Co-worker’s slave

Aug 30, 2010
My name is Jim and I work at a small dispatch center with a small group of people one being Toni. While I am 30 and single, Toni is 48 years old, married with two kids. To describe Toni, she is 5’2 about 200 pounds comes to work everyday wearing jeans a shirt and flats. Although just a co-worker, Toni has always been somewhat demanding definitely dominate in nature and has never had a problem telling people what to do. Toni has a habit of playing on her phone a little to much at work and not always finishing her daily tasks. To put it mildly Toni is not the most well liked person in the office.

A little description about me, I’m 30, single, have always been very submissive and subservient to women and have a very strong foot fetish.

I seem to always find myself spending time at Toni’s cubicle throughout my workday as she is usually either barefoot or playing with her flats throughout the day. I usually just stand and talk to her, mainly listening to her complaints about being over worked or how unfair things are at the office. Toni always has manicure fingers and pedicures, her feet are very pretty and well taken care of.

One day as I was talking with Toni, she was complaining that the boss had talked to her about being late again and how hard it was to get to work on time. Most people would look at the Starbucks drink and pastry on her desk every morning and think if you didn’t stop there every morning, you’d be to work on time. I thought the exact opposite and saw this as a way to serve her.

I sympathized with Toni and asked her if she would like me to get her Starbucks the next morning so she would be able to get to work on time. Toni seemed a little confused and told me that being as I didn’t drink coffee she wouldn’t feel right asking me to stop for her. I told her it wouldn’t be a problem since I usually get up pretty early and she said ok if you really want to, which of course I did.
As I looked down at Toni’s beautiful red painted toes, I was so excited to bring her coffee.

I got up early the next morning, stopping at Starbucks to get her drink and pastry, which I couldn’t believe she spends $10 a day on, but I wanted to make her happy and hopefully make her life a little easier. I went straight to Toni’s desk and with a smile gave her drink and pastry on her desk. Toni had just got to work and was sitting in her desk wiggling her feet in and out of her shoes. Toni thanked me and went to her purse when I said please don’t worry about paying me back I am just happy I could help you out this morning and make your morning a little easier.

Toni looked at me and said I could get used to this with a smile on her face. I told her it was my pleasure and to please let me know anytime I could do something for her. I left very excited but hoping I wasn’t being to weird and that she would let me do this for her again.

That afternoon I went back into her office and she was playing on her phone, with her shoes off, showing her beautiful feet. Toni started telling me how over worked she was as she had maybe two weeks worth of work on her desk. Toni definitely was not the hardest of workers.

Kind of nervous, but determined, I asked Toni if I could bring her Starbucks again the next morning. Toni looked at me and asked if I was sure and I assured her it was no problem at all. Toni smiled and said “sure I’ll let you bring me Starbucks tommorow”. I left the office so excited hoping this could become a regular thing.

Over the next few weeks, I brought Toni coffee and a pastry every morning and after a while she stopped asking me if she could pay me back and several times when she was on the phone just pointed to a spot on the desk where she wanted her stuff out.

I found myself thinking of Toni quite a bit, even though I knew for her this was just a convience as she of course thought of me as a nice co-worker. After all she is 20 years older than me with a family.

So about a month into bringing Toni coffee every morning, I woke up late one morning, so upset with myself, I wasnt able to stop at Starbucks before I came to work. I came straight into Toni’s office and apologized for not having her coffee, not knowing what she would say. Toni looked upset and said “Jim I need my coffee everyday, if you can’t get it for me, I can get it myself”. I had got her coffee every morning for a month and always paid for it as well, some would think Toni was being a little harsh. I looked at Toni, who was barefoot with a beautiful dark purple pedicure and again apologized, and said please don’t get your own coffee, it will never happen again, I promise.

Toni looked up at me with a smile and said, “I believe you, would you like to try and make it up to me”. I jumped and said of course anything. Toni then said great, two things, one you can get my coffee and lunch for me today and bring it back and two I have about two weeks of paperwork I need done by tomorrow, would you mind handling that for me”.

Looking down at Toni’s feet, I said of course and grabbed her paperwork from her desk. Toni looked at me with a smile as she was playing her phone and said, “good boy” as I left her office. I left her office on cloud 9, I couldn’t believe she called good boy and couldn’t help but wonder what she meant by it.

I was in a fog all morning and spent my lunch hour going to Starbucks and then to get Toni a sandwich she wanted which was on the other side of town. I returned and put her drink and sandwich in her desk. Toni smiled and then reminded me I had a lot of work to do before my day was over as she was looking at a magazine.

I worked all afternoon and barely made a dent in Toni’s paperwork. At 5 Toni stopped by my cubicle to tell me she was headed home for the day and I wished her a good night. Toni then said “have a good night as well, I’m guessing you’ll be here for a while, but I’m sure you won’t forget my Starbucks anymore” as she chuckled. I instinctively said, it won’t happen again, Ma’am. She smile at me and said, “Ma’am, I like that” and left the building.
Aug 30, 2010
I ended up working until 10 pm finishing all of Toni’s paperwork, I couldn’t believe how much work there was, she really didn’t do to much during her workdays. When I got home I was dead tired, but set two alarms to make sure I was up on time and able to get Toni her Starbucks in the morning.

