the beauty leaning over me. "You're one sick bastard" she said "you must really enjoy the pain and suffering" and with that lifted her right boot up and stamped hard on my mouth using her heel. "Enjoy that, did you"

This time I felt my front teeth crack but a yelp was all I could manage. "I think I will tell my daughter what has been going on and then she will tell everybody what a pervert you are" With that she headed to the house. Moments later they were both back. "Oh my God mum, did I do that to his face? And you recon her enjoyed it?

"Well I helped a little bit" laughed her mother.

"Pull the cloth back" she said "and show me where you ran over him" Again just using her boot she moved the cloth off my chest. The daughter bent down to take a closer look at the tyre tread pattern across my chest and the deep boot prints left by her mother.

"We should take him to hospital mum, just look at him"

"Why? it's what he wanted the sick bastard. Anyway I enjoyed driving over him and it helped relieve some of the grief of losing your father.

"Mum, you shouldn't say things like that, it's not like you" she said.

"I dare you to try it and then tell me you didn't enjoy it" said the mother with a glint of evil in her eye.

"What happens if I kill him" asked the daughter.

"You won't" she said "anyway he enjoys it remember"

"Well if you think it will be OK. Where are the keys?

"Still in the car"

As she walked back to the car my fear was growing. In my head I could hear myself screaming out "No, please, no more" but the words were just not coming out. The mother was still standing by me looking down at my broken body. "Well this is what you wanted and I hope you get everything you asked for" Again I tried to speak but before anything came out she just pushed her boot hard on my mouth and said "be quiet, don't say a word and take your punishment like a man"

As the mother opened the gate I could see the reverse lights come on and I heard the daughter, who had only had a few driving lessons, giving the engine a few too many revs to get the car moving. She had opened the window and called to her mother as the car moved "how am I doing mum, I don't want to run over his face"

"Just come straight back as you are" she replied "you'll be able to go right over his chest again" By now the tears were really welling up in my eyes and all I had was a blurred vision of what was about to come. As the tyres crunched across the gravel towards me I tried to take a deep breath but the pain was to great and now I wondered whether I had any broken ribs. "Come on, nice and slow" said the mother.

Can I stop the car on him mum, so I can get out and have a real good look at his face"

"Sure, why not" she said "but just the back wheel first"

"OK, tell me when to stop"

As the rear tyre rolled across my arm I could feel it pinch against the side of the trench and then it was on my chest. All the breath came out of my lungs and again I could feel my body being crushed in to the soft earth below. "Stop there" called the mother. The girl applied the handbrake and got out of the car leaving the engine running. She looked down at the pain on my face and gave out a little giggle. "You licked my mums boots clean now you can lick my shoes clean or I won't move the car" Now I was in trouble. I could hardly move my jaw let alone open my mouth and stick out my tongue to lick her shoes. She stamped her shoe down hard on my swollen mouth and said "Come on, clean them"

I could do nothing and her patience lasted just a few seconds. In a moment she was standing with both feet on my face. I closed my eyes tight shut as she steadied her self against the car. "Is this how I was standing on him when he was under the cloth" she asked her mother.

"Yep, just like that"

"It feels quite good now, knowing he is under my feet. Why don't you give it a try. Your boots are much harder than my shoes" and with that she stepped off my face.

Mother was only standing a few feet away and looked down at the marks left on my face by the ridged soles of her daughter's shoes. "The hard soles of my boots have got a pattern on them too. I wonder how long I would have to stand on his face to leave some good prints" she said with a laugh. "and I'm heavier than you"

By now the weight of the car was really hurting me. I could hardly breath but neither of them paid any attention to the obvious look of fear in my eyes. I began to wish I had never started this and was scared of what was coming next. In a couple of strides the mother was standing by me. "You poor thing, I hope you are going to enjoy this as much as I am" and immediately smashed her right boot in to my face followed by the left. Steadying herself against the gate post I heard her daughter ask "Can I run him over with the front wheel now mum while you stand on his face?

"Go on then, but nice and slow and mind my feet" The mother twisted a little so she could see the direction of the front wheel causing me even more pain. Slowly the rear wheel bumped off my chest and gave me a few seconds of relief. I was right under the car and could hear the front tyre getting closer. I tried again to take a breath but my ribs were just so sore. Seconds later the wide low profile tyre rolled across my chest and thankfully the daughter didn't stop the car this time. She stopped the car about three feet away and got out to rejoin her mother who was just stepping off my face. "Wow, look at those tread marks mum, and you really have left some great boot prints on his face. What shall we do now?

