Carpet Pad Factory part 3

Jun 25, 2009
Sorry it’s taking a while to come up with more chapters for Carpet pad factory part 3. That story honestly was just a crazy daydream I’ve had many times. I had intended it to be just those two parts and then work more on the punishment I took from Kristy, Misty, Kristys mom and the Kaufman drill team, also the Starved Rock story I had no idea so many would like this story so I have been doing my best to come up with ideas. Hopefully ya’ll like the next chapter.

Sore, but turned on like never before it was close enough to end of shift I spent the last twenty minutes in the break room till final bell sounded. As people gathered belongings and filed out the door I was not in any hurry. Just about everyone had left so I thought I should make my way to my truck. Jenna was standing next to my door she was around my age mid twenty’s maybe a few years older. “aw are you ok Mike you seem to be limping a little.” Yes ma’am I’m ok I said, then I smiled did you help press the pad when I passed through the crush line with a big grin on my face. I think that question caught her a little off guard, Jenna smiled a little, “maybe, you took all day to slip up “ as she laughed that girly I’m busted laugh. “The girls were very excited after all the other guys are old and um, looking for words, well they are not in very good shape”. I laughed “they are kind of Hefty and Jenna laughed pleasingly plump.”

Anyway Mike, Jenna said looking into my eyes, “we may be starting production of another pad soon she paused for a second. You know the owner was very poor as a child growing up. She got a contract for a thicker pad for higher end carpet and this contract will bring in a lot of money for us. But most importantly we will have to bring on board and give more ladies a job.”

“Although I do occasionally get on the line to help press the pad when a lump comes through, I am the recruiter. The point I’m slowly getting too Mike, when you went under the press line you really took a beating, sorry, I think we went a little overboard. That’s not the norm, but hey when a really cute guy we all, um the girls really wanted you to fall and when you finally did well. We may have taken advantage of you, sorry she said with a flirty smile. “

“I laughed when I fell? Ha I am pretty sure I was pushed.”

Jenna winked at me, “I don’t know who would of pushed you” As she blushed a little.

“Anyway this new pad being thicker we will have to hire ladies that are somewhat heavier than what we have now. According to the engineers this pad requires a minimum of 150 pound ladies to walk on it in order to bond and keep the wrinkles as low as possible. But also the ladies would need to be slightly closer together, nervously Jenna said, but we can use less on the line. This line would only have about fifty ladies, after the way you held up, I confident you would do well as the sole inspector on that line. It would be a promotion and if that line grows you would be the line Forman.”

“It’s something to think about the details are not set in stone yet management is not sure about you yet, after all today is you’re first day and you have only been run through the line once. So Mike you didn’t hear this from me, but if you think you want that position, maybe as she made air quotes, “accidentally” fall on to the line more often?”

With that Jenna smiled and said give it some thought and I look forward to helping squish the lump when you come down the line. Then she turned and walked to her car.

I couldn’t help but smile like a little kid with a candy bar. I just stood there I was glad Jenna got in her car and left the parking lot. I’m sure I looked goofy just standing there with a big grin.

The next day I walked into the factory the girls were all smiles. It was almost scary, did Jenna tell everybody I would be going down the line more often? I walked along to my station. Hey Mike, morning Mike all the ladies seemed giddy.

As the line fires up and I’m watching the pad glide under me my mind drifted off to Jenna. Damn she is a smoke show and those toes. Every time I think about them I just think nom, nom, nom my goofy expression for eating them up. And when she walked over the pad mmm she was light but damn. I wish all the girls would have been barefoot.

I returned to reality when I fell onto the line. I brought my arms to my sides. I felt the first of many soft keds clad feet step onto my legs. Man on the line I heard called down ahead of me. It’s the new guy one lady called out. A rhythm was forming shins press down then thighs, then shins, thighs, and my groin. I felt like a Rail road tie, I remember watching them as a train goes buy, as the wheels pass over the tie sinks, then rises once the wheels passed. It’s only inches but it’s noticeable. Same thing feet press me down then lift and my ribs, groin, rise back up slightly then press down again. I was enjoying the sensation of so many women softly pressing me. Some bounced a little, others walked in place just a few times then stepped to the next spot on me.

As I got to the end of the line I was disappointed. I could feel that every woman that walked over every inch oh me had been wearing the same shoes. I never felt the soft crush of Jenna’s bare feet walk down my body under the soft layers of pad over me.

I was cut out of the material that encased me and helped to my feet. I looked around and never saw Jenna.

All day I would fall on purpose and get pressed. Honestly I had gotten used to the weight of the girls and they were now over the new guy thrill. Each time the girls walked along pressing me till the last pass I made.

I was disappointed I never felt the beautiful Jenna her soft feet I wanted to feel them again so bad. Each time I think I went through the line,3 times today I looked to see if Jenna was around. I knew I had better give it one more time under the crush line before the end of the day. I need to set managements mind at ease that I’m right for the promotion.

I was watching the clock didn’t want to be too obvious that I was falling onto the line all day. Well twenty five min to go I better do this I thought. And I let myself drop onto the line, the alarm sounded again like every time. But this time it wasn’t the same I felt the line slow down. No way, I thought the line slowed drastically, I even felt a slight Jolt as the motors slowed. This is new I’m thinking then I felt a soft barefoot step onto my lower legs.