When I got to work, I went straight to Toni’s desk put her stuff down and again apologized for yesterday and said, I promise that will never happen again Ma’am, you can count on me”. Toni smiled and said, “ I like that you call me Ma’am you really do want to be my good boy don’t you”. I said “yes ma’am, more than anything”. Toni smiled and said you can go back to work now, I’ll call you if I need anything. I was looking down at her bare feet when she said this and
When I looked back up she kind of smirked at me.

I went through the morning trying to work, but it was almost impossible all I could think about was Toni and what was going on between us. At about 10, Toni sent me an email that said, “Jill’s Daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies they are in the break room, I’d like two boxes of thin mints”.

I couldn’t believe it, Toni didn’t ask but told me to get her cookies, I jumped up and almost ran to the break room paid for the cooked and brought them to her. Toni smiled and said these are my favorites then asked me if I had any plans for lunch. I told her that I didn’t and she told me she really liked the sandwich I had got her yesterday. After a quick pause, as she looked at me, I looked down at her feet and said, “‘Ma’am, I would love to get you another sandwich for lunch if you’d like”. Toni said “I was hoping you’d say that, you really are a good boy”.

I again spent my lunch hour getting Toni her lunch and went straight to her and put her sandwich on her desk. Toni didn’t look up right away, as she was reading a magazine I just stood there ackwardly for a few minutes before she looked up at me smiled and told me I could go back to work. I thanked her and left.

At the end of the day, Toni came to my desk, sat down and immediately took her shoes off, I couldn’t help but stare. Toni had her daily work in her hands and apologized for having me work so late the night before and said she came up with a plan. Toni put the papers on my desk and said she figured if I wanted to, I could do her work daily at the end of our work day so she could stay caught up and I wouldn’t have to stay at work so late. I took the paperwork and said, “thank you Ma’am, that’s a great idea”. Toni put her black flats back on her feet and told me to have a great night.

Toni’s, paperwork usually takes me about two hours to finish so I usually leave the office by 7 every night, but it’s ok because it allows Toni to kind of hang out and relax at work.

So it went for the next month or so, I started bringing Toni Starbucks in the morning and running around to get her lunch everyday as well. I was working about 10 hours extra every week, but it was so worth it every time I saw Toni’s Bare feet or she called me a good boy.

One day around 5 as everyone except me was leaving the office, Toni came in with her daily paperwork and asked me if we could talk for a minute. Toni smiled and asked me I could massage her feet while we talked. This is something I had always dreamed of but would never dare ask. I turned red and was at a loss for words.

Toni put her beautiful bare feet in my lap and apologized for the smell, telling me she had been wearing her flats all day. I slowly started massaging Toni’s feet in my lap trying unsuccessfully to hide my erection. Toni laughed as I massaged her feet and then said, I need you to listen to me for a minute, “ I love that you spoil me and let me treat you like my office bitch, it amazes me all the stuff that you do for me everyday, you get up early to get me coffee, spend your lunch break running around to get me lunch and on top of that work an extra two hours everyday to keep up with my work that I don’t want to do. I have known for a while you are submissive and had a feeling which is now confirmed that you love my pretty feet”.

“It is important to me that I am not leading you on in any way. I am happily married and will never entertain a relationship with you. If you are ok with that, I will continue to let you serve me and do my bidding here at work, if you want more we will need to stop this”.

Toni moved her foot up to my lips and said, if you want to be my work bitch, kiss my feet, I am sure you’ve been wanting to for a long time. I said thank you Ma’am and gently kissed her foot thanking her for letting me be her work bitch.

Toni continued as I kissed her foot, “you have been a very good boy so far and if it continues, I will give you these special treats from time to time, but I expect perfection slave”. This is new to me, I have read about stuff like this but never even considered the possibility of it in real life. Be prepared, my good boy, our relationship will be give and take as in you give and I take, ha ha. And speaking of giving, I am headed out, I have a nail appointment, would you like to start paying for my manicures and pedicures?”

Yes ma’am, of course as I held her beautiful foot in my hand. Great give me your wallet please. Without hesitation I handed Toni my wallet and she took out all the cash which she counted as $200. Toni looked at me for a second and I immediately said, “ma’am, would you please take all
$200” that’s a good boy, you’ve made me happy, I’m gonna let you go now, I know you have a lot of work to do, Toni said as she left he office.