"Oh I think he's had enough don't you. We should help him out of the trench and let him go. I bet he won't be trying that stunt again"

"Can I just put the car back on the drive" she asked "then I'll give you a hand"

All I could think was "please God no, no more, please I give up" but no words formed in my mouth. A grunt was all that came out which attracted the mother's attention. She looked down at me and said with a smile "go on then, but that's it, OK"

The daughter's joy has hard to miss as she defiantly stepped on to my chest, jumped as high as she could and smashed her hard shoes down on me. "Hey, I said that was enough" scalded the mother.

"Come on mum, I'm enjoying myself. Let me see if I can jump higher" and with that she launched herself in to the air again smashing her shoes in to my rib cage. "Look at his face, I bet that really hurt. You try mum, you're heavier than me then I'll put the car away, promise"

"Just one OK" she said and as the daughter stepped off the mother stepped on. "Hold my hands and I'll see how high I can jump" Looking down my nose I could just see her boots sinking in to my body and then felt the pressure as she pushed her self up in to the air. She felt only a little heavier than her daughter but when she brought her hard boots crashing down on my chest landing heels first I felt two ribs crack and I think she did too. She stepped off and looked closely at the damage then bent down and pressed with her finger against my lower ribs which moved confirming the break. "God that must've hurt" she laughed. Her daughter joined the laughter and placed her foot on the broken ribs, pressed down and said "Wow, you really can feel them move. Kiss mummy's boots and say thank you for braking your ribs" I could just about muster up a pucker as her muddy boot landed again on my mouth then the other. "Come on, I'm getting hungry now. Lets put the car away and get rid of him" said the mother.

"I'll drive" said the daughter running back to the car, jumping in and starting the engine before her mother could object. This time her aim wasn't so good and the front tyre passed over me within inches of my throat, luckily missing the broken ribs. As the rear tyre rolled over me she pretended to get stuck, stopping again with me trapped under the wide tyre. "Stop messing about" said the mother "we've had our fun. With that the girl let the car roll off and parked in front of the garage.

Rejoining her mother they used the garden fork and spade to loosen the compact earth around my body until at last I could move my arms. Next my shoulders came free and then I was able to lift my head a little. I placed my hands either side of the trench and lifted myself up. Now I was in a sitting position but could not stand because of the pain in my chest and ribs. The two held me under my arms and lifted me in to a standing position. Thankfully my legs still worked and over the next 30 minutes managed to walk the quarter mile back to my home. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my face and body. The tyre tread and boot marks were disappearing being replaced by yellow and blue bruising. I know I would need some hospital treatment so gingerly climbed in to my car and drove to the nearest A&E. I still could not speak due to the damage to my mouth and face but the injuries spoke for them selves. Ex-rays confirmed the broken ribs and a nurse attended to my smashed face and damaged teeth. The doctor said he would have to report the incident to the police because of the severity of the injuries as he said it look like I had been beaten up and run over. Luckily I had a few days to recover before making a statement to the effect that I was beaten up by some drunks in town. The broken ribs were probably caused by someone kicking me.

It was about 2 weeks later that I felt and looked good enough to walk through the village again. I have seen the mother and daughter around a few times, they just smile and go on their way. I recon they decided not to say anything about that day to anyone else, which I'm happy with. If any of you have had a similar experience please let me know or if any young lady would like to run over me contact me through the board or direct at
Aug 7, 2002
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true, but it was repeated by the original author this time. Who has not been on here in about six or seven months

Just to fill you in Crushed101, your stories have all been re circulated many times since you were posting on here last.


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Oct 8, 2006
i red it many times in the past, but reading it for another time is always a good thing..

maybe are there other espereinces you've lived, crushed?


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Oct 29, 2008
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It is true, that the story has been repeated so many times in the past, but it is nice to hear that it has been repeated by the author himself as it proves that he is still active and there is hope that there more stories like this.

This is a very intelligent author because his plots are great and his stories have a nice build up. The cruel women in question are just ordinary ladies being thrust into unusual circumstances where they have man in at their mercy and their previously unknown and dormant dominant personalities then emerge.

This story is a prime example. The blonde ‘yummy mummy’ in this story was initially concerned about the man’s wellbeing when she ‘accidently’ crushed him with the car. But as soon as she learns that he had planned this all along she then begun to treat him cruelly for her own sadistic pleasure. It is so marvellously written just like most of this author’s stories.

This particular tale is my favourite story from this author. I have written a very flimsy draft sequel to this story it features this blonde mum and as well as Diana, the mother of Jenny and Sophie…