Carpet pad factory

Jun 25, 2009
Go easy on me this is only my 4th or so story.

As it was explained to me, being that i was laid off weeks ago from my job. This new job opening at a carpet padding factory didn't sound so bad. Eight hour days with a one hour lunch and a few smoke breaks. Do you think you can handle the job and all it entails the lady across the desk Ms Kelly asked with a smile.

As i leaned back in my chair i ran what was said to me, going over it in my mind what my job duties were to entail.

I would be working on a carpet pad production line. The factory makes strips a little more than 2 feet wide with three thin layers on the bottom and then 3 thin layers are added to the top. They don't use conventional rollers to press the layers together because the owner of the factory grew up dirt poor and wanted a way to give jobs to many other not so well off ladies. Instead she hired over one hundred women to line up one behind the other and slowly walk upon the padding to press it. It was boring work but the ladies were paid above average wages. They were even given Keds canvas shoes with soft rubber soles to wear.

I guess i spaced out a little when she went over that part on the how it helps these women and makes the owner feel good. Since she started the company from the ground up it was important to give back. I came back to reality when she said there were only 2 other guys that work at the factory on the production line. I can't lie over 100 women and just three guys I like those odds i thought as i smiled inside.

Then the lady a mid 30s tall thin not gorgeous but still i wouldn't say no to a date either. Said we have a higher than normal turnover rate with the production line guys. You see your job will require you to inspect and make sure the material stays aligned and no large bubbles form as the layers travel along the line. The spot where you have to lay just above the conveyor belt is a little tight. We require a guy thats thin to be able to fit. But it's easy to lose your balance and fall onto the material. Even the more experienced guys fall a few times a day. She paused and kind of smiled i think the ladies look forward to it.

Once you fall onto the line about a foot drop the guys seem to land on their back facing up. The line can't be stopped it causes a huge back up and a lot of material is wasted. So once you fall you will be carried along till the line slows down to a crawl. Now you have to be pretty strong to work the line because just before you go down the press line you will be covered by three thin layers of padding. With the three layers under you.This is very important you have to keep your hands and arms by your side since it heat melts the edges. The ladies that work the line can see the big lump so they know one of the guys fell onto the production line. But they can't stop, and really have no way to step around you. You will in fact get trampled by all the women working the press line. That's why we issue you a helmet with a face mask. Safety first i can't have you injured the job pays good its not easy enduring over 100 women walking all over you. At least your face will be protected. Then she looked pretty serious i cant stress enough please do wear your helmet. We had a guy that fell and didn't wear one and his nose was badly broken.

Once you get past the crush line she says with a grin on her face we can cut the part you're stuck in out and let you return to your station. I wont say its painless but you won't be seriously injured just a little pressed.

Oh and just an FYI most new hires fall onto the line three or four times a day till they get the hang of things. One poor guy fell five or six times the first hour. The girls felt bad for him and tried to step around him as best they could. He ended up quitting he said the job was just not for him. He was a little squished looking she said with a giggle.

I thought to myself yeah im a martial artist i won't fall this doesn't sound so bad.

Yes i can handle the position and all that goes with it. I can start right away if you would like i said with a smile.

With that Mrs. Evans said great i will have Jenna give you a tour and show you to your work station.

Hello im Jenna i will give you the tour and introduce you to everyone.

As we walked along i noticed it was pretty quiet. A few ladies here and there standing at small control boxes. Each with a small tv and the ladies had on head phones.

We made our way down to the press line, i was stunned to see a long row of ladies. They were about a foot apart with rails to hold onto either side and a small tv for each lady. They were staggered one on the left then the right. Each had on head phones. To my surprise they were all young mid 20's to mid 30's average height and weight. Really attractive in the cute chick next store kind of way. As we walked beside the line the ladies turned as if to check out the new meat. I felt a little uneasy, unsure of myself with all these eyes on me.

As we made the end of the line we went through some double doors and followed the conveyor till we got to the first male employee i have seen yet. He introduced himself as Fred, he is the Sr. Line inspector. Fred told me i would be working just down the line and gave me a quick rundown on what i would need to do. Jenna then gave ole Fred a wink and said will you show Rany here what its like when you fall onto the line. Fred had a look on his face as best i could tell through the facemask of do i have to. So then Fred said i will give you a min to get near the end of the line.

Jenna took my hand and said come on this is what you need to be ready for. As we passed back the way we came we went to a station were one of the ladies must of had the day off. Jenna slipped off her shoes since they had a low heel. Then stepped onto the slowly passing pad. Then the small tv screen flashed "man on the pad" and i could see a lot of the ladies in line smiled a little. About a min passed when i saw the lump in the pad that was Fred come down the line. Woman after woman walking slowly and softly over every part of him. As he passed under Jenna i saw her honestly sexy ass hell bare feet press him down a little with each step. Her 125 lbs walked all over him as she looked at me and winked. Honestly i was crazy turned on i wanted to be Fred so bad at that moment. Janna could see the look on my face and i'm guessing the bulge in my jeenes. She smiled and stepped off the pad. I think your going to fit right it.
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Clap-clap!! Finally, a wonderful, new story idea.
Please give a little more detail about how he would normally do his job, before falling and what is involved in cutting him out. Is it expensive for the company to stop the line? How many times can this happen before he gets fired. Do the girls wear a safety belt in case they trip and fall? Would they trip on the big lump and fall on top of him, then they both get trampled? Where along the line are the sensors that measure a guy has fallen? (Probably after each guy's station.) How long do the girls walk between breaks? Do they rotate out individually or stop the entire line for a break?

Again, a wonderful story idea!!