I was in heaven, I had never kissed a woman’s foot, my head was spinning. Toni had made it very clear to me that she didnt want a relationship of any kind other than me being her work slave. And at that moment in time, I wanted nothing more than to be Toni’s slave.
Aug 30, 2010
Our relationship went on like this for several months, I continued to bring her Starbucks, lunch and was working late every night to do her work. Toni would come into my office after work sometimes and allow to to massage and sometimes kiss her feet as we would talk. Toni would usually use this time to ask if she could “borrow” money from me, which of course I gave her and also had no expectation of being paid back, which I’m sure she knew as well. I was giving Toni quite a it of money and with work as well, my life was totally revolving around being her slave.

One night after work, Toni came in with her daily work, put her feet in my lap and asked me if I had a girlfriend, when I told her I don’t she asked why. I honestly told her that I loved her and put her first in everything that I did and every thought that I had and couldnt even consider having someone in my life.

Toni smiled, put her beautiful feet on my lips and told me to kiss her beautiful feet and show your love and devotion. Toni then said, “my good boy, although I don’t love you, I do appreciate all you do for me slave. It is kind of funny that I don’t really think of you away from work with my family life and all, but I am very happy to know you think of me, that makes me happy slave.

And on the same subject, I know it’s not my place to say, but it would make me very happy if you were monogamous to me, I know it’s selfish but I really wouldn’t want to share you, your time or your money with somebody else. Good boy kiss my feet and promise to be faithful to only me”.

I passionately kissed Toni’s feet promising to always be faithful to her and never so much as even think about dating another woman. “Now put my shoes back on good boy, you have a lot of work to do and I have to get home I have dinner plans with the family.”

The next morning I brought Toni her morning coffee and after sitting it down, Toni wanted to talk. Toni was barefoot of course with a beautiful light shade of pink on her toes. Toni said she was very happy about our conversation yesterday and said that I really made her feel special. “Good boy, we were eating dinner at my friends restaurant and we have been invited to a cousins wedding in Hawaii, I really want to go, but am not sure we have enough money. Would you like to pay for our trip good boy.”

As I looked at Toni’s beautiful feet, I knew I didn’t have enough money for that, I was in tears as I apologized to her. Toni looked at me with a smile and said it was ok and that she had an idea she wanted to run by me after work.

As everyone on the office was leaving for the day, Toni walked into my office with her paperwork for the day slid her shoes off sat and put her beautiful feet in my lap, I was in heaven. “Good boy, I could tell this morning how upset you were and I’m sure you want nothing more than to pay for our trip to Hawaii”, I nodded as she moved the sole of her barefoot up and down my face. “ I know how much you love me and want to make me happy, I spoke with my girlfriend who owns the restaurant we went to last night. We had a few drinks and I told her about our special relationship and while chatting I found out she has an opening for a weekend dishwasher, the pay is minimum wage, but she needs a person who’s willing to work morning to night, 15 hours per day on sat and sun. I figured if you wanted to take the job, we would be able to go to Hawaii and maybe some other vacations as well.”

“It’s totally up to you, my good boy, it would really make me happy to know that you were working for me on the weekends when I’m at home relaxing”. As Toni was talking, she was gently putting her toes into my mouth, I was in heaven.

“Of course, Ma’am, thank you so much, I was so sad when I didn’t have the money to pay for your Hawaii trip”.

Toni removed her toes from my mouth, and had a huge smile on her face, I was so happy. “Good boy, you have made me so happy, I will set everything up with my friend, she will call you be ready to start this Saturday morning. Here, you’ve been so good, I want to give you a gift, take my flats, you can take her home with you. This way you’ll never feel alone, when you go home tonight and I’m with my family, you can smell and kiss my flats and tell them how much you love them, ha”. Anyways I’ve got to get home, have a good night my slave.
Aug 30, 2010
I came into work the next morning and went straight to Toni’s desk to give her Starbucks, she was in such a good mood. She said she was so excited that they were going to Hawaii and told me how happy she was with me. I was beaming with pride. Toni was looking through a Hawaii magazine and showing me pictures. Then Toni said, “ok that’s enough for now, get back to work, I’ll have my usual for lunch”.

At the end of the day, it was Friday, Toni came into my office with her daily paperwork for me to do. Toni kicked her shoes off and put them in my lap, “I hope your excited to start your new job tommorow. I talked with Gina and she’s excited to have you coming on, she has had problems with good workers and I assured her you are the best!” As Toni put her toes in my mouth she reminded me “your are to show Gina the same respect you show me, good boy”. I have gone over your rules with Gina and have asked her to report your behavior to me at the end of your weekend. You are to work as hard as you can throughout the day, if there’s no dishes to wash, you ask what else you can do. You are not allowed a break or to sit at all during your shift, you may drink water, but your not allowed food. You will be the first one there and the last one to leave, no exceptions. You will address everyone you see as sir or ma’am. I know these rules are harsh, my good boy, but to be honest it excites me to know that you are working hard and not allowed to sit or eat for 15 hours because I told you so. And to think all of your pay will go to me for my family vacations while I relax at home”. Toni pushed all of her toes in my mouth at once and asked me if she made me happy, I nodded my head up and down as I sucked on each toe.

