Crossdressing Club Sept 19th Wig Workshop San Francisco


Crossdressing Club Sept 19th Meetup - Wig Workshop

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM

Wicked Grounds
289 8th Street San Francisco, CA

Cost: Please join our Patreon. Support Wicked Grounds by purchasing food.

Dress code: Crossdressing ENCOURAGED, "passing" as female not required! Secretly wearing panties is a great first step!


Hosted by Mistress Alice

We have a Patreon!!!

Support Wicked Grounds by purchasing food & joining their Patreon too!

Come celebrate femininity with us, be it full time, part time or for the first time. Please dress up!!!

This month features a mini-workshop featuring Mz_Annelise teaching us all about WIGS! She is passionate, knowledgeable and ready to educate us. There will be opportunities to try on wigs and ask questions. Bring your favorite wig or some to share!

- How do you pick out a flattering wig?

- What is the difference between synthetic & natural materials?

- How do you style & maintain a wig?

- How do I keep a wig on my head during an adventure?

Our focus is not on "passing" but instead is on FUN. None of us are perfect. Beards, body hair, flat chests, big bellies, baldness, etc all welcome. Come be yourself at our unique community munch and afterparty.

Our event celebrates femininity so we use the word "sissy" to denote extravagance, not humiliation. We understand that this is a triggering term for some people and we are choosing to deliberately reclaim it. We have members who are cis, trans, non-binary and curious. All gender is performative and no one here is the gender police.

For those of you who need a place to change, please remember Wicked Grounds only has ONE bathroom that needs to be available for other patrons. This unique coffee shop is 18+ so we love it when you change in back with us. Flash your panties as you change into something more comfortable! Getting dressed as a group is empowering as well as educational. If you feel unsafe walking dressed up to or from your car, we are glad to support you through carpools, buddy system, etc.

We adjourn to Bondage a Go Go to dance the night away. "BAGG" is a kinky goth club around the corner at the Kat Club. It is 21+, has a cover charge and serves alcohol, please bring ID. They have two dance floors and a small dungeon where BDSM play is allowed if genitals are not exposed. ATM and coat check available. This month's theme is ROCKY HORROR BONDAGE SHOW.

For more information or questions, contact Mistress Alice.