My heart almost skipped a beat as I felt the other soft sole press down onto me right in front of the first foot. I smiled thinking Jenna stepped onto the line for my last pass of the day.

As these soft feet moved up they were replaced by another soft bare foot pressing the foam pad laid over me. It felt so good this girl was just a little heavier than the first.

Since the line was crawling foreword each pair of feet had plenty of time to press each part of me. As I inched foreword I felt another pair step up, just as the first girl reached my manhood. I was rock hard the soft sensation of maybe 115 lbs tiptoed on my shaft.
It was obvious she could feel very well what she was stepping on. And she was going to press every inch. I moaned but I was pretty sure the low hum of the motors drowned it out.

Then one by one the ladies marched along my body I was in heaven. It hurt a little when a heavier girl stepped on her toes right on the head of my dick. She felt it too because she bounced and I almost yelled out.

I was getting squashed under about six ladies with the line going so slow. More than normal were able to find a spot on top of me.

Each foot pressing me lightly until one barefoot touched down on my leg. I didn’t notice anything different at first just a steady pressure increasing. But this time it didn’t stop it got heavier and heavier.
I could barley tell one girl from the next it was like being in a dark room with 100 candles. Some flames might be bigger or smaller but no real difference. As the weight on this foot increased my legs sank hard into the pad. Then the other foot touched down and, this was not just another candle.

This was like a flash bang. The weight pressed down moving up my body twice as heavy as any girl standing on me already. I felt the foot take a bigger step and my balls were pressed hard. I groaned as what had to be the weight of two girls squashed my sack so hard my balls pushed out from under her foot. Then she stepped down her bare foot covered the length of my shaft. I felt my shaft squish to about half it’s normal thickness.

It hurt but not like normal pain I felt a burning sensation in the tip of my cock. And a strange burning almost throbbing in by balls. I wanted so bad to see the toes that were tormenting almost crushing the life from my poor dick. But with the two layers of padding I could see nothing only feel every ounce of each foot pressing me in the darkness.

Finally the foot with double weight lifted. It felt like I was right there about to shoot my load as the weight lifted. But just as that foot lifted and another took its place. Pressing my swelled shaft and balls back down stopping me from having a release.

I was so occupied with the weight on my manhood I failed to notice about every other girl was now squashing me with double the weight. The girls must going piggyback with one in between alone.

Over and over I felt a very heavy weight on my shaft press me to the point I felt like I had cum but the next foot stepped on and stopped me. My breathing was very subdued under one set of feet with double weight and one set with about a hundred and twenty five pounds.

I was spent had no energy left my body felt like I had 10 orgasms but the gun was still loaded. Squished to right there then stopped as another foot pressed me.

I know my heart rate had to be hypertensive. I was more turned on than I had ever been.

One last pair of feet stepped up onto my legs. It was heavier than just one of the girls, but not heavy enough to be a pair going piggy back.

This was the last girl as no more stepped on behind her. She quickly took her place on my shaft as the last girl stepped up. I felt this soft foot turn and the other foot now standing across me not in line like the rest. I felt this heavy press as she transferred weight from one foot to the other. Slow at first but she picked up the pace. She could feel exactly what was under her feet and they dig into me with what felt like 180lbs.

Harder and harder she marched, I felt that familiar burning sensation. My back arched up since only this girl was left standing on me. The feet on me now must have felt the heartbeat in my shaft even through the pad. She started to bounce hard I could not help myself my eyes rolled back in my head. I moaned and she jumped only a few inches but she was off of me then bam her weight crashed down crushing the hell out of me.

Next thing I know she was literally running on me in place. This stranger was putting me through hell and she was enjoying this as much as I was. The ruthless pounding, feeling my shaft press damn near flat. Then re inflate as blood was allowed in, while my balls were severely squished. As her foot came crashing back down I shot a little of my load. But since her weight pressed down so fast it only aloud a little to come out. Then the weight would let up and a little more was released then her weight pressed even more out. I was milked for a few more jumps almost as if she was getting hers before she walked up the rest of the way over me.
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May 18, 2018
Really nice! One thing: Try to use "quotation marks" if people say something, for example: "It’s something to think about. The details are not set in stone yet and management is not sure about you yet, after all today is your first day and you have only been run through the line once. So Mike you didn’t hear this from me, but if you think you want that position, maybe," as she made air quotes, "'accidentally' fall on to the line more often?"
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Jun 25, 2009
sorry I am bad about not doing that, I get so into getting the story out of my head then posting it. I overlook things.


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Jan 20, 2010
nice chapter congratulations,.
If they will do the line with the heavier pad, you could use the same women who wear thin iron sole over bare feet to "crush better" ,and occasionally when a person falls on the normal line the first 10 women wear the iron soles to break the pad in the "right areas" so the last can walk barefoot without pads..... (it could be a special gift for the boy's birthday)

of course it's just an idea, congratulations again for all the stories you've written I look forward to the next developments ........


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Apr 30, 2018
Really nice! One thing: Try to use "quotation marks" if people say something, for example: "It’s something to think about. The details are not set in stone yet and management is not sure about you yet, after all today is your first day and you have only been run through the line once. So Mike you didn’t hear this from me, but if you think you want that position, maybe," as she made air quotes, "'accidentally' fall on to the line more often?"
I was sometime lost because of that ^^
But I hope you'll post the following soon :)