Remember my slave my toes are a treat and I will reward you if you follow my rules, this weekend is going to be very hard for you. We have chosen two very different lives, your life know revolves around my happiness. It actually excites me knowing that you will be working your butt off all weekend while I relax with my family, all so Gina will give me a good report and give you an opportunity to worship my beautiful feet.

“Ok my slave, try and finish my work soon, you have a long weekend, I can’t wait to hear about it on Monday”!
Aug 30, 2010
Saturday morning I got up 5:30 so I could eat a big breakfast and get to the diner by 6:30, my shift was 7am to 10pm but I needed to make sure I was the first one there. I stood outside the diner until 7:15 when Gina finally showed up. Gina was about Toni’s age, tall and thin, very nice looking. You must be Jim, very nice to meet you, having talked with Toni, I’m very much looking forward to you working here”. Wanting to be as courteous as possible, I said, “thank you, ma’am, for offering me the position”. “Come on in Jim, there is some quick paperwork we need to go over before you start, go ahead and have a seat at the table. “Excuse me Ma’am, but would it be ok if I stood”. “Ha, that’s right, I’m so sorry, Jim, I forgot, your not allowed to sit”. My face turned a shade of red I was so embarrassed. “You may stand”, thank you Ma’am was all I could say. I signed several forms and then Gina laughed out loud with a completed direct deposit form already filled out and asked me how I would like my checks deposited. Another shade of red, I said, “ma’am if it no trouble, can you please direct deposit my checks into Toni’s bank account”. With a smile she said “of course I can, I just wanted to hear it from you, that’s all, ha”.

“Ok jimmy ( I hate being called jimmy), I’m headed out the first shift will come on at 8 and the second this afternoon, you will be working both shifts, so your going to have quite a long day. Start moping all of the floors before the first shift comes in.

I started immediately on the floors and at 8am Gina’s daughter, Kim came in. Kim was very attractive, mid 20’s tall and thin like her mother. I immediately stopped what I was doing to introduce myself. “Good morning ma’am, my name is Jim I’m the new dishwasher”. “I know, jimmy I just got off the phone with my mom, she told me all about you. I’m the day shift manager, come on in my office so I can explain your job duties. Have a seat jimmy”. “Ma’am would it be ok if I stood”. “Ha, I just wanted to hear it for myself, jimmy i would like you to stand at attention when I speak to You, ha this is going to be fun”. I said “yes Ma’am” and stood straight with my hands down to my sides. “Ok jimmy this should be easy, you are in charge of all of the kitchen cleaning, dishes and anything else I need is that clear” “yes ma’am”.

“My employees are entitled to 15 min breaks and a half hour unpaid lunch every shift, unless of course you have any special requirements I should know about, do you have any special requirements you would like to ask me about Jimmy” Kim said while smirking. Turning a deep shade of red, I looked at Kim, who now had her feet up on her desk as I stood at attention and said “yes ma’am I have a few. If possible, ma’am, I’d like to work without any breaks and also work through my unpaid lunch”. “Jimmy that’s a very odd request, would you please tell me exactly why you need these special requirements”. As Kim was trying to contain her laughter, I stood at attention in front of her, full of embarrassment and said, Ma’am, it is the request of my friend, Toni, who got me the job that I don’t take any breaks or lunch and work as hard as I can throughout my shift”. “Wow, Toni isn’t taking it easy on you is she, she’s such a nice person, I never would have guessed this, but ok, are there any other restrictions I need to know about?”. “No ma’am”. “Ok jimmy would you like a cup of coffee before we start?” “No thank you maam”. “Ha did you forget something” “yes ma’am, I’m sorry I’m not allowed any food or drink except water during my shift”. “Wow this is gonna be fun, but to be honest, I already knew all of this, and hey if your a good boy, I might let you massage my feet before I go home. You may resume your mopping now jimmy”.
Aug 30, 2010
I worked through the morning without incident, it was really backbreaking work, but I got through it. It’s not a huge diner, so on top of my kitchen duties, I was also told to bus all the tables, I guess that is something that Kim usually does, but she spent most of the day in her office. The cook didn’t speak much English which was nice because I didn’t have to explain to him why I was calling him sir all day long. But as the day went on he seemed more comfortable telling me what to do and making sure I stayed busy all day.

Both of the waitresses were college aged girls, both attractive and very nice. I bussed all of their tables and was very polite always calling them ma’am as they all called me jimmy. After the lunch crowd left I brought a plate of food to Kim at her request, placed it on her desk and stood at attention waiting for her response. Kim kept me at attention for several minutes before thanking me for her food. Kim asked me how my day was going and it was almost casual talk except for the fact that I was standing at strict attention. Kim chuckled and let me know that all employees get free lunches or dinners but neither would apply to me because of my special restrictions.

As I was talking to Kim both waitresses came in to give me part of their tips, I guess that busboys get a certain percentage of tips. I thanked both of them and politely asked if they could place my tips on Kim’s desk as I didn’t want to move from my position. Both girls did, I’m sure it seemed strange to them, but they didn’t say anything.

Kim counted the money which was $60 total and said, “part of me wants to keep this as I know you wouldn’t object, but I’m guessing this will go straight to Toni and I don’t want to take it from her. “Thank You Ma’am for Your kindness, Toni I hope will be surprised I will give her every penny of it”. “Wow you really are her bitch, I don’t get it, she’s 20 years older than you and happily married, honestly why are you doing this?”

I took a deep breath and tried to explain to Kim that serving Toni and doing things for her makes me happy and the thought of disappointing her in any way terrifies me”. “Tell me more, what about her feet?.” Toni has the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen and when I do these things for her, she is gracious enough to let me massage her feet and sometimes even kiss her beautiful feet. “Ok, so your a good looking guy, why aren’t you dating or trying to find a woman who actually cares for you?” Ma’am, Toni wants me to be exclusive to her and wants me to concentrate all of my energy to her, I love her with all my heart and just want to make her happy”.

“Ok, sounds like you at least are in a very committed relationship, I really wanted a foot massage jimmy, but after hearing you talk, it sounds like you would be cheating on Toni if you so much as touched my feet, ha”.

“Ok, here’s Toni’s money, I’m sure she’ll enjoy a little extra. Ok I’m headed home the next shift is coming in soon, have a good day, see you bright and early in the morning jimmy.

The night shift wasn’t much different than the day shift, the second shift supervisor was Gina, it was nice to see her again, she asked me in the office and told me that she heard I did well and also told me that she would like me to stand at attention in her presence as well, which I did immediately. Gina talked with me for several minutes then sent me back to work.

I worked throughout the evening, pretty much the same as the morning, I tried to keep everything clean so at 9pm, we were able to shut down a clean kitchen. At Gina’s request I brought her a plate of dinner, which she thanked me for as I stood at attention. Several minutes later Gina thanked me for my work, told me I did a great job, which I thanked her for and told me I could go home. I was so tired my feet and back were so sore, I don’t think I had ever worked so hard in my life. I politely asked Gina how much longer she was planning on staying and she said after dinner she likes to relax in the office for an hour or two and watch videos.

“Excuse me Ma’am, would it be possible if I stayed until you leave, I have instructions to be the last one out every night”. “Oh ya I forgot about that, well this is my routine and kind of my alone time to wind down. If everything is done, I guess you can stand at attention nose in the corner so your not watching me until I’m ready to go”. Totally dejected, I tried to smile and said thank you Ma’am as I headed to stand st attention facing a corner for two hours.

I finally got home close to midnight, only to be up at 5:30 to go to the diner, Gina had given me keys so I started the morning routine at 6:30. Sunday was no different from sat, I was dead tired by 1100 on Sunday and new I had to be up early on Monday for work. On the bright side, I knew I was going to see Toni and had $240 in cash in an envelope to give her from my tips for bussing tables.
Aug 30, 2010
Monday morning I woke up early, really tired, but I couldn’t wait to see Toni, give her coffee and her tip money. I came straight to Toni’s cubicle and placed her coffee, pastry and envelope with tip money on her desk and said good morning Ma’am as she smiled at me. I immediately noticed Toni’s bare feet and a new pedicure, dark red, her toes looked beautiful.

“Good morning my little worker bee, what’s this? As she opened up the envelope and counted $240”. “Ma’am it’s the tips that I made this weekend, I wanted you to have it”. “That’s so thoughtful of you slave, I was just expecting your checks, this is a nice little bonus for me. I talked to Gina on the way to work this morning, I am very pleased with you, it sounds like you followed my instructions to a tee!”

I had such a nice relaxing weekend, we went to the beach on Saturday and I slept in yesterday and got a pedicure in the afternoon, just for you! I couldn’t help myself from thinking about you this weekend, not only did you work all and I mean all weekend, but you followed all my silly rules. It’s funny on a whim I decided you couldn’t sit at work, which turned into a whole weekend of standing, I’m very proud of you my good boy you are definitely showing a new level of devotion worthy of me and my beautiful feet!”

“Thank You so much for Your kind words ma’am, it is really hard work but and the end of the weekend knowing that I’m able to be a part of your life and allow you the opportunities to go on vacation means the world to me. And thank you ma’am for taking the time out of your day to get a pedicure for me”.

“Your very welcome slave, I knew you’d like it and if you behave yourself this week you may just get to feel my beautiful feet on your face. Two things today, my good boy, one, I too would like you to stand at attention when you see me as a show of the respect you have for me. Two, I would like my usual for lunch and please stop by the bank you owe me $80 for my mani/pedi, your dismissed slave. As I left Toni was thumbing through her Hawaii magazine, I was so happy she had said such nice things about me.

I ran out to get her lunch and go to the bank and immediately took it to her desk and stood at attention. Toni was on the phone and after a few minutes, she looked up, counter the$80 and waived me away with a smile on her face. Toni stopped by my office on the way out, handed me her daily paperwork, smiled and told me how much stress I have taken off her shoulders, then said she hadn’t done any of her work, apologized and told me I really looked tired and that she hoped I got her work done in short order.

Looking through her paperwork, she really had a lot of unfinished work, I ended up staying at work until 9pm, I was exhausted when I got home.

Toni basically stopped doing any of her work, meaning I was staying at work until at least 9 every night, i was getting very tired but the thought of Toni’s beautiful feet in my lap and on my face helped me push through.

On Friday, I was dragging, so at Starbucks, I decided to try a large cup of coffee, just to get me through the day. As usual, I came straight to Toni’s desk placed everything on her desk and stood at attention waiting for her to acknowledge me. After a couple minutes, Toni looked up, thanking me for her coffee and then, “what do you have in your hand my slave?” “Ma’am, I was so tired this morning I bought a cup of coffee to try and keep me up”. “Slave, are you all of a sudden rich, how much was your coffee?” “$3 Ma’am”. “Well I hope your $3 coffee was worth not having my feet this week. Slave, I thought you new better than to spend money frivolously on yourself, I accept your needs but coffee is a want, I’m disappointed in your selfish behaviors, leave my office now!”.

I left her office in tears, I never bought anything for myself, I guess I had never thought about buying coffee as selfish, but of course it was it’s $3 that I should have given to Toni.

Toni called me into her office before lunch and gave me her lunch order, standing at attention, I apologized profusely. Toni smiled and said it was ok, just to get her lunch and bring it back to her. I thanked her and left immediately. When I returned I stood at attention after placing her lunch on her desk. “I have a way for you to make it up to me slave” “of course, anything thank you so much ma’am”. Toni had written the line, “slaves do not spend money on anything they don’t need”. “I want you to write this line as many times as you can until my day is over I will check on you before I go home, dismissed”.

I went back to my office and wrote her line over 1000 times until she came into my office at 5. Toni kicked her shoes off and put her beautiful feet on my desk as she looked at the lines. “Of course you will not be touching my feet today, I’m sure you understand why. I hope this is a lesson to you. And I was thinking this afternoon, I think you should probably be placed on a budget, I’m just not comfortable with you spending money on a whim like you did today. Next week I want you to bring in your bills so we can make a budget we are both satisfied with my good boy.

Now I’m off we have dinner plans. Remember your little mistake this morning because I’m guessing you will be here until midnight working as she threw her paperwork in my desk, with your work and mine needing to be done. Don’t forget to set your alarm for tomorrow, remember first one in, last one out, good night my slave.
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Aug 30, 2010
I stayed at work until almost midnight on Friday finishing all of our paperwork and was up and at the diner, moping the floors at 6:30. The whole weekend was a blur, 15 hours days are very hard, especially with my unique restrictions, but I got through it. All weekend my thoughts were of Toni and how selfish I had been buying myself a cup of coffee, all I wanted to do was to make Toni happy.

Monday morning was hard, but I was up early, grabbed my bills to show Toni and stopped at Starbucks. As I got to work, I went straight to Toni’s, desk, she was talking on the phone as I placed her starbucks, my bills and her tips for the week and placed them on the desk, before standing at attention. Toni had her beautiful bare feet up on the desk as she motioned for me to stay. After about 5 minutes or so, Toni hung up the phone, gave me a smile and said, “I’m guessing you don’t mind my feet up on the desk, ha”.

As I stood at attention, Toni took a sip of her coffee as she counted her tips before taking a look at my bills. “Well done, my good boy, it’s so nice to have extra cash like this, that’s the nice thing about restaurant work, but that kind of work isn’t not really my thing. Wow, slave after my coffee and lunches and pedicures, you really don’t have much left over. I guess with your new work hours you probably don’t have much free time to go out. I would like you to cancel your cable though, with all of your work, I really think you should be spending most of your down time sleeping. You look pretty tired today”.

“And I see you don’t have your coffee in your hand this morning, good boy. I am loving our relationship, I find myself thinking of you throughout my weekend now, when I’m at dinner or with family and friends, I know exactly where you are and what your doing. Last night we went out to dinner and I laughed to myself as I thought, two things my good boy isn’t doing right now, sitting or eating, ha”.

“I won’t lie to you, I absolutely love this, but their is a part of me that feels bad. After all I’m a 50 year old woman, married with a family, I offer you nothing and take full advantage of your submissiveness and use my feet to make you do anything I want. And you, your a good looking 30 year old single guy, my oldest son is a few years younger than you and he is out with his friends all the time, having the time of his life. And he doesn’t work nearly as hard as you, last weekend was his birthday, it’s funny I actually gave him my tip money from last week as a present.

“Anyways, slave, spend the next hour writing a “love letter” to me, it’s important for me to know how you feel about me, dismissed”.

I went straight to work to try and write the best letter I could, the last thing I wanted was for Toni to feel bad. This is the letter I came up with.

Miss Toni,

In my heart, I have always been a slave, a slave without an owner. Until I met you, I was lost, I didn’t know what I wanted I tried dating, but it never felt right. When you allowed me to start serving you, for the first time I felt alive. The first time you put your beautiful feet in my lap, I was in heaven. The best kiss I’ve ever had was the first time you so generously rubbed the sole of your foot on my face.

My true purpose is to sacrifice suffer and devote myself to you, Miss Toni, you bring me happiness and fulfillment. I would be lost without your direction. My happiness comes from doing for you, knowing that my sacrifices and hard work make your life easier is all I need. Knowing that me standing during my weekend shifts brings a smile to you makes me want to stand taller and straighter.

Miss Toni as much as I would love to spend more time with you I completely understand and respect how valuable your family time is. What is valuable to me is making you happy, Miss Toni.

I beg of you that you allow me to continue to bring you coffee, lunches, do all of your work and work every weekend. I beg that you continue to think of ways I can show my devotion to you. You are the most important person in my life and the only one that matters, Miss Toni.

On my knees at your beautiful feet, I pray you allow me to continue serving you, I love you more than anything and would be lost without you.


Your slave

Exactly one hour later, I returned to Toni’s desk, placed the letter on her desk and stood at attention. “Wow, already done, let me take a look while you stand.

That a very interesting read slave. I’m really glad I had you write it. I didn’t realize how deep your love and devotion to me was. Thank you for writing this, you have put me at ease, all of the feelings I had about taking away your life, your friends, your future are gone. You are now my property slave, your life will revolve around me. I expect perfection and the word no shall never be uttered in my presence. From this point forward what’s your is mine.

I will accept your love for me, but it will come at a steep price, kiss my feet and tell me how much you love me”.

I passionately kissed Toni’s feet as I told her how much I loved and worshipped her, I had never felt better in my life. “Dismissed, slave!”

Toni called me and told me I would be taking her to lunch today so we could spend a little time together. I was so excited I jumped out of my desk to escort her to lunch. “Wallet”. I immediately handed her my wallet and as she looked at my cash told me I had enough for lunch. I was so excited, I had never ate lunch with Toni before, this was a dream come true.

As we parked and entered the restaurant, I noticed Gina walk up to greet us and give Toni a big hug. I immediately stood to attention as they talked and I overheard Gina tell Toni that she didn’t know I was coming for lunch. Then this, “oh no Gina, my slave would never eat with us, but I do want him to feel like he is a part of our lunch. Toni motioned to a spot not far from the restaurant, “slave, Gina and I are going to have a nice relaxing lunch on the patio, stand over there at strict attention as we eat, when I motion you, come pay our bill”. I ran to my spot as I heard Gina laugh saying, “I still don’t believe it, you really have a slave, don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, best dishwasher I’ve ever had, but damm, standing at attention in the sun while we eat!


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Nov 25, 2006
I love each and every update. I'm intrigued to see how much further Miss Toni will push her slave, how much she will exploit him, in future chapters! Absolutely wonderful, thank you for your updates!
Feb 10, 2013
Really nice story, the fact she's older, have a family but he's just a slave and not part of it. It gives the story a unique situation and scenarios.

Please keep it going and thank you.
Aug 30, 2010
Lunch was a long hour, Toni had pointed to a spot with no shade and the sun was beating down on me, there was a nice shade spot a couple feet away, but I of course stayed at strict attention in my spot. From my view, I could see Toni and Gina sitting down, enjoying their drinks waiting for their lunch. They really seemed to be enjoying themselves, they didn’t even look over at me as they ate their lunch. When they finished lunch, they sat and chatted for what seemed like an hour before Toni pointed towards me. I hurried into the restaurant and Toni handed me the bill as Gina chuckled. “Go pay the bill and leave a generous tip, the food was delicious!” “Thank you, Ma’am” as I left to pay the bill. After paying the bill I stood awkwardly at attention for another 10 minutes until Toni and Gina walked out.

“The three of us should go to lunch more often, Toni, I had a great time, ha”. Jimmy, I’ll see you this weekend, get your rest, after taking to Toni, I think I have a better understanding of you. I kind of felt bad giving you all the work I did, but I guess you should be the one thanking me, after all I am giving you the opportunity to show your dedication to Toni, so I’m a way I’m doing you a favor”. Yes ma’am, I agree thank you so much I love being able to work for you.

As I opened the door for Toni, she smiled and said she was so proud of me. “I was giddy all lunch slave, we talked about you the whole time, I was showing you off for the first time today and it really excited me. I told Gina about all the things you do for me and give me and all the work you do for me, she couldn’t believe it. It was funny, she noticed you in the sun and asked me if you would move over into the shade and I told her there was no way you would move an inch and I was right, ha. Gina asked me if our age difference was an issue and if I felt bad treating you the way I do. Luckily I brought your sweet love note slave for her to read. Gina was amazed and I think she began to understand.

Slave because you were so good, you may take off my flats and kiss my feet. “Thank you so much, Ma’am”. I kissed her feet with all the passion I had and told her how much I loved her and how happy I was. “That’s a good boy I love how much you love me and I love having you as my slave. No let’s get back to the office we, I mean you have a lot of work to do”.

Toni stopped by my office, handed me her paperwork for the day and surprised me with a cup of noodles. “Here you go slave, I know your hungry, you haven’t eaten all day”. Thank you so much ma’am. “Your welcome, I’m good to you, aren’t I. You know what I was thinking, it’s kind of gross, but I bet you’d eat a can of dog food if I asked you too, wouldn’t you?” Yes ma’am, of course, if that was your wish. “Ha maybe another day, I’m headed home, make sure and get all our work done”.

I worked until about 9, finishing our work up, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t help wonder if she’d really make me eat dog food.

The rest of the week was more of the same, my life had become nothing but repetition. I was workin 13 hour days doing two full work loads as Toni basically stopped working. I was up early every morning to get Toni her coffee, my lunch hour was spent running out to get Toni lunch, I was exhausted, but so in love, all of my thoughts were of Toni’s happiness.

Friday morning, after Starbucks I went straight to Toni’s office with her Starbucks, standing at attention, awaiting her response. My eyes glanced down and I noticed Toni had a new color on her toes, a dark blue. “Good morning slave, like my pedicure? Of course you do. When you get my lunch today, make sure and stop and get $80 to cover it. Oh yes, by the way, I have a special surprise for you after work tonight! Your dismissed.

Of course my whole day was spent wondering what surprise Toni had in store for me. I brought Toni lunch and her pedicure money, standing at attention hoping for a hint. Toni looked up from a magazine, counted the $80 and put her beautiful feet up on her desk. “Thanks for lunch slave, hey by the way, the bosses are very impressed with my work, they asked if I could handle another account, so it looks like my work load got a little heavier, shouldn’t be that big of deal though, right?” No ma’am, not at all, I’m so happy they are starting to recognize all you mean to the company. “I was thinking the same thing, here’s the folder, go ahead and catch up on this, remember I want to make a good impression. Dismissed”.

Looking through the files, this was going to add an extra hour to my day, but then I started thinking, I wonder if this was the surprise Toni was talking about this morning.

At 5, Toni came into my office with her paperwork and two small boxes in her hands. I immediately stood to attention as she entered at sat near my desk. “Please, sit down slave, her is my paperwork for the day, I didn’t get around to doing any of it. But I have your surprise”. Toni took her shoes off and placed her beautiful bare feet in my lap.

I’ve been talking to Gina a lot about our relationship and you being a 30 year old man, you have certain needs and need to feel like your in a committed relationship. Rub my feet slave. Like I was saying, our relationship is definitely unique, but I want to show you my commitment. I know how much you love me and it makes me feel very special. Let’s be honest, I’m old enough to be your mother, I’m married, have kids and don’t exactly have the body of a model. I don’t love you, I don’t think anybody who loved someone could do the things I do to you. But I appreciate your love for me slave and I want you to feel my commitment to you.

I thought about having you get a tattoo with my name to show your dedication, but for now, I want to do something special for you. Give me your left had slave. I bought a set of rings for us to show our special commitment, I am placing this ring on your wedding finger for you to always wear as a sign of your dedication to me.

Toni then handed me a second ring, which was a toe ring. Slave, place his ring on my toe, this toe ring is a sign of your slavery to me, this toe ring represents your place in my life, at my feet. Slave I have you stand at attention for me as a symbol of your life. You, in theory are always standing at attention for me, your life is about me and what makes me happy. By standing at attention I make sure your only thoughts are of me.

Slave, you may now kiss my beautiful feet and the toe ring that symbolizes your life.”

I kissed Toni’s beautiful feet, feeling her toe ring against my lips, with a love and passion I had never felt before. I couldn’t help it, I had tears in my eyes, I was so emotional. “Thank you so much Ma’am, I have never received such a nice gift in my life. I love you more than anything or anybody in the world and I promise to always be he best slave to you that I can be, both of these rings mean so much to me.”

Toni dried my tears with her toes, “Your very welcome slave. I think it is important for you to see me as a caring master and to know that you have a very important role in my life. Now I need to get home, it’s been a long day. You better get to work, you have quite a bit to do, I will be thinking of you this weekend, remember first one in,last one out. Go ahead and kiss my feet one more time before I leave, good night slave”.
Aug 30, 2010
Thank you so much to everybody for their kind words, it’s been a while since I wrote a story, I know my stories aren’t for everybody, I kind of write about how I fantasize my life could be. I have always loved this kind of dichotomy between master and slave